Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Veggie all the way

Time to address the questions I've been getting about being a veg-head. 1. Are you a vegan? Nope, I am a sucker for goldfish and can't break up with them. That and although the majority of my meals are dairy free, I do eat cheese from time to time. It's rare but fondue on New Year's Eve, yep and I don't regret it. I do eat a lot of non dairy cheese, I'm a fan of Daiya for cheese and tofutti for cream cheese or sour cream. At this point almost all my baking is vegan and I've figured out how to make close to all reciepes vegan. This is a HUGE help with the kid who loves to cook and loves even more to lick the bowl. By eliminating eggs from my baking I've yet to tell him no when he's wanted to lick the bowl or spoon. 2. Do Joe or the kid eat meat? Joe is his own person and makes his own decisions. He eats meat occasionally, never at home mostly when he's out with work. The kid eats what we eat so he eats very little meat, again none at home. When he's had it out, he (like most toddlers) isn't a huge fan. His doc knows that we don't eat meat and hasn't raised any concerns about it. The kid does do more dairy than I do, we have had to limit it somewhat due to some digestive issues. Sometimes I feel bad, like when he thinks that tofu is cheese, but he can hate me later. 3. But you're pregnant?!? And? I've not changed a thing regarding my diet with this pregnancy and would be willing to venture that it's been a healthier experience. The first time around I was up 60-65lbs, this time I'm up 36-38 so far. I don't feel bad when I'm stuffing my face with fruits and veggies, yes I'll have seconds. No I haven't had a heart to heart with my OB about how I eat but she hasn't asked and I'm healthy with lab values all within normal limits. 4. What do you eat? Most anything, I'll try anything once. The key for me has been to focus on eating a variety of foods, veggies, fruits, nuts, beans, lentils, grains. I try to make sure that every week has different food sources. I don't stress about if I'm getting enough protein, do some research and you'll see that we need less than you think. I also don't stress about different vitamins and minerals, again if you do the research you will see that with a strong diet that includes much variety you are fine. I'm not a nutritionist, but both Joe and I have met with one as we've made these changes to make sure that all bases are covered. And we've also discussed with the nutritionist what the kid needs and how to best meet those needs. 5. Why? All I have to say is do some research on factory farming. Not just what happens in meat and dairy production but all large farming initiatives. It's gross, not natural, and not safe. I try to eat local, we belong to a CSA, are regulars at our farmer's market. I try to buy in season. I try to buy whole foods and grains, rather than processed products. Again, not perfect but I make an effort every day to be mindful and aware of what my family is eating and where it came from. 1 hour of Fitness in The Park....still no labor :(

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I give, you win.

I'm giving up the fight. I will accept the following: 1. I will be pregnant until March, hell maybe April. 2. I will never sleep more than 3 hours a night or 4 hours in a 24 hour period. 3. The 35lb weight gain recommendation is total BS. 4. The construction paper traffic lights hung on my kitchen walls are permanent decorations. Yes, it's bad. This is what not sleeping does to you. Although It's much more enjoyable to just accept it. Rather than tossing and turning, I've kept myself entertained with Netflix, cleaning and am now blogging with the pleasant aroma of pumpkin muffins baking away in my oven. The gym opens in T-35 mins so I'm headed there next. Yesterday I hit up the pool for a morning swim. I'm having an issue obtaining new contacts so can't see the clock so am unsure where my 50's landed for time, but at this point does it really matter? I had been struggling with some pain in my left shoulder that I was quietly concerned about but that seems to have resolved itself. I have to be honest, the idea of an injury sidelining my main source of workout and socialization was totally bumming me out. This happened last time, I'm thinking it's a result of overuse and poor form. So that said I'm not swimming back to back days and trying to be mindful of what my arms are doing when I'm in the water. We also hit up Fitness in the Park yesterday and although I had hoped to induce labor with some mountain climbers, I only succeeded in wearing out any muscle not associated with swimming. The bigger issue there is that I'm running out of clothing options, Joe's shirts aren't cutting it. Time to have this baby, quit working out, or find a husband who wears a XXL. Today I'm going to hit the elliptical and see if that gets anything moving and shaking. You'd think these workouts would help to combat this insomnia but no luck there. I keep threatening to try for a run but I'm thinking the size of my rack combined with poor bladder control is a recipe for disaster. Also, please pray that the kid's fever and belly ache last night were passing sxs last night and not a sign of what is to come on my weekend off!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cardio sucks

