Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday 5 miler

So we headed out today for our longest run post marathon, a whopping 5 miles.  It was nice to catch up with some running club people that we haven't seen since the race.  Not too nice to hear the stories of how we sounded when people found us!  It got pretty ugly for a few miles.  The 5 felt nice today, a little tiring but we are getting there.  Trying to decide what I will run this week.  I'm thinking I'll try 3 tomorrow and 4 on Tues, with 3 on Thurs.  Might be a little ambitious, but I'm focused on getting my mileage back up there for Bermuda.  

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trying to establish a new routine

So today is one week out.  The recovery is going well, no lasting pains.  Two runs were completely successfully.  If anything I have found I'm still tired and the legs poop out pretty quick.  Joe's knee bothered him on Friday am.  Tomorrow we are on schedule for our longest run since the marathon, 5 miles.  I'm hopeful that we'll get through it, just may take a while.  What I'm most amazed about is how this marathon seemed to be the switch from summer running to winter running.  Since last week it has been cold in the mornings and I've been running in pants and long sleeves with a hat.  I can't help but dread what the next few months hold for us.  The wind is the worst part.  Oh well, if it was always nice weather we would not value it as much.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Climbing back on the horse

So today was my first time back on the roads since the marathon.  Very tenderly I took my first steps waiting for my knees to protest, never happened.  The thighs were tight and I moved slower than I have in the past.  We did 3 miles and will attempt 4 tomorrow.  Plan to meet with the coach next week to start getting geared up for Bermuda.  

I've done some reflecting on the marathon.  People have asked if I'm pleased with my time.  Of course I am, a year and a half ago 3 miles was a stretch for me.  The first time you run a race you run it to see if you can the next time you run it to do it better.  Lets see what I have to say this time next year, there maybe room for more constructive criticism then.  For now there is nothing but smiles!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

One Day Out

After completing the most physical exhausting event of my life I have spent all day in a horizontal position other than 3 hours today.  I've been reviewing recovery plans and plan on attempting a swim on Tues or Thurs.  Was going to try tomorrow but am worried I won't be able to get into the pool, nevermind out of it.  Going up and down stairs has been the worst.  I am also surprisingly thirsty.  I still can't believe that we actually finished it. What a rush.  If I can ever walk again I plan to run another one.  If anyone knows where to find a morphine drip give me a call.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Proud to report I am now part of the 1% of the population who has completed a marathon.  Just to be clear the marathon is a standard distance of 26.2, and yes that is the same as Boston!

We started at 8, I was so nervous, must have gone to the bathroom 5 times in the hour before we started.  The first half went well.  I felt strong and we had a great pace.  Few periods of nausea but no major issues.  The second half was a gueling as I had expected.  At one point I turned to my husband in tears about not wanting to run any longer.  He gave me a pat on the shoulder and told me to keep going.  The pain was unbearable, like nothing I had ever felt.  Pain from the bottoms of my feet to halfway up my back.  The support on the course was great, the water stops were well equipped.  I consumed 5 Gu's, tons of water, gatorade and a dixie cup of Skittles.  The miles from 21-26 were brutal, never ending.  I survived the dreaded mile 22!  We had reinforcements arrive via bicycle at mile 24 and the bitching ended and the adrenaline flowed.  Joe's brother-in-law and a friend met us a mile 25 and ensured we got up the last very long hill.  His sister ran us into the finish and we crossed together with arms in the air and smiles from ear to ear.

Since the finish I have been laying in bed attempting to sleep and unable although feeling completely exhausted.  I'm very sore but feeling very accomplished and proud.  A year and a half ago I never ran, a year ago the furthest I had raced was 5.5 and now I have completed a marathon.  Is there anything beyond reach?

Lessons learned...believe in yourself and trust that with will and determination anything can be reached.


