Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spoke too soon

Remember the other day when I talked about the light at the end of my running week...just 2 more 5 mile runs and my long run?  Well that didn't happen.  Yesterday I got distracted, fully intended on a 5 mile negative split workout.  I got 2 miles in and gave up, I've been working on an xmas gift for the kid (table and chairs) and decided that some sweat equity in that dept would be more enjoyable.  Not that I'm a very good carpenter but I could seriously give up my career and do stuff like that.  Sunday morning I picked up a bunch of 1x3's and only a few hours later I have a fairly respectable looking kids furniture set.  I really only have room in my life right now for one hobby though so the carpentry and running are battling it out.  Today the running won and that's only b/c the kid has a friend napping in the playroom.  Yes, I have a playroom...I'd never admit it except that I LOVE having my living room back.  Sometimes at night I can almost pretend a kid doesn't live there, until I step on a hotwheel while going to refill my wine glass.   Anyways my workstation is directly below said playroom and it would just be playing with fire; the treadmill was the quieter nap time activity.  Realizing that yet again my mileage is all over the place I ran easy today.  Tomorrow I'll be off, Saturday will be a 7 mile run and Sunday I'll go with repeat miles on the blvd.  If I get all of that done I'll hit about 22 for the week and have no complaints.

Ran 4 miles today.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tempo. Done. Trainer workout. Done.

I'm not sure what happened last night or the reasons for it but no one in my house slept much at all.  That's not true the reason that Joe and I didn't sleep was b/c the kid refused to sleep.  It was a protest against sleep the likes of which I've never seen before, it was ugly and loud.  Man, it was bad.  The only reason the tempo run happened was b/c I was still so mad about it we needed a time out from each other.  I'm not sure how we made it through music class but arrived at the gym still not speaking to each other.  Yes, I know Bob said to get off the dreadmill but as mad as I am at the kiddo, I'm not ready to brave the snowy drizzle with the jogger.  It was an uneventful 5 miles at a 8:39 pace.  And I should have gone home and napped during nap time but I'm really enjoying these #trainertuesdays workouts and knew it wasn't going to happen after bedtime.  The ride was tough after the tempo but it only took a few mins for the legs to loosen up.  So the good news is that I'm able to train with less than 4 hours of sleep. I'm also feeling ready to tackle tonight, thinking about going out to get some earplugs just in case...I keep telling myself that it can't possibly be that bad 2 nights in a row.  AND I only have 17 miles left to run this week.  IF I do a long run of 7 that means only 2-five milers left...meaning I can see the light at the end of my week 4 tunnel!

Ran 5 miles and rode for an hour

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly Update

Survived week 3 and am wondering how I ever had time for 40+ mile weeks, 20 seems tough to get in.

Mon - Off
Tues - 3 mile run at 9:38 pace - 59 mins on trainer
Wed - Off
Thurs - 5 miles at Lincoln Woods - pace was in 9:40's - garmin messed up on mile 1
Fri - 3 miles in 25 mins
Sat - 6 miles at 9:06 pace
Sat - 3 miles in 29 mins.

Plan for week 4 is as follows:
 - Aim for 20-22 miles total
 - Lincoln Woods again
 - Long run 6 again
 - Wed will be some kind of speed work
 - might be time to get a 5 mile tempo in as well
 - Trainer workout and a yoga class are non-negotiables this week as well

Ran 3 miles today

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why a Feb Half?

After going to bed too late and waking up too early I wasn't that amped about today's run.  6 miles and the only bright side was it was going to be solo...sans jogger!  I'm still struggling with not going out too fast and thought that given how tired my legs are it wouldn't be a problem.  Wrong, pace should have been closer to 9:20-9:30 and my first mile was 8:53.  Rather than stress, I pulled my mitten over my garmin and spaced out.  I was really enjoying myself until the last 2 miles.  Not that I was struggling but the novelty of being alone wore off and the fact that it wasn't a leisurely pace was catching up to me.  There were some moments where I seriously considered throwing away the idea of a Feb half marathon.  No half marathon means no half marathon training means no long runs in the cold (yes, I know that today barely counts as a cold long run but with full tights and mittens it was cold enough). Ahhhh, but then I thought of eating and how much I love it and how much I hate the idea of ever dieting again.  Thanksgiving has come and gone with no weight gain, Veg-giving is here today and I'm not worried.  Candy canes, eggnog, brie, triscuits, spiced nuts, wine, lots of wine...these are all reasons why I'll continue to complain about all these miles while I'm getting them done all winter long.