If it wasn't for all the medals hung throughout my house, I would argue that today felt like I've never done a cardio workout in my life. For the first time in months I hopped on the elliptical and thought I was going to die. It's all an effort to send a message to this kid that it's days are numbered and I'm ready to spend some time with an empty abdominal cavity. We are close. My freezer is FULL of frozen meals I've been stock piling since late summer. Furniture has been purchased and delivered. Construction (well outside of the never ending DIY home office) is complete. Weird areas of my house are clean. Hear all that #2?!?! It's time to make your grand appearance, get out of my belly! So in an effort to continue to make things uncomfortable for this kid I hauled myself to the gym after a terrible 4 hours of broken sleep and climbed onto an elliptical machine. It took all of 2 minutes for me to miss the pool and the weightlessness I've taken for granted during those workouts. Stuck with it though and got in a solid 35 minutes at what likely appeared to others at a leisurely pace but to me felt like an all out sprint. Pool and Fitness in the Park tomorrow and I'll be back on the elliptical this weekend. That is unless I'm at the hospital :) Wishful thinking, I know, but gotta stay positive here.

Monday, January 20, 2014

When? When? When!?!

I've hit the "maybe today" point. Yes it's early, but all signs point to things moving and shaking. I've had 2 providers now tell me, we don't know when...but soon...definitely before your due date. Man, for their sake....they better be right. The funny thing is when I think labor might be imminent I begin to freak about not being ready, it's not a good time, never mind this was all a bad idea. When things pass and I realize my body is just f*cking with me, I'm pissed that it's not time and lets get this done. I'm not sleeping, and not like before, like really not sleeping. Totally uncomfortable and often in a fair amount of discomfort. Clothes don't fit, almost called out of work due to not having any maternity shirts that fit. Oh and the best part, my god damn feet are puffy. It's gross. We aren't ready at home, but getting closer. So nothing left to do but wait and see. I did get my ass out of bed this am for a morning swim, even after 3ish hours of piss poor sleep. Cramping and contractions during my swim so I had some hope that this might be my last pre-baby workout, but I'm sitting in a coffee shop blogging (should be working, ah the joys of self employment) so no suck luck. That said, this was my best round of 50's yet. All under a minute and strong. So who knows, but I'm planning on 2 more swims and 2 fitness in the park classes this week. Swam for 45 mins today.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Still here

Still here, still swimming and still knocked up. Haven't posted for who knows what reason, I think the mad dash to get things ready at home is a major contributing factor. Doc and accupuncturist both agree (which for the record they never do) that this kiddo isn't going to wait til Feb so time for the procrastination to end. That said there have been several late nights where I've been up with contractions in a panic that I still don't have a bag packed but then the morning comes and I forget to pack. Denial, it's all about denial. So what am I doing for workouts? Swimming 3 days a week, I've mentally committed to the Save the Bay swim this July, 1.7 miles Newport to Jamestown across the bay. It's going to be crazy, but I have friends on board so bring it. The swimming is good, distance varies from a mile to a mile and a half. Still getting the 50's in for some fast stuff and I'm happy to report that I've been able to get them down to under a minute. Makes me excited for what these times will look like when my lungs can fully expand. I do know that after my first pregnancy I got much faster on the roads so I'd like to see these same kind of results this time around both on the road and in the pool. This week we were on a tour of pre-schools so didn't make it to Fitness in the Park, planning on hitting that back up for 2 workouts this week. I'm finding that I need to do alot of adjustments to get through this class. Anything that involves jumping is out, unless I want to be jumping in a puddle of pee. I'm also finding myself short of breath very quickly, chalk that up to lack of space for the both of us. That said I do feel a benefit from trying in that something is better than nothing and the kid enjoys going. I keep saying that I'm going to hop on the ellipitical on the days I don't swim but can't seem to tear myself out of bed and although I'd love to be one of those women who can brag about running right up until delivery date that is just not in the cards for me. I can almost taste my post-natal runs but I'm not there yet.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fing resolutioners!