I'm carbed up!  Ready to run, or at least that is what I tell myself.  Didn't sleep much last night.  Joe told me a story about some guy who ran a marathon and dropped out at mile 22, not what I needed to hear the night before.  I'm trying not to 2nd guess myself, but sometimes the doubts are there.  It's funny a year ago I was a part of a relay team for this event.  I ran the anchor, 5.6 miles.  I was sooo nervous, it was the longest distance I had ever raced.  Here I am a year later in the same predicament.  I am a determined strong willed stubborn person and will run this race and have a good time with it.  I decided to wear my running skirt rather than shorts.  It's all about the pockets at this time.  It's chilly so I have a long sleeved tee over my racing tank.  Dry clothes are packed.  Only time will tell.  Wish me luck and throw a prayer my way...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh God!

It's Thursday, 2 days to go.  Things are following along nicely.  There is nothing else I can do to prepare.  Missed my run today, but not nervous, plan on an easy 3 tomorrow.  As I sit here procrastination on a paper that needs to be written, I go check out  There is a clip from the Chicago Marathon of a man who collapses at the finish line and can't get up.  He tries to crawl and eventually 2 men stop and assist him to the finish.  WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS TO ME!!!!!!!!  Oh God, I'm really starting to panic over here.  Starting to 2nd guess all of my training.  In some ways I feel ready to go and in others I wonder who I think I am.  I am a person who does not look like a runner.  I don't eat like a runner.  I don't talk or think like a runner.  Only runner's complete marathons so what am I doing 2 days away from a marathon?  This is all very overwhelming...

Monday, October 13, 2008


5 days out, I keep checking the weather.  Currently forecasted for 58 and a 30% chance of showers.  If the temp was slightly lower I would be pleased.  Still deciding on what to wear, thinking about the old racing shirt and the running skirt, but no decisions at this time.  Also having the great music debate.  Not sure if I'll have my ipod or not.  I enjoy running without my music but am worried that I will want the distraction.  Might give it to a fan and pick it up at the half way mark.  Starting to get really nervous about how much this is going to hurt.  Am I really ready?  I guess you never feel fully prepared for your first one.  

Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh God, What did we do

So I went to the massage therapist this am.  After 30 minutes of digging at my muscle fibers I was diagnosed with a strain and given the go ahead to run.  The funny part was when he suggested I add salt to my diet.  Clearly the guy doesn't know me that well.  If I added any more salt to my diet I would be walking around holding a salt lick!  Since getting the news we have officially registered for the race.  Feeling like I should go throw up right after I hit the confirm button.  Nothing left to do know but wait.  8 long days to go!!!!

Pins and Needles

1 hour till I find out the extent of my injuries.  Yesterday I tried out 3 miles and was pretty tender (physically and emotionally).  What will it mean if he says no?  Worse what if he says it's a go?  Am I ready for 26.2?  We were talking over dinner what running a marathon means to us.  For me it has been a very ugly road.  There is nothing nice about getting up every morning for the past 4 months and hitting the pavement. My body has been covered in cuts since this started.  There have also been really high moments, and moments with friends that I wouldn't have had without this training.  It has been pure determination and stubborn will to prove that I can stick to it.  Let's see what the next step holds.  I'm heading out for another tender 3 before the appt.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Still treading water

I have been training for the Breakers Marathon for the majority of the last 3-4 months.  Who knows why I decided to go for a marathon while finishing up grad school, my competitive edge or my need to cause myself pain and utter exhaustion?  Here we are none the less.  

Last week my calf started cramping and in true Sarah style I choose to ignore it.  Days go by and the pain increases until Friday arrives and I can't walk right.  A google search later ends with me on the phone to my coach, who tells me what I already know.  REST, REST and more REST.  

Normally I would ignore him as well, but my big day is 14 days away.  I can't limp my way through 26.2 miles.  I listen and what a shocker, my leg gets better slowly!  Today I call the doc, hoping for an early appt.  No luck!  Friday is the earliest.  

Not a big deal you think?!?  Until I found myself bouncing down the same set of stairs that on Friday looked like Mount Everest.  I want to RUN again!!  I was told before that pain is the last to show up and the first to leave.  

Common sense tells me to stay in the pool until Friday, but my running shoes are calling my name, "come on, lets test it out, no one will know".  I can't make you any promises that tomorrow's entry won't have a report about my running, but I will try to make the right decision.........

(besides I'm in a bad mood, nothing fixes a funk like a few miles of pavement)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Time

I'm new to this, so no guarantees.  Let's see where this takes us over time.