Tuesday, December 24, 2013

sweating it out in the water

I can honestly say today that I worked up a sweat in the pool. Can't say for certain that this is the first time but today was definitely a bit of a killer. Nothing special other than when we did our 50 meter repeats I was given a 10 second head start. The issue goes back to me being the slowest during our swims which I'm not worried about currently given that I resemble a manatee and my lovely swim partners are rocking some banging bodies. Typically they do a lap or 2 more than I do and we all start together but during the repeats they likely need a bit less rest than I do and you know that I'm not one to sit out while they keep going. To solve the problem I was given a 10 second head start while they kicked and then took off. Now it's not a race but there is no way that I can be bringing up the rear with a 10 second head start, buddha belly or not, so I was hauling ass each time. Very suddenly the pool wasn't nearly cool enough and these felt almost as terrible as a track workout. That said it felt good to get it done, even better to sweat a little. Suddenly no guilt over any amount of Santa cookies consumed later this evening. Swam for an hour today.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hanging in and not following direction.

Forgive the sporadic posts, blame the holidays and travel. I didn't work out today but wanted to update the old blog for fear that if I don't it'll be 2014 before you hear from me. We had a bit of a scare last week that resulted in some time off and several stern reminders to not do too much. I'll fully admit that those reminders went in one ear and out the other. I can't hear you when I'm running after a 2.5 year old and the husband's job thinks it's no problem to send him here there and everywhere leaving us to fend for ourselves. Call his boss, have a logical conversation with my toddler and then we can talk. That said I'm pushing the water and trying to be mindful of my limits. Still getting in about 5 workouts a week with primary base being in the pool. It would be lovely if I could remember how nice these swims are and totally get lost in the world of running post baby. I'll tell you speed work in the pool is nicer than repeats on the track in the heat of the summer, things to remember...things to remember. As for baby, we've hit the 32 week mark and I'm 32lbs heavier. Aches and pains abound but nothing that acupuncture, the chiropractor and whining can't handle. We are no more prepared home side for this kids arrival than we were weeks ago, it's like we are in a state of denial. I started to panic a bit last night and found that denial is a happier place to live so I've shifted back there. It's funny how different things are the 2nd time around, I just can't stress about it. This poor kid will arrive with no name, no place to sleep and a big brother who is becoming quite territorial about the 350 hot wheel cars that inhabit our playroom. Good luck kid, good luck. Goals are to survive the next few weeks and end up with a healthy kid while maintaining everyone's sanity....sounds easy, doesn't it?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

water logged

I've been absent, sorry. The abbreviated holiday season is kicking my ass. As promised, I'm going to fess up that as quickly as the plan for a streak happened it fell apart. Between work, travel, puke bugs and kitchen building the daily workouts fell to the wayside. No guilt, I'm getting in btw 4-5 workouts a week. It is what it is, I'll have next spring to beat myself up over missed workouts. Hit the pool early this am. I've hit the point of pregnancy where sleep is elusive at best, I swear it's preparation for what's to come. So the 5am wake up call was surprisingly easy to handle, that and if I went to the pool I was guaranteed not to be the one to deal with anyone else's puke. Yes it's been that bad here lately! Swimming with Cat is a breeze, she brings the workout and keeps us on track. It's really nice to swim and just let your mind wander. If I had to I could guess the distance but does it really matter? We are on track to hit up our stroller class today. That has become a lot more challenging. When it's cold we are indoors and man it's a killer workout out. That and push ups done correctly mean that my baby gut hits the floor. Amusing to watch, I'm sure. Swam for an hour, circuit training for an hour.

Friday, November 29, 2013


If you are on facebook or twitter at all there is all this buzz about streaking through the holiday season. Basically promising to run everyday from Thanksgiving to New Year's. I read an article in the NY Times this am about how just 45 minutes a day of activity during the holidays is enough to counteract all the unhealthy (but delicious) holiday festivities. I've never done anything like this, although with previous years trainings have likely come close. I am a fan and proponent of the day off and you don't take a day off if you are streaking. I'm also in no condition to run every day, but could conceivably complete some kind of workout daily. I thought about this in the pool this morning and quickly started to list of reasons why this won't work. Joe is traveling a good amount, I have a conference in Boston, weekend shifts galore, rush of abbreviated holiday season, and so on and so forth. But this is important, it's a healthy motivator and a fitness challenge (one of the few) that I can actually accept. So it's on. Starting today until 1/1 I'm going to make my best attempt at no less than a 30 minute workout. Just as I'm quick to brag about my accomplishments, I'll be sure to report on any days that I'm not successful. Workouts will consist of likely yoga, swimming, stroller class, running (waddling), the push up challenge (more on that another day). Joe is in, anyone else? Swam for an hour today.

Monday, November 25, 2013

cool return

After a 2 week hiatus, I returned to the pool. Came close to calling it and hitting the showers before getting wet when it looked like circle swimming would be my only option, but just as I walked towards the locker room a lane opened up and I ran out of excuses. Which is too bad given that the pool felt cool enough to justify a wet suit. Nothing exciting, nothing hard. A mile made up of 5 laps of swimming alternated with 5 laps of pulling. Shockingly it went quick and my mile seemed like nothing. More time at my disposal and I would have stayed in a bit longer. Didn't seem to irritate any injured areas and no I didn't fess up to the chiropractor that after his visit I was headed to the forbidden land. He didn't ask so I can't be faulted. This week will likely hold 3 more swims, maybe 4. Given the weather and holiday, not sure if we'll hit up an exercise class or not. Really trying to be ok with the less is more school of thought, but not an area of strength. Preggo updates are equally as boring as lap swimming. Holding at 23lb weight gain, the only positive to this from my perspective is that my goal of 35 remains a realistic option. For anyone wondering I've managed this pregnancy with a continued vegetarian diet, limited dairy but not total elimination. So far I've noticed no negatives to this and haven't had any providers grill me about it so am not worried. Discomfort is now at a 3/4 rather than the 7/8, still happier in the evenings not doing much. House remains torn up and panic is setting in related to my belief that we might have bitten off more than we can chew. Swam a mile today

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

33 degrees at 27 weeks

Just last night I was complaining to a friend about my training envy. Seems like everyone I know is getting into training for some big spring races and it's killing me. I'll get there, and my challenges will have less to do with miles trained and more to do with hours slept and ounces fed. So you'd think that today I'd be totally jazzed at the idea of an outdoor workout in 33 degree weather. Not so much. Multiple issues here. First, my cold layers don't all fit so squeezing into a mix of alternatives was a challenge to say the least. Other issue is that of course today we figure out the the kid's snow suit is just a bit too small so we both looked like over stuffed sausages. Then the kid proved that he would have been better off if we had relocated to Austin, he was pissed the entire time. While other kids seemed not to notice the cold, mine pouted in the stroller and glared at me the entire time. Hello guilt trip. Don't get me wrong once we got going it did feel good and gave me a taste of what I've been missing. That and we needed the socialization, my advice to new moms is always the same...find a group and get out of the house. No I'm not a new mom anymore but I still need that group mentality. There is something about rolling up with mittens, scarves and goldfish tumbling out of your stroller and finding everyone else is having the same problems. That and there is bound to be someone crying louder than your kid. Update on the pain, things seem to have stabilized a bit. It's no longer getting worse and some days seems slightly better. If nothing else I have hope that this will pass after birth so eyes are on the February prize, just hanging on til then. I might even break the rules and dip my toes in the pool Friday am.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1 day out

I won't lie, today started with high expectations. I had really hoped (foolishly) to be pain free. And although I woke up feeling good and it was the first morning in several weeks I wasn't wincing while making it to the coffee pot, the day ends surrounded by icepacks. Part of the problem is that my stroller class went indoors today, it was only 29 at 9am, way too cold for the kiddo's to play while we sweated outdoors so we headed to Rhode Runner and got our asses handed to us. I saw the post on facebook and couldn't bring myself to like it b/c I knew the pain that accompanies an indoor class. Today's class was circuit hell, 5 mins at each station with 3 exercises each and I'm limited to spent the majority of the time in plank/boat/or doing push ups. As a result my arms are beat and I had trouble folding laundry tonight. Whining aside, you know I totally loved every moment of it. The best part was watching the kid attempt mountain climbers at lunch and push-ups at dinner! How's that for imitation?! Tomorrow I'm off as I got pulled from the pool and will go back to class on Friday. I do plan on discussing with the doc the idea of swimming and not kicking, just using the pull buoy the whole time. Again it'll kill my arms but get me back in the water sooner than his 3 week plan. Somehow I'm not sure this doc fully understood what he got himself into with me.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chiropractor appt