You know it's a bad sign when you roll up to the gym before 6am and the parking lot is basically full. It's an even worse sign when you walk towards the locker room and can see a little bit of the pool and it's full of chop and white caps. I'm all for people finding their motivation and deciding to workout, but please don't mess with the rest of us who have been getting up at the ass crack of dawn for god knows how long and have a routine planned. We don't deviate based on the weather and were here years ago and will continue to be here long after you have lost your motivation and have restarted the love affair with your snooze button. Go away. Find one of those fancy gyms where people don't really go to workout. Better yet buy some really nice expensive equipment and use it twice and then have it collect dust in your bedroom or basement. You can join us once you've been doing it solo for 3 months, then we'll welcome you with open arms. Maybe even engage in some light hearted banter in the locker room or between intervals. If you insist on showing up then park on the street, spots in the lot should be earned not given. And when one of the regulars shows up get out of our way. Get off our treadmill, spin bike or out of our lap lane and watch while we school you on how this is done. Can you tell I'm hormonal and overtired? PS - it's because of the stupid resolutioners that I had to circle swim and we all know how much I love that at 6am. Swam for 45 mins today

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, new goals

Happy New Year! It's time for some goal setting, a bit funny seeing as how I type this from a chair with my laptop pushed so far out to make room for the baby gut that it's almost hard to type. We were out and about today and talking about fitness goals and I have plenty I want to accomplish in 015, but to get there I have to get through 2014. I'm going into this year with some low expectations for running. If you know me personally you know that my motto is that going in with low expectations almost always ends with being pleasantly surprised. First and foremost I need to get this kid out of my belly. We have anywhere from 4-7 weeks to go, of course I'm banking on 4 or less and I don't want to hear crap about how 40 weeks means fully cooked. I'm done, get it out. New babies mean no sleep and an infant and a toddler mean total insanity but I miss big glasses of wine, pants with buttons and being able to tie my shoes without huffing and puffing. Lets get this done. After surviving labor and delivery there will be a period of recovery. After the kid I ran about 3 weeks out, who knows when my first run/workout will be after deuce but it'll happen and will likely hurt but also be totally energizing. Getting back on the running train will require that I master the beast AKA: the double jogger. It's huge and intimidating and heavy and no joke and I will make it my bitch. When people ask what are the baby accessories I couldn't live without my BOB is at the top of the list so the double BOB will be right there. Thankfully I have a great support system of friends who will run right along side us and I'm ready. 2014 will include some races. Not sure what will be first but I'm guessing a spring 5k. The kid was born in June and my first "race" was in August, so if we follow that same time frame I'm looking for an April/May debut. I'd like to also return to the tri world. No 70.3's in my plan book for this year but maybe cranberry tri fest, that's always been a fav of mine. And we'll wrap it up with a fall half marathon, currently thinking one on the Cape but we'll figure out that detail as it approaches. And yes, I want that half to be a sub 2 hour. I know, I said low expectations but this 2 hour road block has been a thorn in my side for years. Even with a swollen pregnant gut I know I should be able to grind this out in the fall. My fitness base remains at an all time high so no excuses. I've also been missing yoga and hope to complete a 200 hour teacher training program. I teach at a shelter currently with kids but am ready to expand and do some work with adults. I love love love the idea of making yoga accessible to populations who aren't going to go to the typical studio class. This may or may not interfere with the above half marathon goal but I'll figure out those details. This will take priority over the half for a number of reasons but I am hoping to be able to tackle both. Lastly I've become a pool rat lately and really enjoy it. I've mentioned before not wanting to abandon this post baby. Currently I'm in the pool 3-5 times a week. That will surely scale back some but keeping at least 1 morning a week would be nice. Too lofty? Maybe but if you don't have goals that are hard to reach, what's the point? Fitness was part of our lives before parenting, stayed front and center when we grew to a party of 3 and with one more addition I'm going to fight to keep it there. Swam 45 mins today.