Saturday, February 23, 2013

4 and 5 of 17

Pardon my missed week.  It ended up being a recovery week, the snow foiled my long run plans and I decided not to get caught up in the game of catch up.  A 20 mile week all the same, and feeling good about it.

This week I hit 26 miles with a long run of 8 and 2 cross-training workouts.  Nothing overtly exciting to report, I have to admit I'm not loving this training.  Having a hard time finding a groove and some motivation.  Sometimes I wonder if my expectations are too high.  I was thinking back to when I first started to run, and I was so blissfullly ignorant as to what I should have been doing.  I just did what felt ok and what I had fun with.  Now it's all about what I know I need to be doing and avoiding what I really don't want to do.  My other issue, which isn't new, is like always I have too much going on.  The new job stuff is still working itself out as well as the daycare transition.  When does the game of don't leave me but then when I pick him up and he tells me to "go away" end?  Then there is the whole I-got-bored-and-ripped-apart-my-bathroom issue.  Oh and I already had a building project going in the basement.  And just for the record I have officially claimed the Handy Spouse title from Joe who just keeps sighing at the mess I have created in the bathroom and patiently asks when he'll have a mirror again.

Anyways, what does week 6 hold?  I have a relay race with my oh-so-fast-SIL on Sunday 3/3, where I'm responsible for 9 miles.  Although that doesn't fall within my week 6 plan, it impacts things.  Ran 8 this sat, won't run 8 next Sat and then 9 on Sun.  So I'm thinking the goal will be 28/29ish miles for the week with a mid week run of 7ish that will include some type of speed.  Yes, I'm being with it.  As always some yoga and spinning in there for good measure.

Ran 8 miles today

Monday, February 11, 2013

3 of 17

All I have to say is blizzard...that and sinus infection.  Week 3 is in the books and I hit my goal of 22 miles with a long run of 7.  The speed work didn't happen due to illness but I'm ok with it.  Cross training got all screwed up by the blizzard.  There was some article posted on NPR, I believe, about how after weather disasters healthy habits all but disappear.  I can confirm this was true for us.  30 hours, no power, we ate whatever we could find warm including boxed mac and cheese and plenty of beer.  Workouts included shoveling, shivering and complaining.  When heat was finally restored all I wanted was a hot shower, clean sweats and my slippers.  Call that not committed, I'm calling it survival.  

So moving on lets discuss week 4.  I'd be happy with 25/26ish miles.  Long run 8 and bumping up a mid week run to 6.  I need to get some speed work in either with the group or on my own, neither are exciting me so we'll see how that plays out.  I have to say I'm happy just going out and hitting my miles solo not too worried about pace.  If I didn't care about a finish time this wouldn't matter.  It also hit me today at the gym that this avoiding the pool act I have going is not helping my desire to finish some short tri's.  Maybe a pool day on Wed or Fri, maybe I am having a commitment problem. I'm also struggling with the fact that my Longday Sunday routine was fouled up by the snow, thought about going long today and scratched that plan...maybe Wed or Thurs.

The injury report remains clear at this time, goal is to keep it this way.

Ran 6 miles today.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

2 of 17

Week didn't go exactly as planned but nothing in my life has gone as planned for the last 19 months.  Got in a total of 20 miles, 2 short of my goal of 22.  Got out there for 4 runs this week, missed my 3 miler but a 4 miler turned to 5. Biggest challenges include the following:

1.  Weight, not my weight but the weight of the stroller.  The kid is getting heavier and running behind 50+ lbs makes it harder to hit some of my goal paces.  The problem is that it's the stroller or dreadmill most of these days, rock and a hardplace.  I'm sick and tired of the suggestion to go for a run without the stroller.  Don't you think if that was a realistic option I would?  So since that isn't going to change I'm going to focus more on the 2 runs a week without the kid and the runs with him or on the dreadmill will only be mileage.  My 2 kidless runs will include a long run and a speedish run.  Hoping this week to catch up with the Rhode Runner group on Wednesday and will continue with my Sunday Longday routine from the Y.

2.  Sleep, it sucks to sleep less hours than miles run.  Example, 3 hours of sleep and 4 miles of running and 4 hours of sleep and 5 miles of running.  I need to sleep, not sure there is anymore that needs to be said about this other than it's making me fairly cross.

Things that are working include a new pair of shoes.  I'm slightly irritated that they are black, blue and purple with not a smidge of white, but will make due.  A letter to Mizuno might be added to my to do list with a request that they drop the flashy colors.  The legs feel good and the schedule isn't totally overwhelming.  7 today went quick, I briefly thought of going longer but didn't.  Was able to go out slower and add speed during the last few miles.  

This week I'm going to continue to aim for 22ish miles.  Long run moved up to 7, leaving me with 15 miles to get in this week.  My schedule is a bit all over the place so I'm going to take each day as it comes and see what fits.  Wednesday I'll hit up the group run and see how it goes.  Spinning and yoga continue to be used as cross training with a goal of 2 classes of each this week.  I ended up with 1 yoga class and no spinning this week, see beginning statement regarding that things did not go as planned.  

Ran 7 miles today