Thursday, October 23, 2008

Climbing back on the horse

So today was my first time back on the roads since the marathon.  Very tenderly I took my first steps waiting for my knees to protest, never happened.  The thighs were tight and I moved slower than I have in the past.  We did 3 miles and will attempt 4 tomorrow.  Plan to meet with the coach next week to start getting geared up for Bermuda.  

I've done some reflecting on the marathon.  People have asked if I'm pleased with my time.  Of course I am, a year and a half ago 3 miles was a stretch for me.  The first time you run a race you run it to see if you can the next time you run it to do it better.  Lets see what I have to say this time next year, there maybe room for more constructive criticism then.  For now there is nothing but smiles!

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