I'm breaking my own rule and blogging on a day that I didn't workout, forgive me. I have stuff to say and time to sit and write. So went to the chiropractor today and I think I liked it. Saw Dr. O'Brien at Bayside Chiropractic in Providence as recommended by by acupuncturist for the pubic symphysis pain. I was a mix of nerves and curiosity at the start of the appt. We started with a brief history and the standard questions of how much pain, where, what kind and so on. I have low B12 and get monthly injections and there was some side conversation about this that lead me to believe that this guy knows his sh*t. He also uses the same vitamin line that my acupuncturist does, gives him some automatic cred in my book. I was instructed to hop off the table and walk back and forth several different ways, it's here that I learned that I could not pass a field sobriety test. Try to walk heel to toe in a straight line when you can't see your toes! Then things got funny. He pressed on my left shoulder and there was a lot of discomfort, he puts a belt on me and the pain goes away. Bizarre. I said out loud that it was weird and he called me out and reminded me that some of the stuff that happens in acupuncture is more weird. Point taken, continue. The entire session was totally not what I expected, I thought adjustments would be accompanied by sharp tugs at my body and loud cracks and this was very gentle and relaxing. The best part was the fancy pillow on the treatment table that allowed me to lay on my stomach! Pure Bliss! His final thoughts were that yes my pubic symphysis is acting up, as well as some strange stuff going on in the SI joint and the hips were out of alignment. Treatment? The SI joint is taped and will remain so until Sat, I'm also supposed to ice 2x a day for 20 mins. I have a gel to apply to my belly that will also help. Bummer is that I'm not allowed to swim for 3 weeks. I'll be honest I pushed back a lot here. This guy is out of his mind if he thinks I'm giving up exercise totally for 3 weeks which was his first recommendation. His rational for the swimming made sense, my pelvis is rocking all over the place and if the goal is stabilization this isn't helping. I'll stick with my stroller fitness and prenatal yoga and see how it goes. He wanted to see me twice a week to start off but given the state of my sh*tty health insurance, (I'd say more but am being censored by the husband who is responsible for said sh*tty health insurance), that's not affordable so we settled on once a week for now. I figure he was more throughout than my experience with PT and his mindset was more along with other providers I have trust in and have had good experiences with so we'll go with it for now and see. He was a bit cocky, when I was leaving I asked if he really felt he could make a difference in my pain levels and he looks at me and asks if I looked at his website. "Pregnancy is what we do", he says. Here's hoping.

Monday, November 11, 2013

26 week update

I've done a fair amount of complaining lately, and I promised to try and enjoy this more the 2nd time around. Fail, I'm sorry. As far as updates go, I'm rounding the corner to 26 weeks. The baby belly is large enough now to hit the ground during pushups. A very humorous sight when my 2 year old is perched on my back at the same time. It's all about preparation. Weight gain is at 23lbs, still much better than last time. This is always a touchy subject with preggo's. I do know that I'm eating better than last time and working out more than last time. All that said I do think there is only so much you can do about this. Your body is going to do what it needs to, regardless of your plan, at least that has been my experience. Luckily I've reached the point where much more than a few bites results in rib pain so there is still hope that I can keep the weight in check. We don't know gender, decided to hold out of the big surprise. Joe thinks it's a boy. The kid and I are both on team pink, there is no way a little boy would cause me so many problems! Names are an ongoing debate and one which we have decided to no longer discuss until we are in the delivery room. The pubic symphysis pain is still there but as previously discussed I have a pain management plan and treatment strategy. Tomorrow I'm off to the chiropractor and am anxious to report my experience! Our house remains a construction zone. The only sane thing to do once finding out you are expecting is to tear the house into giant renovation projects. Luckily we have good friends who have coached Joe through this and we hope to be put back together in a few weeks. You know where I'm at with exercise, still getting out there. We did adopt a double jogger this weekend and it's terrifying. I'm not sure how I'll run with that, plus a toddler, plus a car seat, plus an infant...shit an infant! But I have enough to worry about that so I'll put those fears aside for now. Bigger fish to worry about! As far as prepping the kid for what's coming, we've been talking about the baby. He'll tell you all about it and knows it's coming in Feb and that we have to go to the hospital to get it out of my belly. He's also quick to point out anytime he hears a baby crying, all of that said he has no idea that life as he knows it is going to come to a crashing end. Poor guy. So that's where we are at. The good, bad and ugly of it all. Completed fitness in the park today.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Made it to Friday!

Better yet, made it to naptime on Friday! Total score, 4 more hours and the husband is home and I'm off the clock :) Today started with a 5am wake up to make a 5:30 swim session. The same 3 people were standing at the Y entrance at 5:24, knowing they open at 5:30. Idiots, I chose the warmth of my car. Today's workout was killer, it's always a double edged sword to meet up with someone who you know will bring a workout. There was no joking today. 500 warm-up, 400 kick, 300 pull, 10-50m sprints, 100 kick, 500 cool down. Suddenly my 2 mile goal isn't seeming that far off. There was talk of me finally giving in and accepting the flip turn but the baby gut bought me a pass. I know it helps with speed and efficiency but somehow I always end up with half the pool up my nose. Home, coffee, breakfast and off to Fitness in the Park. I arrived and saw it was going to be a small group and pressed as hard as I could for a coffee break instead but off we went for an hour filled with lunges, squats, push ups and dips. The best part was watching the kid run through the leaves with his friends. I could listen to little kid laughs and screams of excitement all day (outside that is). This weekend will likely include Fitness in the Park on Sat, and a day off on Sunday. Next week is booked with swimming, Fitness in the Park, my very first (and possibly last aqua-jogging session) and pre-natal yoga. Trying to stay busy enough that I don't miss straight up running.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

swimming goals

In sticking with my plan on getting out of my woe-is-me-rut I committed to a morning swim with no excuses.  And trust me the excuses started early: 1.       I have no one to meet me there.  Stupid b/c if you are swimming then you can’t really socialize. 2.       I have a 9am client so need to be at work for 8.  I like to be in for 8 but if I stop taking 25 minute showers at the Y then I can make it for 8:15. 3.       I’m swimming tomorrow and my arm muscles are sore from yesterday’s pushups.  Quit whining and remember the goal is to NOT gain 60lbs with this kid and get moving! So off I went and joined what is apparently old hairy man hour at the Y, 7:30 on Thursday mornings.  My stomach is not as trustworthy as it used to be so several times I had to close my eyes as I saw my fellow swimmers go by and remind myself that chlorine makes it all ok.  God it was gross.  Today’s plan was to just go a mile, and I did and shockingly it didn’t hurt as much as I anticipated and went much quicker than planned.  Given my type A personality I need some goals with this increased pool time so I think it would be great if I could get up to 2 miles by the time this kid makes an appearance.  Why not?  It was the first kid who got me to a mile and since then I’ve swum that distance and more countless times.  Other than boredom I have no reason to doubt it. Besides, it’s a good braggable amount and I’ll have killer arms…haven’t quite figured out the plan that will get me there, but will share when I do. Tomorrow we are on track for another morning swim, this time with friends, followed by Fitness in the Park.  And happy to report that I’m in a stellar mood so far with getting a workout in early and scheduled my first chiropractor appt for next week.  I’ll be sure to share how that goes. Swam a mile today.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Calling an end to the pity party...or at least trying to

