Friday, October 10, 2008

Pins and Needles

1 hour till I find out the extent of my injuries.  Yesterday I tried out 3 miles and was pretty tender (physically and emotionally).  What will it mean if he says no?  Worse what if he says it's a go?  Am I ready for 26.2?  We were talking over dinner what running a marathon means to us.  For me it has been a very ugly road.  There is nothing nice about getting up every morning for the past 4 months and hitting the pavement. My body has been covered in cuts since this started.  There have also been really high moments, and moments with friends that I wouldn't have had without this training.  It has been pure determination and stubborn will to prove that I can stick to it.  Let's see what the next step holds.  I'm heading out for another tender 3 before the appt.

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Joe said...

We are official baby!!! The Doctor cleared you and we are now in the race!!!!!!!!!!! I am ready to run it now!