Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I found it!

My missing motivation! I haven't blogged since the beginning of the month, it's not because I haven't been running, I haven't had anything to say. My runs have been blah, almost all indoors. Not running because I wanted to, because I felt I had too. Then yesterday I got an e-mail about a new 10k, over the Jamestown Bridge in April. Come on now, how cool would that be! First of all after running New York a few years ago, I have an appreciation for running places that are not normally "runner friendly". The Jamestown Bridge offers amazing views of the state. Other than our beach, I can't think of an area in RI that I enjoy more, other than my patio on a hot summer night. I want to do this race.

Here's the but part, I'll be 32 weeks pregnant. Super pregnant. Don't ask, the MD has given her blessing so I'm good there. But it's not as easy to run for 2 as it is to eat for 2, I get winded very easy even at a slower pace. My approach is this, I'm going to keep running till I can't. I'm going to keep that race as a goal. If I get there and am slow but still moving then great, I'll catch up to the pack when I roll myself down the other side of the bridge. If I get there and it's too much, I'll be cheering on the sides full of envy. Either way the idea of running this race got me out of bed this morning and out on my old roads. Of course it was cold and windy but we've done this for the last few winters and I'm not about to stop now. I'm back!


Miles trained today: 3

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What gives?

2 crummy runs in a row. 2 runs where I have felt like I was dragging ass, each step was a lifetime. This cannot become a pattern. Ok, I'll fess up both runs have been solo on the treadmill. Never the most enjoyable place to run but I don't have this much trouble loosing myself in a run. I would promise that tomorrow I'm going outside, but don't hold your breath. I did register for a 10k on Sun so maybe that will help. New shoes should be on the agenda but I am reluctant as my running even on good days is half assed because of Junior. If I keep running though, I won't make it till June on these sneaks. Maybe a trip to Rhode Runner is what I need...

Miles run today: 3

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Too hot and too cold!

So it's colder than I would like out for early December and I haven't been motivated to find my cold weather running clothing. Nights like this where the wind makes it closer to 15 than 30 I go inside. Here is the problem, I am not allowed to overheat. Normally not a problem, but the heat in the gym makes me sweat too much. Poor Junior is cooking away in there and at risk of overheating. So now for the greater good I'm forced to freeze my fingers and toes off and stay outdoors for the most part. I know I should stop complaining and just enjoy what I can do, but making all these accommodations makes me miss my earlier running life. I guess it's only preparing me for what's to come.

Miles run tonight: 3

Friday, December 3, 2010

Completely Unprepared!

Things did not go as planned tonight, nope, not at all. First I ran about 90 minutes later than I had planned. No biggie except that it was a whole lot colder at 5:30 than at 4:00. I didn't think of that so I froze. Then it's also darker at 5:30 so the Blvd was out, I know it's safe but personally find it very creepy in the dark. So my route changed on a whim, meaning it wasn't measured. I survive all these glitches and have a nice solo evening run. Except my run was too long! 4 miles rather than 3! Again, no biggie but remember it was COLD and I had no hat or mittens. I know, poor me, I'll get over it. Next time I'm planning better, or maybe I just need to get better at sticking with my plans!

Miles run today: 4

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Running while wet

Today was just one of those runs that was fun. It was pouring rain, the kind of rain that makes it hard to keep your eyes open. Not a mile in we were dripping and collecting puddles in our sleeves. Since seeing the MD on Monday I no longer have to monitor my heart rate and ran today with out a care. Joking and laughing. There was a pee-emergency that was narrowly averted, note to self there are no toilets on the Blvd. On the way back I showed my expertise of avoiding the deep puddles and my partner showed her immaturity by leaping into one and soaking me to mid arm. I'm telling you it was just one of those runs. A run that you don't to expect to enjoy that much. It will happened again, one never knows when. These are the runs that keep me going.

Miles run today: 3.7