So today marks the end of my week long pity party. I have been struggling with some pregnancy related pains that aren't getting better and making me a miserable biatch...yes more than my baseline. After yoga last week I took a week off from all exercise, not so much intentionally but it just happened. Happily I can admit that I don't feel any better and am in fact worse...likely not related to the exercise. I'm annoyed for several reasons. One being that I pride myself on my fitness. I'm in good shape. I take care of myself, am obsessive with the foods that enter my body. Not only my physical health but have totally incorporated mindfulness into my everyday life and am in a healthy place all around. So to suddenly be overtaken by this almost chronic pain is ruining my mojo. Running in addition to keeping me fit, keeps me happy. So what's the plan to end this party? I've had it with some of my recent run in's with healthcare providers. If you want to hear an explicative filled rant, ask me about how well PT went. And no, I won't be following up with them. Treatment will consist of the following, acupuncture 1x a month (would love more but my guy took off to New Mexico and I can only see him monthly), Shiatsu e/o week (this was a total shot in the dark but did result in 3 days with lesser pain), and I'm going out on a limb and scheduling with a chiropractor (I've avoided them like the plague for years, makes me nervous). Chiropractors actually appear to have the best success rate in treating this pain so I'm hopeful. Yes, I've written off traditional medical providers for this, not shocking as I've been leaning this way for a while with my own health care. The OB has been informed and she is also at a place on my shit list where I'm telling her the plan rather than waiting to see what idea she can generate next. And for fitness, the kid and I went back to Fitness in the Park today and although I'm writing this with an icepack on my crotch it was great. We both need it and I can make accommodations as needed so we are sticking to that twice a week. I have a call into my running coach for some aqua jogging sessions. As much as I love the pool and swim 2x a week, I'm a lazy swimmer and am hopeful that some sessions with him will keep the heart and sweat rates up. I'm also keeping in the prenatal yoga weekly, again I'm going to have to make some accommodations but I want this more for the breathing aspects that I know will be used during labor/delivery. Likely no more runs outside of our class, which I'm super bummed about. There will be no hard and fast rule about this but for now I have to pull back a little. If I've learned anything this week it's that my expectation of being pain free is likely not realistic but I can get through this and stay healthy both physically and emotionally. I mean come on now, I finished a 70.3, this should be cake. Just please stop asking how I'm feeling unless you want the truth which is I'm in a fucking lot of pain and not pleased about it.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sweet spot?

There is an unfair rumor in the pregnancy world regarding this magical point in your 2nd trimester where you are glowing, bouncing with energy and feel amazing. I think it's total BS as I sit here round, moody and ready to nap on command. That said the last 2 days of running have been GLORIOUS! I don't know why. I don't know how long it will last but man-oh-man I almost want to get back out there this afternoon. No huffing and puffing, just running and today I had the stroller. In addition to 2 great runs I was able to knock out 10 push ups today with my 30lb toddler balanced on my back. For the record I would have preferred he stay on the ground but I have no control and lost that battle. So where do we go from here? My guess is these runs are flukes and it will only be a matter of days before I'm back to huffing and puffing through my runs cursing my plans the entire time. The bright spot is I don't see these workouts coming to and end soon. As long as I get out in the morning I feel good, better and stronger than I did with my first pregnancy. Yesterday and today were just the sweet spot I needed to keep going. Slugging through all those tough workouts makes me appreciate days like this even more. Who cares if they are fleeting, something has to be better than nothing. Swam for 45 mins and completed 1 hour stroller class.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Go Pats!

I've tried over the years to become a football fan. About every other year I sit down for the start of the season with the fullest of intentions to become an engaged fan. I'm beginning to accept that it's just not my sport. Baseball on the other hand, what a series. Well played boys, well played. We got home from the fall fest just in time for nap and kick off for the Pats/Jets game and as quickly as Joe settled in on the sofa I realized this would be my chance for an empty pool and suddenly found my motivation to head for a swim. As predicted I had the pool solo and just took off. It's really the only place that I feel normal lately. Can't see the belly, all aches and pains disappear and, if you ignore my maternity bathing suit, I look like everyone else. It's so nice and just like last time it only took a few laps before I decided I need to do this more often and really should think harder about the Save the Bay Swim next year. I had the same thoughts during my last pregnancy but get pretty skeeved out in open water and you always hear of those years that there are a lot of jelly fish. That said, Newport to Jamestown with a 3 year old and 5 month old waiting at the finish line is a pretty badass goal. You never know but in the meantime I think I'll spend the next few games in the water. Swam for an hour (lost count on my workout but followed my plan from earlier this week just added more repeats).

Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh that's right, I remember now...

Working out knocked up is no joke. I've reached the point where I'm remembering why I quit running the first time around. This sh*t is hard, the lbs are adding up and I'm so short of breath right out of the gate. Last night my run turned into a walk, mostly due to a full bladder and no outhouse on the Blvd. Today we laced up and headed to class and those first few steps were torture. It always gets better as I stick with it, but never feels like a non-pregnant run. A friend sent me that photo that's been all over the web this week, the top part has a beautiful runner and states this is what I think I look like when I run and below a sad sap looking terrible and states this is what I actually look like when I run. I'm the bottom shot at all times now, it's bad. I'm only 22 weeks, we got a while to go here so I need to get with the program. On a brighter note, push-ups are less of a struggle but the trade off is running with high knees means that my knees don't get that high at all before hitting the barrier. The plan? Yes, I always have a plan and have even begun to pine for post-partem and being able to get my pencil out for a real plan - how soon can I plan for a half marathon! But for now we stick with what we have, class 2x a week, swim 2x a week, run solo 2x a week. Any more than that requires too much recovery napping.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The social aspect of all of this

As my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, I instantly regretted making plans for a 6am swim. As cozy as I was, I was meeting a new workout partner which meant no texting out at the last minute! Back to my old stomping grounds at the Y, it's funny how nothing changes. It's been months since my last 6am workout there and yet all the faces are the same. My new workout partner is a real pro in the water so she was prepared with a workout for us. Gulp, but it actually wasn't bad at all. 500 warm up, 200 kick with board and fins, 100 kick no fins, 400 pull and repeat x3. The nice part was that there was plenty of chatting between intervals making things move along. And this is why I workout. Yes, I'm competitive and like to earn new PR's and aim for longer distances and the benefit of low blood pressure and being able to keep excess weight at bay is all nice. It's really all about hanging out with friends. It would be nice to stop finding people who want to hang out at 6am or while we are sweating to death out for a run, but I'd miss it. After getting home and enjoying breakfast with the fam, the kid and I headed back out for our Fitness in the Park Class. Yep, you read it right, double sessions while preggo (PS - I'm totally wiped out now) I'm not breaking any speed barriers at this point (not that I've come close lifetime) but I got an additional 2 hours of social time out of it. We both did for that matter. It's also nice that when we are at home the kid has started to play around with what he watches us do in class. For now I can still do more push ups than him but I'm willing to bet that changes in the near future. Swam 2300 yards and completed Fitness in the Park

Sunday, October 13, 2013

5 months and a 5k

We are getting there. At dinner with a friend recently she stated "you definitely have your preggo boobs again". Thanks. Thanks a lot. Regardless I'm still running, or more like bouncing but I'm still out there and it's more than a walk. My attitude has helped keep me on the roads longer this time than last. I'm well aware of how slow I'm getting and the walking breaks are a every run necessity but again it's the "something is more than nothing attitude". Joe signed up for a 10k this weekend and I was instantly pissed about it. I mean the man has done close to nothing outside of biking in months. Really? Now you want to run a 10k? No fear, I figured out quickly there was a 5k option and the kid and I could tackle that will little issue. Yes, I ran with the kid. Do you think he even volunteered to take him on the 10k? Not that I'd go for that, the jogger helps boost my bragging rights. The event itself was much more of a walk than a run, it's safe to estimate a 7:1 walker to runner ratio. Spent much of the race maneuvering around large groups of walkers. No matter the obstacles, we all started together and the kid and I smoked him. He caught up to us when I walked through the water stop but compare our overall paces and me and the kid beat him. And I ran up Francis St! You know that hill in front of the mall, the one that almost did me in during my 70.3? Yep, ran it. 5 months pregnant behind 54 lbs of kid and jogger. Take that. Ran 3.2 miles today

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Not going to happen today.