Ran 6 miles today.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Dreadmill Throwdown

Yesterday I begged and pleaded for a throwdown.  It's time for us to race, I know I'm finally faster and ready to prove it once and for all.  The problem is the husband also knows this and doesn't want to be publicly shamed so won't agree.  Fast forward to tonight and we find ourselves at the gym.  I messed up my math and had to cancel yoga for a dreadmill workout.  I thought we were running our own miles till he started to push the speed, not worried at first I ignored him.  I had built in a nice cushion.  Mile 2 arrives and I can already taste sweet victory but I can't celebrate as he's gaining ground.  The smart move would have been to ignore him and keep with an easy pace, so of course I kept going faster and faster.  This was not the throwdown I wanted, there had been no time to prep.  Every time I increase the pace he matches me.  Now we look like fools barely able to stay on the machines but too stupid to call it.  The only reason he came close was that I relaxed during the 2nd mile to stretch out the poor legs after yesterday's hills.  Finally 3 miles.  Done.  Cool down.  Again confident in my winning only to be smacked with a loss.  Me: 30:05 Joe 29:35.  I'm not sure how he did it but am confident that he'll call this a win and we'll never throwdown at a race.

Ran 3+ miles

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Today I give thanks for the 7am wakeup call over the 4am wakeup call.  I am equally thankful for Sesame St. on the i-pad giving us an additional 30 mins in bed...not that we were able to sleep as the kid bounced all over the place calling for more Elmo.  I am thankful for the large pot of coffee that was enjoyed with the husband as the kid ran around the table trying to convince the dogs they wanted to eat the grape that was in his hand.  We missed any formal turkey trot but hit Lincoln Woods for a family fun run, also thankful for only having to push the stroller for the first half.  Thankful for the hills that keep us honest and that dreaded weekly e-mail to Bob that forced us out there.  I must express thanks for the pot of coffee that was waiting for us post-run and neighbors to sit and laugh with.  Thankful for another year of running and training in the books, jogging stroller and all.

Ran 5 miles today.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Falling in love

A dangerous thing has happened, I've had too many evenings off of work and am quickly falling in love with being home in the evening.  I need to get over this affair as it's not currently in the cards but let me try to explain this:

Today I got out of work (almost forgot to mention that sun was still shining) and was home at the tail end of nap time.  We changed and hit the East Side for a run that was really more of a social visit with Fully.  I forgot how quick miles pace when you are chatting and don't have an eye on the clock.  Then a cool down ensued that entailed watching the kid laugh while he "walked" Chloe, watching your kid laugh with your friends is really something else.  Then we made it home, I cooked dinner with Pink Radio blaring full volume.  The kid sat on the counter munching on cherry tomatoes as I threw dinner together.  Nothing special but it was dinner at home, with all 3 of us at the dining room table.  To be clear dinner itself was loud, chaotic, and a bit of a mess but again it was dinner at home with all 3 of us.    Clean up and an attempt at adult conversation as the kid chased the dogs around the house with a fist sized school bus.  While Joe managed bedtime I hoped on the trainer for a workout via twitter.  Yep, via twitter!  Go find @frayed_laces and #trainertuesdays and join the fun.  I missed the 5:30 start time but got my workout in and enjoyed sharing in the pain!  Now the night ends with a glass of wine, the husband and our couch.  I love evenings off.

Ran 3 miles and rode for 59 minutes

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 2 is in the books

Not a bad week but not a great one either.  Total mileage of 17.5, I missed a run on Friday due to a banging headache...not terribly bothered as there is no need to build too quickly.  Happy to have gotten some quality speed work in off the dreadmill and pleased that I ran long without puking tonight.

Monday - Off
Tues - 3 miles easy
Wed - 4.5 miles total - 3x1mile repeats (8:04, 7:57, 8:05) 3 min rest between repeats
Thurs - planned day off
Fri - sick day
Sat - 4 mile tempo at 8:27
Sun - 6 miles at 9:20 pace - this was hungover after a large chinese food dinner 

So week 3??  Goals include getting back to 20-22 miles total.  10k on Turkey Day - thinking of going negative splits.  Long run of 6ish again and headed back to the hills of Lincoln Woods.  Also skipped out on any cross training this week and can't let that happen again. 

Ran 6 miles today

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Will tempo for coffee

Joe headed out early with the kid for some quality Auntie time, leaving me with the great debate.  Do I stay in the bed solo, lounging forever maybe even reading for a while before heading for the longest hottest shower of my life...or hit the roads minus the jogger.  I'm not sure why I picked the second choice but was dressed in minutes and to ensure that I didn't bitch out, locked myself out of the house and ran to where Joe was.  On a brief sidenote, I'm happy to announce that I've returned back in the world of ponytails.  It's been several years, likely close to 6 or 7...but today I needed to cut a hole in my winter running hat to make room for the pony.  Yes, I know they sell these types of hats but I don't own one and needed to get out of the house before getting sucked back to bed.  2 workouts remained when I started, a tempo and a long run.  Only a mile separates the two and I had time for either.  I let the legs decide and didn't look at my watch till after the first mile, 8:46...tempo it is and away we went.  The only exciting thing to report that each mile was increasingly faster (8:46, 8:38, 8:28, 7:56) and I made it to the coffee shop before Joe left without me.  Overall pace was an 8:26 proving that I can tempo just fine without the dreadmill.  All that's left between me and the end of week 2 is tomorrow's long run and yes I will be sporting my newly fashioned ponytail hat.

