Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Proud to report I am now part of the 1% of the population who has completed a marathon.  Just to be clear the marathon is a standard distance of 26.2, and yes that is the same as Boston!

We started at 8, I was so nervous, must have gone to the bathroom 5 times in the hour before we started.  The first half went well.  I felt strong and we had a great pace.  Few periods of nausea but no major issues.  The second half was a gueling as I had expected.  At one point I turned to my husband in tears about not wanting to run any longer.  He gave me a pat on the shoulder and told me to keep going.  The pain was unbearable, like nothing I had ever felt.  Pain from the bottoms of my feet to halfway up my back.  The support on the course was great, the water stops were well equipped.  I consumed 5 Gu's, tons of water, gatorade and a dixie cup of Skittles.  The miles from 21-26 were brutal, never ending.  I survived the dreaded mile 22!  We had reinforcements arrive via bicycle at mile 24 and the bitching ended and the adrenaline flowed.  Joe's brother-in-law and a friend met us a mile 25 and ensured we got up the last very long hill.  His sister ran us into the finish and we crossed together with arms in the air and smiles from ear to ear.

Since the finish I have been laying in bed attempting to sleep and unable although feeling completely exhausted.  I'm very sore but feeling very accomplished and proud.  A year and a half ago I never ran, a year ago the furthest I had raced was 5.5 and now I have completed a marathon.  Is there anything beyond reach?

Lessons learned...believe in yourself and trust that with will and determination anything can be reached.

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