After a great run on Sunday I was rather looking forward to today. There are several things that must happen for my runs to be successful at this point. The kid must be full of snacks, we aren't picky but there have to be a good amount of choices. An easy 3 miles demands a good 7-9 options, I'm quite skilled at setting up a mobile buffet. Again for those who judge, the goal is to run. Happy toddler = happy runner. My bladder must also be on E. Morning runs are better, I shouldn't but I typically won't drink much beyond my morning coffee if I know we are headed out. Any more than that I'm wishing for a catheter about 1/4 mile in. Those 2 simple demands combined with the strength of 2-3 sports bras and we are ready to rock and roll...most of the time. Today we had swimming lessons and I emptied the bladder before leaving Bryant. Somehow on the 15 min ride to the Blvd it filled back up with lord only knows b/c my coffee went down the hatch around 6:30am. I also had no snacks. Total fail. After every swim class we stop for jelly munckins, I thought that would be enough. He was licking the sugar off his chubby little fingers when I strapped him in and then the demands started. I want goldfish bunnies. I don't have any. I want cheerios. I don't have any. I want a sandwich. I don't have any. I want a banana. I don't have any. I want cheese. I don't have any. I want more donuts. Lord I want a new kid. Between that conversation and my overwhelming urge to empty an already empty but confused bladder we made it less than a half mile before I called it. There are some days where I don't have the fight in me. Tail between my legs we turned back and hit the playground. Funny how the sight of the slide suddenly makes him forget that dying hunger that was insatiable only steps prior. Still debating if it's worth a 2nd shot later today. Ran not really enough to matter today.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sleepless nights

I ended my last post dreaming of a black hole filled with yoga pants and giant sweatshirts, I almost ended up there today. My kid was up all god damned night, beats me as to why. I'll blame teething b/c that's what parents do and no one questions it. You have a baby and everyone prepares you for sleepless nights, but then you find this good place where you do sleep again. It's a tease. Ordinarily my kid is a champion sleeper, 12 hours straight, then every so often we get a curve ball. An infant up at night is no biggie, bottle or boob them and they are back out. A toddler? I don't know what the F you do when they are up? You ask are you too hot? Yes. Do your teeth hurt? Yes. Are you cold? Yes. Are you just fing with us? Yes. I knew it was bad when somewhere around the 3am hour I heard Joe, "There is nothing wrong, I don't want to hear or see you until the sun comes up. Go to sleep". Don't judge unless you've been there and if you have we are accepting sympathy cards. PS - the statement didn't work, I was back in there around 4:30. So that said, this morning was rough. Coffee barely helped and as Joe got ready for work I contemplated spending the day in my sweats. What did the kid want to do? Run to the big playground of course. Ugh, at least if we go that route we don't have to speak for a while. The run there was no biggie, the normal huffing and puffing that doesn't seem to be getting better. Didn't someone say that all your problems disappear 2nd trimester? We arrived and after a few minutes of sliding and swinging the problems got worse. I had to pee. Bad. Likely only a teaspoon but my bladder doesn't know the difference. You know how sometimes on long runs over the summer when you get really hot and are out of water you start to become delirious about water and contemplate drinking out of the taps on the side of a strangers house...picture the same thing but with a toilet. The bigger issue is that once arriving at the big playground the kid has a routine that takes about 45 mins and messing with that leads to a rather large meltdown. F*ck. Finally I corral him back to the stroller and we face the 2 mile run to the car that will get us to a toilet. I'll be honest running back was a bit more like a run 2 blocks, walk a block while looking for a tree. We made it though, and of course when I did find a toilet there was barely a tsp to be released. It really might be time for depends. Ran 4 miles today.

Friday, September 20, 2013

4 out of 4 and I'm out

Fitness in the Park wrapped up our week. It's only been 2 weeks, but in the right light I'm starting to get some guns. If I'm going to totally blow my waist line a little definition someplace else will help soften the blow. Speaking of going soft, I'm now remembering why I gave up running last time around. 4 consecutive workouts this week and I'm wiped like it was a 40+ mile week rather than maybe 10 miles. I will say that I deserve some extra points, all miles run are run behind the jogger and all planks and pushups are with the kid on my back. Happy to report that I'm hanging up all workout gear for the rest of the weekend, we are off to a wedding sans kiddo and I couldn't be more excited. Next week will be more of the same with the addition of some weekend workouts, that's assuming I haven't fallen into a black-hole of maternity yoga pants, the husband's extra large sweatshirt and a bag of goldfish.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

To the playground and back

If I haven't said it before, I'll say it now. I'm totally digging this new schedule, home with the kid 3 days a week. Nothing better. We started this morning with a run to the "Big Playground" (aka: Humboldt Tot Lot). There was some negotiating as he didn't want to sit in the jogger. Finally it came out of my mouth, "too bad this isn't a democracy, lets go". I'm turning into my father, but it worked. Fig bars in hand and off we went. The run down wasn't bad at all. 2 miles with a downhill, easy peasy. 45 min stop at the playground where we hit the swings, slides, play kitchen for some mac and cheese, some scary downhill car racing and a bit of digging in the sandbox. It must have been Dad's with Beards Day, it was me and all beareded Dad's. Odd. Regardless we packed it up and started to head back. Not as enjoyable, 2 miles with an uphill and a headwind. Luckily when I was totally pooped we were close enough to let the kid out for some running of his own. I'm really trying hard to stick with some fairly vigorous workouts this pregnancy, we've made it to 18 weeks and my weight gain is WAY lower than the first time around. I'm up 10lbs so far and last time at this point had started out 10lbs heavier and was already hitting the 20lb gain mark at this point. Total I gained 60 the first time around, way too much. My friends will tell me with a straight face that you couldn't tell, from looking back at photos it's clear that I have some very good liars for friends. So combined with sticking with the workouts, I'm being good with my diet. For the most part I'm eating veggies and grains, no meat and hardly any dairy. I'm a sucker for goldfish and have been known to knock back left over Annie's Mac and Cheese from time to time so far from perfect when it comes to eliminating dairy. Cravings? None that I've given into but I could totally go for peanut butter sandwiched btw 2 Oreo's. I'm hating the water though, my thirst is unquenchable and I'm so over the taste. It doesn't help either that my fridge is packed with Shipyard Pumpkin. Think I'll be able to find some in Feb? Ran 4 miles today

Friday, September 13, 2013

Class numero 2

Today was my 2nd day joining the Fitness in the Park crew, with the rain we headed indoors to Rhode Runner. I'll totally admit to second thoughts when we rolled up and there was only one other car with a carseat. What the F did I get myself into? Just when I thought of abandoning plans, another Mom rolled up with 2 little ones. Here goes nothing. The class? B.R.U.T.A.L. but just what I needed. During my first pregnancy I found this amazing pre-natal yoga class that was the right balance of supportive atmosphere combined with a sweaty workout. The kind of workout that makes your forget about the growing belly. That teacher is off doing other things and until today I hadn't found a replacement. Suzanne is the instructor of Fitness in the Park and she killed me. Push up's for instance, yes I dropped my knees, until she noticed and had me pull them back up. Doesn't she realize I'm knocked up??? Oh and how many, too many to count, I will be useless tomorrow. For a class that involved very little cardio I had sweat dripping off my nose. She had it set up in stations that you stayed at for 5 minutes at a time and each station had 3 awful exercises that you repeated over and over. Too many push ups, too many planks, too many lunges and squats and god only knows what. The kid? He loved it! She had the room set up with toys galore and when he got bored he joined me in climbing under my planks. Once even yelling out, "How you doing Sarah", he doesn't miss a beat. All I can say is that this class will have me jacked in no time. I'm hooked.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fitness in the Park RI

Today we tried something new, last weekend I ran into another Mom who had been in a music class last fall. She mentioned this stroller friendly workout group and since I'm home now I figured we give it a try. I'm not sure how many were there today, 8 or 9. Everyone with a stroller, 2 with doubles and kids of all ages. The class was a mix of running broken up with periods of active stretching, ab work and strength work. At first I felt very silly but then got into it. Granted it was hot today but I ended the class with a good sweat and warmed up muscles. Although I would have run further on my own, I would not have done the arm and core work. Also the kid has been resistant to actually riding in the stroller and today he was totally agreeable. Some of that was this was new and I expect it to wear off, but he was in and out of it so the ride was broken up. That and he saw everyone else getting in their rides so peer pressure paid off. Everyone was very friendly and there appeared to be a variety of fitness levels and a focus on including everyone so no one was left behind. Some breaks he would imitate my moves, we did some planking together and grabbed is own band for some arm work. Overall a great class and one I'll try again. The conversation was needed, the workout was good, you are able to make it as hard or easy as your level of fitness demands. Better than looping the Blvd on my own, that's for sure. I'm not sure of the cost yet, as your first class is free. Classes are held on Blackstone Blvd every M/W/F and e/o Sat at 9am, they use Rhode Runner for an indoor space when it rains and more info can be found by searching the group on facebook.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

