Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh God!

It's Thursday, 2 days to go.  Things are following along nicely.  There is nothing else I can do to prepare.  Missed my run today, but not nervous, plan on an easy 3 tomorrow.  As I sit here procrastination on a paper that needs to be written, I go check out  There is a clip from the Chicago Marathon of a man who collapses at the finish line and can't get up.  He tries to crawl and eventually 2 men stop and assist him to the finish.  WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS TO ME!!!!!!!!  Oh God, I'm really starting to panic over here.  Starting to 2nd guess all of my training.  In some ways I feel ready to go and in others I wonder who I think I am.  I am a person who does not look like a runner.  I don't eat like a runner.  I don't talk or think like a runner.  Only runner's complete marathons so what am I doing 2 days away from a marathon?  This is all very overwhelming...

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