Saturday, August 31, 2013

3 days in a row

It's amazing to me how quickly you adjust to a new normal. I know that once upon a time I trained for and completed marathons and a half ironman, not sure how I did it, maybe someday in the future. For now 3 days of running 3 miles at a time has me patting myself on the back and desparately in need of a nap. Thankfully I've found friends who don't care about my slowed pace or need for walking breaks here and there. It's taken a total mindshift to be ok with how running is going. My Garmin has been retired until post baby workouts begin, no need to depress myself with slow times, it's about overall health and well being. I can't do much about the expanding waist line and it's only going to continue to grow, but things feel better after a run. I'm more energetic and since I've totally eschewed solo runs generally happier after spending time with friends chatting about nothing. There are no races on the schedule and workouts are just what's happening now, 3ish miles filled with bathroom breaks and some walks. I'm ok with it, it's what I need right now. Goals? Healthy pregnancy. There will be plenty of time for PR's and distance workouts in the future. Ran 3 miles today.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The couple that runs together

I'd like to say stays fit together, but with every week I grow larger and run slower so that's not accurate.  Regardless after making a half assed attempt at find a running friend tonight, we called the sitter in early and headed out together.  That said, I did get an odd look from the sitter when she showed up and I was bummed out in running gear.  I'm not sure why running and pregnancy has to be so difficult and maybe it's easier for others, but I'm remembering why I threw in the towel last time.  I huff and puff, have to pee every 5 steps, my boobs hurt and my back win for whoever I'm running with.  All of those complaints noted it was so nice to run old school, just me and Joe.  He talked the whole time about god knows what, no stroller, total perfection.  We aren't lame enough to end date night at a run, after a quick shower we enjoyed drinks and apps at the Garden Grille.....seated at the BAR!!  Total adults, again perfection!

Ran (or maybe I'll refer to it as bouncing going forward) 3 miles tonight.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

2nd trimester and 16 miles

So if you haven't figured it out yet, our family is expanding by 1!! I promised myself that this time around I wouldn't complain, but man it hasn't been easy. Queasy, headaches, huffing and puffing, and overall feeling exhausted have really cramped my style. Some issues early on kept me off the roads for about a month and since getting the green light I'm just moving slow, having a hard time finding both the motivation and the time. I like to go early, if it's too hot in the afternoon I won't go and have a much easier time with the excuses. If I recall correctly I ran until about 20 weeks with the first pregnancy and would like to go longer this time. Hoping to stave off some of the extra weight that came around the first time as well as the fact that I firmly believe that I had a fairly easy delivery because of the fact that I stayed so active. Some runs have been better than others, yesterday we made it out there but it likely looked pitiful as it didn't feel good. Today we loaded up the bikes instead and after a bit of a dilemma involving the bike pump, we got going. I had forgotten how much better being on the bike feels than running. Just not dealing with the impact is such a change of pace for me. We went about 16 miles and had we planned ahead and brought water could have kept going. Felt good enough that there were a few miles where I toyed with signing up for a sprint tri before the end of the season, but my growing belly isn't going to fit in my tri suit so I'll table that idea for now. I'll keep you posted on progress on all fronts but for now I'll take the 16 mile bike ride as a nice way to welcome the 2nd trimester! Rode 16 miles today.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ted Bear and no socks

I'm slowly re-establishing a new running routine, goal being at least e/o day with supplements of swimming and yoga.  Much more than 3 miles and I'm circling public restrooms so I don't care about distance too much and we won't even discuss speed.  The fact that I'm out there will be referred to as enough.  So how have they been going?  Can we say parenting problems??  Sunday I was out there with the toddler in the stroller who insisted that his almost 2 foot fall Ted Bear come with us.  The problem being that he didn't want Ted to sit with him.  Ted was too big to be stuffed under the jogger so spent the run tucked into the retractable sun shade.  He didn't stay there willingly, so I spent the run with one hand on Ted so we didn't have a bear overboard situation.  Yes, I know I could have said no.  The goal was to run with no tears, which meant that the kid could have made almost any demand and I would have obliged.  This morning I hit the dreadmill.  Yep, on a morning with temps in the 60's.  Why?  I'm being a baby about running solo in the early mornings and if I get up with the dog for a run then the whole house wakes up and before I can tie my sneaks I'm being summoned to the Executive Director's crib before breakfast.  So I snuck downstairs and got in 3 miles before I heard him jumping  off the ottoman.  PS - I got to the basement and started to lace up when I realized I had no socks.  Ah, parenting problems, at least I didn't worry about rabies or a head injury this morning so I'll call it a win and keep trying to squeeze in some runs.

Ran 3 miles today.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Taking it easy

My 2 year old's favorite thing to say when we are getting upset is "just take it easy", most often he says this while patting our backs or holding our cheeks.  It also often goes along with some kind of trouble he has caused making it very difficult to just take it easy.  That said it's my new motto for running.  I'm finally feeling a bit better and sick of going to classes so have headed out for a few runs.  The first one back was brutal, slow misery.  That afternoon post nap we headed towards Bristol and while Joe and the kid went for a bike ride I had a buddy with me for my run.  It's been years since her retirement, but I'm slow enough now to run with my old 10-min-mile-dog Mia.  Took her no time at all to remember the routine and she fell right into step on my heels.  Perfect pacer, she won't go any faster than her routine pace forcing to me take it easy.  Perfect afternoon, an easy 3 miler followed by some playground time and dinner was pizza and homemade ice cream.  Not sure how often I'll be out there but happy to be running and the pup was equally happy to be back on the roads.

Ran 3 miles today