3 days in a row

It's amazing to me how quickly you adjust to a new normal. I know that once upon a time I trained for and completed marathons and a half ironman, not sure how I did it, maybe someday in the future. For now 3 days of running 3 miles at a time has me patting myself on the back and desparately in need of a nap. Thankfully I've found friends who don't care about my slowed pace or need for walking breaks here and there. It's taken a total mindshift to be ok with how running is going. My Garmin has been retired until post baby workouts begin, no need to depress myself with slow times, it's about overall health and well being. I can't do much about the expanding waist line and it's only going to continue to grow, but things feel better after a run. I'm more energetic and since I've totally eschewed solo runs generally happier after spending time with friends chatting about nothing. There are no races on the schedule and workouts are just what's happening now, 3ish miles filled with bathroom breaks and some walks. I'm ok with it, it's what I need right now. Goals? Healthy pregnancy. There will be plenty of time for PR's and distance workouts in the future. Ran 3 miles today.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The couple that runs together

I'd like to say stays fit together, but with every week I grow larger and run slower so that's not accurate.  Regardless after making a half assed attempt at find a running friend tonight, we called the sitter in early and headed out together.  That said, I did get an odd look from the sitter when she showed up and I was bummed out in running gear.  I'm not sure why running and pregnancy has to be so difficult and maybe it's easier for others, but I'm remembering why I threw in the towel last time.  I huff and puff, have to pee every 5 steps, my boobs hurt and my back aches...total win for whoever I'm running with.  All of those complaints noted it was so nice to run old school, just me and Joe.  He talked the whole time about god knows what, no stroller, total perfection.  We aren't lame enough to end date night at a run, after a quick shower we enjoyed drinks and apps at the Garden Grille.....seated at the BAR!!  Total adults, again perfection!

Ran (or maybe I'll refer to it as bouncing going forward) 3 miles tonight.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

2nd trimester and 16 miles

So if you haven't figured it out yet, our family is expanding by 1!! I promised myself that this time around I wouldn't complain, but man it hasn't been easy. Queasy, headaches, huffing and puffing, and overall feeling exhausted have really cramped my style. Some issues early on kept me off the roads for about a month and since getting the green light I'm just moving slow, having a hard time finding both the motivation and the time. I like to go early, if it's too hot in the afternoon I won't go and have a much easier time with the excuses. If I recall correctly I ran until about 20 weeks with the first pregnancy and would like to go longer this time. Hoping to stave off some of the extra weight that came around the first time as well as the fact that I firmly believe that I had a fairly easy delivery because of the fact that I stayed so active. Some runs have been better than others, yesterday we made it out there but it likely looked pitiful as it didn't feel good. Today we loaded up the bikes instead and after a bit of a dilemma involving the bike pump, we got going. I had forgotten how much better being on the bike feels than running. Just not dealing with the impact is such a change of pace for me. We went about 16 miles and had we planned ahead and brought water could have kept going. Felt good enough that there were a few miles where I toyed with signing up for a sprint tri before the end of the season, but my growing belly isn't going to fit in my tri suit so I'll table that idea for now. I'll keep you posted on progress on all fronts but for now I'll take the 16 mile bike ride as a nice way to welcome the 2nd trimester! Rode 16 miles today.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ted Bear and no socks

I'm slowly re-establishing a new running routine, goal being at least e/o day with supplements of swimming and yoga.  Much more than 3 miles and I'm circling public restrooms so I don't care about distance too much and we won't even discuss speed.  The fact that I'm out there will be referred to as enough.  So how have they been going?  Can we say parenting problems??  Sunday I was out there with the toddler in the stroller who insisted that his almost 2 foot fall Ted Bear come with us.  The problem being that he didn't want Ted to sit with him.  Ted was too big to be stuffed under the jogger so spent the run tucked into the retractable sun shade.  He didn't stay there willingly, so I spent the run with one hand on Ted so we didn't have a bear overboard situation.  Yes, I know I could have said no.  The goal was to run with no tears, which meant that the kid could have made almost any demand and I would have obliged.  This morning I hit the dreadmill.  Yep, on a morning with temps in the 60's.  Why?  I'm being a baby about running solo in the early mornings and if I get up with the dog for a run then the whole house wakes up and before I can tie my sneaks I'm being summoned to the Executive Director's crib before breakfast.  So I snuck downstairs and got in 3 miles before I heard him jumping  off the ottoman.  PS - I got to the basement and started to lace up when I realized I had no socks.  Ah, parenting problems, at least I didn't worry about rabies or a head injury this morning so I'll call it a win and keep trying to squeeze in some runs.

Ran 3 miles today.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Taking it easy

My 2 year old's favorite thing to say when we are getting upset is "just take it easy", most often he says this while patting our backs or holding our cheeks.  It also often goes along with some kind of trouble he has caused making it very difficult to just take it easy.  That said it's my new motto for running.  I'm finally feeling a bit better and sick of going to classes so have headed out for a few runs.  The first one back was brutal, slow misery.  That afternoon post nap we headed towards Bristol and while Joe and the kid went for a bike ride I had a buddy with me for my run.  It's been years since her retirement, but I'm slow enough now to run with my old 10-min-mile-dog Mia.  Took her no time at all to remember the routine and she fell right into step on my heels.  Perfect pacer, she won't go any faster than her routine pace forcing to me take it easy.  Perfect afternoon, an easy 3 miler followed by some playground time and dinner was pizza and homemade ice cream.  Not sure how often I'll be out there but happy to be running and the pup was equally happy to be back on the roads.

Ran 3 miles today

Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's official, I miss it.

It's been about 2 weeks (give or take) since my last run and I think I'm slipping into withdrawal or maybe a depression.  At first I was cool with my hiatus, my pace had been sucking and my mood not great about it so the break was welcomed.  Now not so much.  Don't get me wrong, I've been far from slouching.  Spending days either in the pool, yoga, or a barre class but enough is enough.  I'm sick of looking at schedules, I want to go on my own time.  My arms, chest and abs are sick of being sore, those little underused muscles are screaming for me to find my running shoes and forget about them again.  It doesn't help either that the woman in front of me today was one of the unlucky souls to have purchased the see through lululemon pants and didn't realize it when she put on her magenta thong for class.  Why me?!?!?  I almost pulled her aside after class but decided against it, next week I will change sides of the room for sure.  So what's the plan you ask?  Since the heat wave broke I'm thinking about a run in the next few days but unfortunately I'm stuck with less running and more pool/yoga/class types stuff for now.  Hopefully with less see through pants and magenta thongs in my future. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where have I been?

Sorry, life has been busy.  Injuries have slowed me down and stress has kept me away.  There was the whole moving to TX saga that took over our life for the last 3 weeks and I couldn't write about it and therefore felt like I couldn't write at all.  For now we are staying put and I'm back on the blog.  As for the injury report, I'm not sure exactly what it is.  I'm calling it a combo of angry toe with a touch of I'm sick of the humidity sprinkled with funky lab work.  So basically I feel like sh*t, huff and puff on my runs and have slowed down.  To combat this I've limited the training and am spending more time on the bike and in the pool.  Swam for 45 mins this morning and if it wasn't for the annoying pinch of my goggles I'd still be there just lapping away the day.  Last night did some grass running for the first and likely final time.  Even with fun company it was akward, I'll take the sore toe and be on the roads thank you very much.  Tomorrow I haven't decided if I'm running or riding but I need to do something, trying to prevent the collection of any extra lbs during this lazy period.

On the food note, I've become obsessed with making popsicles.  Tonight's combo was 2 banana's, coco power, agave, full fat coconut milk, peanut butter chips, vanilla extract all whizzed together in the blender and currently freezing.  Can't wait!!!

