Monday, October 6, 2008

Still treading water

I have been training for the Breakers Marathon for the majority of the last 3-4 months.  Who knows why I decided to go for a marathon while finishing up grad school, my competitive edge or my need to cause myself pain and utter exhaustion?  Here we are none the less.  

Last week my calf started cramping and in true Sarah style I choose to ignore it.  Days go by and the pain increases until Friday arrives and I can't walk right.  A google search later ends with me on the phone to my coach, who tells me what I already know.  REST, REST and more REST.  

Normally I would ignore him as well, but my big day is 14 days away.  I can't limp my way through 26.2 miles.  I listen and what a shocker, my leg gets better slowly!  Today I call the doc, hoping for an early appt.  No luck!  Friday is the earliest.  

Not a big deal you think?!?  Until I found myself bouncing down the same set of stairs that on Friday looked like Mount Everest.  I want to RUN again!!  I was told before that pain is the last to show up and the first to leave.  

Common sense tells me to stay in the pool until Friday, but my running shoes are calling my name, "come on, lets test it out, no one will know".  I can't make you any promises that tomorrow's entry won't have a report about my running, but I will try to make the right decision.........

(besides I'm in a bad mood, nothing fixes a funk like a few miles of pavement)

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Joe said...

I miss you on the runs, but my vote is for you to get better and run with me more, then run once and be out more!