Tuesday, December 24, 2013

sweating it out in the water

I can honestly say today that I worked up a sweat in the pool. Can't say for certain that this is the first time but today was definitely a bit of a killer. Nothing special other than when we did our 50 meter repeats I was given a 10 second head start. The issue goes back to me being the slowest during our swims which I'm not worried about currently given that I resemble a manatee and my lovely swim partners are rocking some banging bodies. Typically they do a lap or 2 more than I do and we all start together but during the repeats they likely need a bit less rest than I do and you know that I'm not one to sit out while they keep going. To solve the problem I was given a 10 second head start while they kicked and then took off. Now it's not a race but there is no way that I can be bringing up the rear with a 10 second head start, buddha belly or not, so I was hauling ass each time. Very suddenly the pool wasn't nearly cool enough and these felt almost as terrible as a track workout. That said it felt good to get it done, even better to sweat a little. Suddenly no guilt over any amount of Santa cookies consumed later this evening. Swam for an hour today.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hanging in and not following direction.

Forgive the sporadic posts, blame the holidays and travel. I didn't work out today but wanted to update the old blog for fear that if I don't it'll be 2014 before you hear from me. We had a bit of a scare last week that resulted in some time off and several stern reminders to not do too much. I'll fully admit that those reminders went in one ear and out the other. I can't hear you when I'm running after a 2.5 year old and the husband's job thinks it's no problem to send him here there and everywhere leaving us to fend for ourselves. Call his boss, have a logical conversation with my toddler and then we can talk. That said I'm pushing the water and trying to be mindful of my limits. Still getting in about 5 workouts a week with primary base being in the pool. It would be lovely if I could remember how nice these swims are and totally get lost in the world of running post baby. I'll tell you speed work in the pool is nicer than repeats on the track in the heat of the summer, things to remember...things to remember. As for baby, we've hit the 32 week mark and I'm 32lbs heavier. Aches and pains abound but nothing that acupuncture, the chiropractor and whining can't handle. We are no more prepared home side for this kids arrival than we were weeks ago, it's like we are in a state of denial. I started to panic a bit last night and found that denial is a happier place to live so I've shifted back there. It's funny how different things are the 2nd time around, I just can't stress about it. This poor kid will arrive with no name, no place to sleep and a big brother who is becoming quite territorial about the 350 hot wheel cars that inhabit our playroom. Good luck kid, good luck. Goals are to survive the next few weeks and end up with a healthy kid while maintaining everyone's sanity....sounds easy, doesn't it?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

water logged

I've been absent, sorry. The abbreviated holiday season is kicking my ass. As promised, I'm going to fess up that as quickly as the plan for a streak happened it fell apart. Between work, travel, puke bugs and kitchen building the daily workouts fell to the wayside. No guilt, I'm getting in btw 4-5 workouts a week. It is what it is, I'll have next spring to beat myself up over missed workouts. Hit the pool early this am. I've hit the point of pregnancy where sleep is elusive at best, I swear it's preparation for what's to come. So the 5am wake up call was surprisingly easy to handle, that and if I went to the pool I was guaranteed not to be the one to deal with anyone else's puke. Yes it's been that bad here lately! Swimming with Cat is a breeze, she brings the workout and keeps us on track. It's really nice to swim and just let your mind wander. If I had to I could guess the distance but does it really matter? We are on track to hit up our stroller class today. That has become a lot more challenging. When it's cold we are indoors and man it's a killer workout out. That and push ups done correctly mean that my baby gut hits the floor. Amusing to watch, I'm sure. Swam for an hour, circuit training for an hour.