Swam 1 mile today

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Has it really been 3 weeks from my last post?  Yikes, my apologies.  Not sure what I've been doing that has prevented me from blogging but lets see if I can catch you up.  I ran in the Johnny Kelley Half Marathon and came in with a PR of 2:02.  More importantly than the PR is how the race felt, I was running easy.  Tucked my garmin in my shirt so I couldn't obess over pace and just ran.  It was a nice race, no crowd support but tons of energetic runners.  There were quite a few first timers, so thier energy was fun to be around.  I'm slightly anoyed that I didn't push harder and hit the 2 hour mark, but there is always the next race.  Since then things have been somewhat downhill and I don't know why.  My energy is all off and my speed has disappeared.  The heat and humidity set in quick after that race, so maybe I'm having a hard time adjusting.  Maybe it's stress, I don't know and suggestions are welcome.  For now I'm trying to just flow with it and not care.  I have officially nixed the fall marathon plan, I need to time to just run and hang out.  Hoping that elimaniting pressure will also help.  This morning I did head out to Georgiaville Pond for my first open water swim since sometime last summer and I think as a result I'm planning on breaking up with the friend who dragged me there.  The water was barely 60 and although it seemed like a nice day before getting wet, I've never been so cold in my life.  Hours later and my toes are still numb.  All that complaining aside, it was a nice swim and considering I've been in the pool about 5 times in the last year I'll take this as a win. 

Swam 1 mile today.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bad dreams = family fun run

I was up ready for track, almost out the door when I heard it.  The kid started to cry, I was lacing up my sneaks almost grinning about how this wasn't going to be my problem.  Then he started to wail and Joe went in.  He was sobbing, calling for me.  I couldn't resist.  We think it was a bad dream, not sure when I asked he remembered told me it was about poop so you decide.  Regardless he was too sad and snuggly for me to abandon and get to track on time.  Fast forward to 6am and he's not going back to bed and I'm still in my running stuff so a family fun run it became.  I'm happy to report that my almost 2 year old can still tolerate the jogger, takes lots of snacks and a fair amount of bribery but we made it.  I won't discuss pace b/c it was a fun run after all and the slow husband likes when we all run together in a group.  Tomorrow I hit the Blvd with Jeff, going to add some extra miles at the end b/c I'm not working.  This weekend holds a half marathon that I'm terribly unprepared for but registered just for the sake of getting the miles in.  Fingers crossed for no rain so we can see if the kid likes family fun bike rides as much as runs.

PS - Brag moment, the kid won the relay races at school today and beat an older girl in a race across the playground!  Now if he'd just sleep and use the toilet I'd really be happy

Ran 3 miles today.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Workouts for my heart

For the first time since the 70.3 last year I got in 2 workouts today.  And neither were anything to brag about in terms of distance or pace, but it was totally what I needed.  A swim this morning with Kali in what might be the most beautiful pool I will ever swim in ever again...no joke.  I now need to convince my husband that I need an individual gym membership that will cost as much as our family membership at the Y just so I can swim here all the time and use the automatic water bubbler.  Or workout was lazy, just swimming back and forth.  I didn't even keep count or pretend to push hard.  But we talked about nonsense, weddings and showers and plastic dinosaurs in my tub...total girl shit.  Then this afternoon I met up with Jen for a kidless run on the Blvd. This week Jeff had back up with the 3 kids when Joe arrived on his bike.  Jen and I took our cues and bolted quick while they were all shoving their faces with pizza.  Then settled into an easy, more than conversational pace, and more girl talk ensued.  Life has become so busy that these quiet moments with friends are harder and harder to come by so to have it twice in 1 day was just what I needed.

Swam for a half hour and ran 3.5 miles today

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Meh, lets call it a recovery week and move on

Last week was not my greatest in terms of running.  Only made it out for about 3 runs and today's long run ended up being just short of 5.  My head wasn't into it, we almost cancelled b/c of the rain and I never fully accepted that we were really out there running.  As long as this continues to be the exception and not the rule I'm good with it.  It's been a good month since I've really committed to this so a week off is ok.

That said lets discuss this week.  Tues/Fri in am with Jeff - 4 miles.  Track on Thurs, maybe a family fun run on Wed.  Long on Sun - 12-14ish.  I'm also going to aim to get in the pool on Wed am.  I'd rather a yoga class but can't find something that fits with my schedule and feel like I need to add something to this running.  We were out at the PVD marathon this am, cheering on the SIL and made it to the finish right around the finish time that I'm hoping for in Newport.  Those runners didn't look anything different than me so gives me hope that a major PR is in my reach.

I've also noted that I'm feeling sluggish and exhausted, hoping that a B12 shot will help but also thinking that I need to look at my daily nutrition.  Since I don't eat meat and eat very little dairy, I need to be eating a wide variety of fruits/veggies/grains at most meals and feel like with the nicer weather I've fallen into just going for quick/easy/thoughtless.  Not that I'm eating junk but how many nights in a row can I survive on roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower with quinoa and a sesame sauce?

Ran just shy of 5 miles today.

Friday, May 10, 2013

8:36 you feel so good and so bad at the same time

Running this week has been difficult due to the kid not sleeping.  Any advice?  Anyone want him?  I kid, I kid...but really he's kicking my ass.  I met Jeff for our usually Tuesday run and although we were watchless we totally smoked 2-75 year old men.  Wed and Thurs were totally screwed by the above mentioned sleep issue so I headed out to meet Jeff today.  Now after our run Sun we had talked about making one of our weekly runs for speed.  What does that mean?  I was thinking 8:40's, Jeff said 8:30's and part of my died on the inside.  Tuesday we both agreed to forget that conversation ever happened, that was before he decided to take on the geriatric runners.  Today there was no plan and off we went.  Mile 1 was 8:41, mile 2 was 8:25...something is happening here.  The way back is slightly uphill and I started to fade.  Jeff went head, never more than a half block but far enough that I could curse him.  I stopped looking at my watch and just hoped that I'd fall so there would be an excuse to stop.  Finally we finish, 8:36 pace.  Not on a track, not in a race, not in a box and not from a fox.  Just a Friday run with no expectations!  I'm telling you, good things are happening this season...

Ran 4 miles today.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting excited!

I need to reel myself in.  It's too early to get as cocky as I'm getting but I can't help it.  I think that if things continue I have a real shot at a 4:10ish marathon...hell I'd even take a 4:20 but really think I can push harder than that.  Doesn't sound like much to those that can BQ without a thought, but considering that my PR for a marathon is 5:04...it's a BIG deal for me.  My track is going well staying well within with 7:00-7:20 pace window.  Normal runs are wavering  btw 8:40-8:50s.  Long runs are right at 9.  Yes I know there are months ahead of me and 10 miles is nothing compared to 26.2 but I've never gone into marathon training with this kind of base.  Even today, I struggled with the hills during mile 9...totally sick of running at that point and my pace slowed to a 9:41.  Irritated with myself and sick of running I was able to get my speed back for the last mile with an 8:54.  Again, for me this is BIG.  I remember after NY a friend told us we needed to back away from the marathon and build more speed and I was irritated with the comment.  Who the hell was he to tell me to get faster?  Screw off buddy I'll run what I want how I want.  Well, I think he was right.  Again it's too early for me to get this excited but I think I have a good thing going here.

Ran 10 miles today.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


I will fully admit to being mathmatecially challenged, often joking that it's a reason I went into Social Work, that said I'm not sure I can describe this mornings workout.  4x1000 meters.  I think we did this:
1000fast (400r) 800fast (200r) 200faster (400r) 600fast (200r) 400faster (400r) 400fast (200r) 400fast (200r) 200faster.  I think that was it, but again it was a bit over my head.  I ran hard when they told me too.  My times were surprisingly steady.  All fast laps were at a 7:20 pace and faster laps at 7min pace...not too shabby considering I was solo today.  And all laps were right on, so I didn't burn up in the beginning and limp through the last set.  And finally being May, I enjoyed my first outdoor morning workout in a tank top!  Bring on the nice weather!!  My week has been messed up by the.kid.who.won't.be.named.but.is.refusing.to.sleep so I'm planning on running straight through til Sun.  4 tomorrow, maybe 4/5 on Sat and hopefully 10 on Sun.  Discussing planning, I've fallen totally off the wagon with any cross training.  I know what I need and should be doing but I also know what my scheduling limitations are and it is what it is. 

Ran 4 miles today.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

!!Go Jeff Go!!