Ran 4 miles today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Off the dreadmill and onto the Blvd

This on-the-real-road-speed-work brought to you by Heather who graciously took the kid so I could run freely.  Can we discuss that she took him while managing her own pintsized terror at the same time?  Oh and also she put me back together following my "I-don't-have-power-and-can't-deal-with-life" melt down.  I moped on her fancy couch for a while and had she offered me a cup of coffee I would have stayed and cried into my cup while trying to defrost my toes.  Too bad for me she's a tea drinker and I needed to run   Today's workout should have been 3-4 1 mile repeats at an 8:20pace.  I promised Bob that I'd take these workouts seriously and put forth some real effort, so although I skipped the recommended 30 minute warm up I did warm up with a half mile jog to the end of the Blvd.  Not having the dreadmill to determine my speed I had a hard time staying at the goal pace.  First mile ended up at 8/:04, not too shabby if I don't say so myself.  I timed my recovery and after 3 minutes headed back for the 2nd miles.  This one felt good as it should being fully warmed up and heading down hill.  Time came in at 7:57.  After another 3 minutes it was time to go again and this one hurt...thought my coffee and english muffin were going to come back up and join me. Finally reached the gate and clocked 8:05.  Only a second difference between miles 1 and 3 (both uphill, same mile).  Given how terrible the 3rd mile felt I called it a day and jogged back to my car for a cool down.  So I agree, there are more benefits to doing these on the road/track rather than in the gym, I need to get better at getting a feel for my pace.  Tomorrow we are back at Lincoln Woods and hoping for a day of no electrical company glitches.

Ran 4+ miles today

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When was my off season?

As I enter week two of my Hyannis Half training I keep reading about everyone's off season.  Ok, 1 email and 1 blog but still it's got me wondering if I'm making a mistake going from training for 1 half to the next.  If I took the last year in review I have had some cycles to my training.  This time last fall it was still a bit about coming back from the pregnancy as well as tipping my toes in the 70.3 water.  Then winter came and it was full on 70.3, building a base in all 3 sports.  Early spring was transitioning from indoor to outdoor work and getting comfortable on the bike.  70.3 arrived and training backed off very quickly after...still triathlon focused but much more laid back.  Then there was my half hearted attempt at training for a half marathon on 3 days a  And now I'm here working with Bob and over analyzing every workout I do.  If you want me to be honest my off season would likely have been August, September and October.  I still worked out and did some racing but training was not front and center in my life.  The reason I'm sticking with the sub 2-hour half as a goal is that I think the added speed will help when I shift back to tri's.  Last winter I was building from scratch so really needed a good 6 months to focus on a 70.3.  I'm not sure if I'll do one or not next year but don't think I need to start worrying about it now.  If I do another, I want to come in under 7 hours and to achieve that need to improve my running strength so it all still ties in some convoluted way.  Regardless, I'm rambling's been that kind of day in more ways than one.

Ran an easy 3 miles today

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week 1 roundup

Since I have to report to Bob, I'm going to try and remember to report here as well.  It helps to keep it honest.

Week 1 Roundup
Total Mileage 21
Mon - 5M at Lincoln Woods with stroller at 9:54 pace
Tues - 3M tempo at 8:40 pace - treadmill + 61mins on trainer
Wed - 3M easy - treadmill
Thurs - 4M - neg. splits - 9:15 1st 2M and 8:42 2nd 2M
Fri - off
Sat - 1.5M at 9:15 pace - should have been a long run but the kid refused and we ended up at a playground
Sun - 5M in 47:20

So week 2 will involve more loops of Lincoln Woods, repeat miles on Blvd, less treadmill time and about the overall same mileage.

Ran 5 miles today

Thursday, November 8, 2012

And tomorrow I rest

Well not really, I'm working a double but won't be running.  Daylight savings combined with Bob's structured training program is slowing ruining my life but I'm determined to at least start out strong before falling off the wagon.  Today came close to not happening, it was a rough morning filled with whining coming from several different factions of the Macedo Family.  One of those days where I'm not sure I would have minded backing up and heading off to work leaving someone else to wrangle a toddler on a very cold windy day.  That's not my life so we went to the gym.  Yes, I was on the treadmill again.  Give me a break, it's a choice between sanity or the roads and sanity won.  I just needed to zone out, that and I'm not sure where my running tights are.  Goal was 4 miles with a negative split so the first 2 were in the 9:20's and last 2 were in the 8:40's.  Mission accomplished.  The feet will be happy for a recovery tomorrow and I swear my 5 miler will be outdoors on Saturday.

