Saturday, September 27, 2014

YTT wekend 2

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Big breath in and let it out. Reach up. Fold. Halfway lift. Fold. Arms all the way up. Hands to heart. Breathe. Over and over til my shoulders ache and creak. How's the yoga stuff going? You like it? Questions I struggle to anwser, so give a brief and enthusiastic yes. Time away from my family means time at the studio with strangers who are quickly starting to feel like family. High highs and fierce anasana's accompanied with nerves and fears of unknown and not knowing. There is no control. Get used to it. Be comfortable. Let it all go. Describe it, I can't. I'm doing it. Working at it. Breathing through it.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend 1 complete

I am not sure where to begin. Overwhelming is certainly true in all aspects - physically I was pushed close to my limits, we hit a point where I stopped counting hours of practice b/c I couldn't keep it straight. A little Real Worldish - 20 yogi's placed in a room and we'll see what happens when people stop being polite. Information. So much information. My brain hurt as much as my abs by the end. Emotionally it was tough - I'm rarely away from my family for longer than a handful of hours and never for days in a row, I learned very quickly that they are my life force and when I'm away for days at a time it hurts. Guilt. Lots of it. Shit comes up on your mat. It just does and it did this weekend. Use the breath. Ego checked hard when I struggled with student teaching. Loving acceptance and instant forgiveness. It's all a learning curve. Powerful - Oh man, hitting my own unexpected walls. Watching others hit and overcome their walls. Amazing, simply amazing. Arm balances. Holding crow for 3 breaths for the first time. Ever. Attempting other crazy shit and laughing when we fell. Pride. We were all there. Starting something real together. Achieving something together. Dirty - 21 hours in a hot yoga studio with 20 other yogi's. Enough said. I can see how this experience has the potential to be transformative. I can also see where I'll be tested. 1 down, 7 to go.

Friday, September 5, 2014

And it begins, WSPY Teacher Training

Teacher training starts in a little under 4 hours. Am I ready? Not quite but given this is the first nap for my 3 year old in months I'm allowed to goof off a little rather than deal with the mountain of chores I should tackle including packing a bag. This blog has covered everything from running to tri training to pregnancy to motherhood and god only knows what else. For the next 15 weeks I expect it - and most other aspects of my life - to revolve around yoga. 9 of the next 15 weekends will be spent in the studio in training. I'll share my experiences and thoughts along the way. I'll admit to some butterflies going in, I'm not sure what to expect. Not sure what we'll be doing, who I'll be doing it with and what the final product will feel like. Doesn't help that the list with what to bring included pain relievers!!! I need this though, in so many ways. Time away from my life, my phone, diapers...all of it. Nap time is ending so that's all for now. I'll keep you posted along the way! Ran for an hour this morning