We (the kid and I) had plans to run with Jen and her gang after work.  I started to loose confidence on the ride over when this is how the conversation went:
Me: Lets go see Parker and Sienna and run fast.
The kid: No!
Me: Yes!  Lets go run fast in the stroller.
The kid: No run fast, go throw rocks.
Repeat over and over for the 15 minute ride, each time with a more forceful NO!
As I pulled up ready to Jen that our run was going to be a stationary playdate, she came out of the house to announce that her hubby was going to watch all 3 kids.  Yes I typed that right, he watched 3 kids so that Jen and I could run solo.  I owe the man some brownies.  So instead of pushing the stroller, I was able to enjoy a run filled with girl talk.  The best part was walking back into the house with Jeff dealing with 2 crying toddlers and a hungry 3 year old...GO JEFF!!

Ran 3.5ish

Sunday, April 28, 2013

chugging along

Approx 168 days til the Newport Marathon.  I'm getting more comfortable with the idea of running it, but it's far enough away for me to loose interest and fall off track.  Lets review what's working:
1.  6:30am runs during the week - nothing better than forgetting that you have already run.  The issue with these runs is that I really don't have time to run longer - this might be a problem later this summer.  Yes I could start earlier but then they slowly become more of a hassle and I start to "forget" to run.
2.  6:00am track on Thursdays.  I've found a little group to run with and it helps to keep it challenging while also not totally sucking.  And also has that it's so early I have a hard time remembering that it really happened appeal.
3.  Sunday early morning long run - A start time of 6:30/7 allows me to run long and then do family stuff like walking around the zoo for 3 hours (misery by the way, total misery).  It also helps that Jeff has gotten out of bed to join me, misery loves company.
So what's not working?
1.  My toe hurts.  Hurts to the point where earlier this week I thought about getting it checked out and then realized that I don't have time for that so bi-weekly acupuncture is it.  Recommendation years ago had been surgery and I've ignored and will continue to ignore that recommendation.
2.  I miss running with Joe.  I just want him to run this race with me and it's not going to happen for a variety of reasons.  He'll be there cheering and is totally down to discuss pace over and over again with coffee after a long run, but he's not going out there with me and it kind of sucks.

That said more is going right than wrong so I'm still on track.

Ran 9 miles today.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Total Fail?

The goal had been 11 miles, would have been happy with 10.  Ended up with just shy of 8...irritating.  Ready for the excuses?  Lets start with the 2 hours of sleep the night before.  Yep, 2 hours and it wasn't because I enjoyed this wild night out...it was becuase the kid refused to sleep.  After about 3 hours of going back and forth trying every trick in our playbooks I caved and brought him in our bed.  Not that it meant that I got any meaningful sleep but at least there was silence in my house again.  I angrily stormed out of bed with the sound of my alarm at 5:45.  Luckily I had pre-planned and made arrangements to meet Jeff for 6:30 or I never would have gotten up.  2nd excuse was the stomach cramps that started at mile 6 that I think were due to my english muffin with peanutbutter and bannana.  Upon relfection this wasn't the best choice, but please remember excuse 1...my thinking was clouded.  The run itself was fine, pace ended up at a 9:04 and felt fairly easy so that why I'm not totally convinced this was a total fail.  If it hadn't been for the cramping I likely would have gotten in the last 2 miles but when my car was in sight I didn't want to risk it.  The marathon is months off and active training hasn't begun.  I'm just working on strength and building a base.  So the pace was quick and felt easy, my legs feel strong.  I'm getting into my T/W/TH/S/SU routine and with accupuncture my toe pain and swelling has been kept to a minimum.  Tomorrow is a rest day and if the kid doesn't sleep again I'm quitting and might seriously consider moving out.

Ran 8 miles today

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The benefit to a morning run

I just got back from an out of the office visit and was able to enjoy the sunshine for a bit.  On my way back I thought for a moment about when I'd fit my run in.  It's nice, I want to be outside but would rather be with the kid throwing rocks or teaching him how to pedal his trike than pounding the pavement.  Wait a min!  I already ran today!  6am track, a killer workout of too many 800's that were in the 3:41-3:45 range.  Haha!  A hard workout that 6 hours later I barely remember....I'll totally take it!

Ran 4 miles today...I think.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A different spin on the family fun run

I need to address Boston as a runner and a human.  I can't make sense of it and have a hard time thinking too hard about it.  Those were my friends and family out there running and cheering.  I spent an afternoon like many frantic for updates about where people were and if they were ok.  My cousin is 18, a freshman in college.  This was her first Marathon Monday as a cute college girl on the side lines cheering for strangers and likely drinking too many beers.  I worried about her.  My running club was well supported at the race, your track friendships are hard to explain to those who don't have them, I worried about all of them.  I worried about my running friends who would happen to be up taking in the day.  I worry about future events.  I worry more about the world my 22 month old son will have as his reality.

All of that said, I'm still running and finally got my ass out there on the road on a Wednesday.  It was just the kind of run I needed.  Hysterical!  Me pushing the kid in the jogger.  Joe circling the Blvd slowly on his bike waiting for us to be finished.  Jen running next to me.  Here's where it gets really funny.  Her 4 year old running on our heels for what had to have been a mile and a half.  We are huffing and puffing and this little guy is breezing along next to us, like nothing.  Then behind Parker is Jeff, pushing a stroller...wearing kahki's!  Way to make me feel out of shape and slow!  All I have to say is the last quarter mile consisted of Jen signing the Insy Wincy Spider to Miles so that he'd remain in the stroller.  Just when you think we are done and can slowly jog into their driveway Parker announces a race to the finish and takes off.  Jeff threatens our lives yelling "!!HE CAN'T WIN!!" My saving grace is that I did not have to follow the stop.at.the.stop.sign.and.wait.for.a.parent.rule and totally made him cry by coming in first...to only have my win later contested :)

Ran 3+

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Worm massacre

I learned today that worms can't breathe in the dirt after heavy rain and so to escape they run to dry ground (ie: the track).  Too bad for those that ended up on the Brown track this am, I'm not sure very many survived the 6am workout.  During my last 800 I was a bit grossed out by how many mashed worms littered the track.  I'll try to explain the workout, but for my simple not math minded mind I'm not sure how well I'll do.  Start with a straight mile (8:10 pace), followed by a 1 lap jog.  2nd mile was 3 laps hard, 200m jog and 1 lap hard (7:58 pace) followed by a 1 lap jog.  Last mile was 2x800 with a 200m jog in between (7:11 pace).  Yep, I typed 7:11 pace for that last mile.  Pretty pleased with myself.  I'm sitting at my desk now ready to snooze and unfortunately have a whole day booked ahead of me.  Food is going well.  Peanutbutter oats went in this morning post shower and a coffee is on it's way down the hatch.  Water, water, water.  Dinner is fridge left overs...some back bean soup and broccoli with some kind of sauce and whatever else I find in there later on.  Lunch is a salad with black beans, avocado, corn, hearts of palm with a seasame dressing.  I also have these AMAZING bars that we've grown addicted to.  I'll post the recipe later on if I remember b/c they are that good.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beat the headwind

All morning long I noticed the breeze, it was hard not too.  Our doors flew open, hats flew off and our door mat ended up down the street and around the corner.  F my life...I have to run in this.  Nap time arrived and I headed down to the East Bay Bike Path (about sick of the Eastside!)  I started to run, and quickly went no where, the headwind was terrible.  T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E.  To the point where I thought about turning around after a mile or so and heading to the Y.  No, no keep going.  IF I do Newport, it's likely to be windy so I need to deal.  I started to panic about 2 miles in, this would be manageable if I had a tailwind on the way home but there is no way I could run into this twice.  I tried to study the shirts of those running/biking in the opposite direction.  Luckily all this panic about the wind made my run out go fairly quickly.  4.5 miles and a quick stop for a gel, time to fly back!  Lucky for me there was a sweet tailwind heading back.  Not only was this my fastest long run for this training period (9:14 pace) but my first 4.5 were at a 9:30 pace and the last 4.5 at a 8:56 pace.  Totally sweet and just what was needed after holding on for that brutal first half.

Next week, more of the same.  Long run is going up over double digits...I know it's about time.  The morning run routine is going well.