Ran 4 miles today

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What time is it?

We were totally planning on a run to the polls.  I had the route ready to go, was dressed and about to get the jogger out of the car when I noticed the temps.  28.  Yes, I could have put the kid's snow suit on, bundled him to the max and we would have survived.  But really, 28.  Nope.  Didn't happen, yesterday I was complaining about the 40's.  I'm so not ready for 28.  Quick change of plans.  Off to vote, and yes we were those people who took a picture of the kid in the voting booth during his first Presidential election.  We landed at the gym shortly there after.  Now I believed that I had 1 hour to get a quick workout in, shower and head to our 10am music class.  Bob said no to the treadmill but I'm not known for listening.  Since I had less than 30 mins on the dreadmill a tempo run it was.  I don't want to hear about how it means more on the street.  An 8:40 pace is an 8:40 pace.  And I'm happy to report I felt like I had at least another mile or so in me.  No time, off to the showers and to collect the kid.  Remember before when I said I had enough time for our 10am music class?  We rolled up at 9:50 and I was happy to be early...only to walk in and face the fact that our class is at 9.  It's been at 9 for the last month.

Ran 3 miles and rode the trainer for 61 mins

Monday, November 5, 2012

Rethinking it all

So when I met with Bob to redo my training plan we spent a lot of time discussing childcare. I know, for those of you who know Bob just try to imagine was humorous to say the least. Anyways I told him I'd work on getting coverage once every other week so he could yell at me as I run around a track for 45 minutes.  Leaving the rest of my workouts with the kid.  No problem, I can do this.  Nope, I was wrong.  All I have to say is Lincoln Woods.  Lincoln Woods x2.  Lincoln Woods x2 in 40 degree temps.  Lincoln Woods x2 in 40 degree temps with the wind.  Lincoln Woods x2 in 40 degree temps with the wind and the jogger.  Following me yet?  And oh, I forgot my gloves.  Is it really only the beginning of Nov and I've already started to complain about cold weather running?  The bright side to this is that my 5 mile workout was complete, I have 7 days before we go back there and next time I'll have gloves and yes likely the kid but I'm not going to think about it.  The kid was bundled up tight (lesson learned from a major parenting fail last winter) and enjoyed his cheerios with little more than a peep.  We have totally messed him up though..the poor thing has spent way too much time cheering at races as he now enthusiastically claps for all runners we pass.

Ran 5 miles today.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Family fun with the group

It's been a while since all 3 Macedo's have made a group run, a long while as I try to recall the last one. We made it today.  Part of that is our schedule, I've been working a lot of weekends.  Over the summer biking bumped running to Sunday's.  Joe broke up with running for a while all together.  Excuses, excuses...I know.  It's so much easier to get out there when you know there will be other people.  Fresh faces mean fresh conversation, friends mean some good hearted joking followed by laughs.  Having Joe there means an even split to stroller time.  A win all around.  So once a month we'll be at Rhode Runner with the rest of the club.  Other weekends, drop me a line if you want to find a stroller friendly spot to start from.  Breakfast burrito with egg whites, mango smoothie and coffee from 3 Sister's to follow!

Ran 5ish miles today

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bob's way or no way

Funny how things come full circle, I started to train with Bob when I joined the club.  He's gotten me through all my distances and countless injuries, hung with me even when I started track work in sweats and tennis shoes.  The last 2 years or so I've stayed in contact but haven't trained with him...that all changes today.  I'm determined to come in under 2 and realize that I need someone calling me out and there is no one better but Bob to do so.  We were meeting for less than 5 minutes when he pointed out why I missed my goal: long runs too short, track work doesn't count on dreadmill, tempos too short, running too few days a week, and the list goes on.  All things I knew but needed him to say aloud.  So I've tried it my way, lets go with Bob's way.  Meaning 25-30 miles a week, 4-5 runs a week.  Long runs up to 14, I'm already groaning about this one.  Outdoor supervised track every other week, another ugh.  Negative split workouts and Lincoln Woods...I'll stop now becuase I'm already making myself dread it.  Up shot to all of this the paces I was hitting for my workouts solo were right on, so I was doing something right and a sub 2 is totally achievable.  Really I can't complain because I get all of this for free, yep, free.  Coming in only 2nd to the social aspect (can't count the friends that have come from the club), the coaching that comes with a PRMH running club membership is unreal.

Ran 4 easy miles today