Friday, June 27, 2014

Just a regular run

To give you a taste of my current life, here's a run down of how today's run went. Planned start time of 9:30 in Bristol. 4 hours of sleep total and not straight lead to what can only be described as a very bad morning. 8:40 I begin to panic because there is no way I'm going to get everyone out of the house in time when my phone buzzes and my friend is going to be late. Start time pushed to 10. Spend the next 30 minutes getting my son to poop, my daughter in a clean diaper, do breakfast dishes, move laundry around and pack 15 snacks for the run. Yes, 15, my son is a diva. Finally make it into the car and to Bristol right on time. While we are waiting for my partner in crime to show up my son crawls up and down rocks by the water. Several times I'm sure this activity is going to end with a split chin but no blood actually happens. Partner in crime shows up about a half hour late, during which I realize that the sunscreen is at home and it's 85 degrees out and full sun. Great. It then takes us a good 10 minutes to get 3 kids locked and loaded and run to commence. Just when we get the kinks out and everyone, including the 80lb dog, is running in stride my daughter begins to wail. I try to ignore her in hopes that she'll suck her thumb, my son tries to tell her to stop crying and she only gets louder. We hit the turn around and then find a bench where I can nurse her. Lets not discuss that I have on 2 of my tightest fitting sports bras. Commence 20 minute intermission in the 4 mile run that is going to last all day. After the intermission everyone is happy, except the dog, he doesn't want to run anymore. Next 2 miles features my son begging to get out of the stroller and dog slowing to a walk. Finally 2 moms, 3 kids and 1 dog roll to a stop at the end of the bike path. Just a regular run between friends, and our kids. Ran 4 miles today.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It always feels so good

My working out has been totally derailed by the angry 4 month old who lives in our house. My compounded lack of sleep is becoming a major problem. I have no laughter in me around this subject and if one more god damned person sees her in public and comments on how happy she looks I might punch them. I told you, we have a major problem. That combined with the fact that my has relocated, it's been a rough week or so. I'm out there but missing some gumption. Nothing to do but get out and run. Finally last night the terror from upstairs took some pity on me and kept quiet most of the night. What do you do when your baby is still snoozing at 5am? That's right, you get out of bed and hit the pool for 5:30. Thank god for friends who are excited to get that "let's go, I'll be there" text. It's Thursday so the Mom Posse was missing but we got it done, torn swim cap and all. All my moaning about no sleep, I will say this, I'm feeling strong in the water. Less than a month to go for Save the Bay and I'm not too nervous. That day I'll be signing a different tune. This morning was strong, warm up, some kicking which could have gone on all day while we discussed dresses and then 100 pull/100 swim x5. I think my pal thought we were done after that and there was a brief moment where we thought about a cool down but instead went for 5 fast 50's to get the sweat factor up there. It was just what I needed. It's so easy to skip a morning workout and go later but there is nothing like that feeling after a hard am session. I'd love to say that I'll be there again tomorrow but I have no hope. Swam for 45 mins today

Monday, June 16, 2014

Lets catch up a bit.

Almost a month since my last post...sorry about that. Often I thought about posting but then you know how it goes. Regardless, I may not be blogging much but I'm on the workout train. Where to begin? Running? Yep, and it's feeling good. Have been attending track on Wednesday nights and have to say I've fallen back in love with track. It may have something do to with the fact that track gets me out of doing bedtime but the reasons don't matter. I almost came close to shelling out cash for a sitter so I could go this week but had no luck. Times on the track are good, 8 min pace for most everything and ending every workout with the last set closer to 7:30. Unlike the past where I'd go out too fast and then suck wind, I've found the sweet spot and am just enjoying it. Overall mileage is a bit all over the place. Good weeks I'm close to 20, other weeks closer to 10. At some point I need to get a bit more serious about distance but for now this works. Having trouble committing to any races, I think this is a reflection of the state of my life. Our home life has reached a level of chaos that I have trouble putting into words so to add a training plan to that would likely be futile. Swimming? 2 times a week with my Mom Posse. New recruits are joining weekly including a Dad and friend with no kids, might need to rename our group. I should go back to open water swims, even once a week would be helpful but just as I should get more serious about adding distance to my runs, I'm in no rush here. Overall feeling strong in the water, most workouts are around 2000 yards. I continue to hate circle swimming, although spend most mornings sharing a lane with at least 2 sometimes 3 others. Ugh, the things I put up with in an effort to get out of the house and enjoy uninterrupted adult conversation. Yoga? Yes to that as well. TT will start in September so I'm feeling the pressure to get stronger/more confident with my practice. Also feeling like this needs to bump either the running or swimming and be more of a focus but struggling with how to make that happen. It's all about balance. So that's where I'm at. Life with 2 kids is wild. Swam for 45 mins today