Food?  Tonight we dined on black bean quinoa burgers from twobluelemons.com.  I covered mine in vegan cheese, avocado and sauteed kale.  Lunch was the vegetarian sandwich from 7 Stars - not the healthiest choice but oh SO good!! Breakfast was a homemade bar.  One of the keys of success related to this working full time BS is meal planning and structured food shopping.  This week dinners will include pasta with a mushroom/onion/spinach sauce, hummus sammies and fruit at the park, black bean soup (left overs the next night).  Here goes nothing!

Ran 9 miles today

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week 2 of track

I made it out of bed and to my 2nd consecutive track workout.  1 mile warm up followed by this weird mile where we ran a hard 400 (jogged 100), hard 300 (jogged 200), hard 200 (jogged 300) hard 100.  Doesn't sound that bad...it kicked my ass.  My times were all over the place 8:27, 8:48, 8:41.  Part of my problem was breathing, I'm recovering from a sinus thing so at one point was drowning in my own junk.  Regardless I pulled my ass out of bed for 5:30 and made it there and suffered through the entire workout.  This week I've rejoined the land of the employed-full-time and suddenly find myself with no time for anything.  I feel like the time I have with the kid is very rushed, either rushing to get to daycare/school or rushing home for the dinner/bedtime routine.  I know this must become manageable at some point, most people do it. But the transition has me a bit harried.  My runs have all been pushed to the 6am hour in an attempt to not take away from kiddo time but then I'm ready for bed at 9 and the husband is looking at me funny wondering what happened to our 11pm bedtime.  GAH!  It's too much!!!  Oh and toss in friends and family who need face time and I could run away!!!  Enough, we'll call today a win and move forward.  Next up is an easy 4 miles with Jeff tomorrow am.

Ran 4 miles today

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mission accomplished!

20 miles run this week, all outdoors in the morning...including a yoga class and a track workout!  Bring it Spring!  I did get fouled up on Friday.  I think the kid might have access to the blog, he can't count past 3 but somehow caught on to that I was bragging about his ability to sleep through the night.  As a lesson, he ensured that we had some quality time post 1am on Thursday into Friday and as a result I bailed on my 6:30am run.  Leaving it to today which was already booked with a yoga class.  What to do?  Run to yoga!  A quick 4 miles later I was on my mat with my legs screaming at me.  Fast forward to now and all workouts are complete, lunch is in the belly, and the kid is napping so I'll call it a win!  What about next week??   I'm going to call for more of the same with a long run of 7ish.  I'm also starting to debate my schedule, currently I'm running longer on Sunday's and am wondering if I should switch this Saturday's.  The benefit to Saturday's is more people to run with, the downfall is that Saturday includes some nice family time that doesn't easily transfer to Sunday's.  A few more weeks and we can hit the farmer's market after breakfast and then go on with our day.  It would be nice to run with some other people but with pace and distance all accounted for I'm running solo anyways so why not do it on the day that is most convient for us?  Ah, the problems of runners :)

Food you ask?  Lets see, I emptied the fridge this morning with a tofu scramble that included some diced tomatoes, nutritional yeast and dairy less cheese.  Leftovers were had for lunch.  Not sure what dinner will bring, might be nice enough to grill!  Last night I discovered the vegan pizza from Pizza Gourmet and devoured it!!!  Headed outside next with my trusty chia fresca with coconut water.

Ran 4 miles today.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Back to track in the first time in a year and a half and happy to report I survived it!  Last time I tried to go back the kid was still too little, (like still nursing and not sleeping little) so it was a bad mix.  Now he's almost ready for college and sleeps til 8 so I'm hoping this goes better.  Outdoor track started this week and I'm trying to make a commitment to the Thursday morning group; I want the speed benefits that result from this torture.  I rolled up for the 6am start and found 2 people to warm up with, an easy mile and a quarter.  The workout was 4x800 and my times were as follows: 2:02, 2:01, 1:55, 1:53.  I wasn't sure how to run these so just stayed on the heels of the lady in pink (later learned her name is Jennifer).  We breezed through them fairly easily, taking turns leading.  I am always reminded of my first track workout where I showed up in sweats and tennis shoes having no idea what they were talking about!  This week has been pretty good, got outdoors yesterday while the sun was out and have plans for another early morning run tomorrow with Jeff.  If that happens I will have successfully hit all my planned runs...outside and before breakfast!!  YAY!  Now lets discuss the food plan, this am I devoured my english muffin, kale, avocado, veggie patty sandwich.  Just finished my chia fresca, lunch will be an Amy's black bean burrito.  I'm thinking dinner will be sauteed kale with mushrooms and onion with some left over quinoa there might also be some leftover sauce lurking in the fridge that I'll toss it in from earlier in the week.  Just an FYI - I'm trying to limit dairy and added sugar and have been meat free for just over a year.  I didn't eat before track and could have used a little something, just not sure what.  I don't really get up early enough before the workout to eat anything substantial. 

Ran 4 miles today

Monday, March 25, 2013

29 degrees

I'm ancy for real spring weather as most of us are at this point, my garden has been cleared and is ready for some plants!!  Yesterday I got a taste of it, almost 50 and sunny allowing for a comfortable run around Lincoln Woods sans gloves, hat and long pants.  Motivated by that I renewed my effort to get outdoors and focus more on morning workouts so I texted Jeff.  Misery loves company and I'm always less likely to flake when there is someone waiting.  Plans were set for 6am, I was ready.  Til I crawled out of bed and saw that it was 29 and not anywhere near 50.  Damn it!  There were a few moments where I thought about sending a cancellation text but no no I had to go.  And with all that whining it wasn't that bad.  Gloves came off at some point and I could have done with 1 less layer.  Conversing about marathon training, yes I said marathon training (more on that later), made the miles tick by.  I will say the legs didn't feel too bad following the hills from yesterday.  The other thing that's happening is that I'm making a real effort to change my eating habits, so followed up today's run with a chia fresca (lemon, coconut water, table spoon of chai seeds) and avocado and veggie sausage sandwich (eziekal muffin, earth balance, avocado, kale, Morning Star veggie sausage patty and veg cheese).  Currently waiting on my hearts of palm salad with beans, corn, avocado (also featuring spinach, red onion, bell peppers and a cashew/parlsey/citrus dressing)!!  Yum-O!

Ran 4 miles today.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh Hi, It's me. I'm back

Blog neglect...guilty as charged.  Sorry!  Between illness, work and travel I forgot, and while I'm fessing up I have no idea where my training is at.  Again, see above excuses.  I don't know how you people with kids and day jobs do it?!?!  I'm working at getting back to early morning workouts and it's been a slow transition.  Today I was up at 4ish and running before 5 but that was because Baby Watch 2013 was driving me crazy, waiting for news that I'm an Auntie again! So what's the plan?  I'm aiming for 24/25ish miles this week.  Even with my blog neglect and not knowing when to run, I've been able to keep my miles in the low 20's.  Not anything to brag about but enough to keep the fitness from completely disappearing.  Outdoor track starts again next week and in keeping with my morning plan, I think I'll catch up with them next Thursday.

I do feel the need to share my crazy running in Mexico story, we were staying on this resort in Cancun and had planned to keep up with the running.  Headed out on Thursday and ran around the resort taking in the locations of all bars.  Got in a decent 4 miles and found our motivation to keep running in the 80 degree weather by viewing our fellow resort guests sprawled around the pool.  Friday was more of the same and it was starting to get old.  So Sat we head out and decide to run on the beach.  The resort was huge, and less built up if we ran right out of the resort and down the beach.  Got about a mile til we ran by a little hut on stilts with a crabby man holding a machine gun.  Mind you, we were on the beach.  There was NOTHING other than some shore birds, no warning signs either I might add!!  I have no idea what he was waiting for, but I can tell you that our mile back to the resort was a little quicker than the mile out to the watch tower.  Happy to be home where my biggest worry is confusing the paper boy for an early morning threat!

Ran 4 miles today

Sunday, March 3, 2013

6 of 17

Welcome March!  And like most New Englander's I am declaring winter to be over.  I'm also declaring an end to my dreadmill hibernation.  This most recent schedule change is going to help with that plan.  The Y is no longer as convienient as it had been, so I'm headed back to morning runs.  I should be able to do this, I have to be able to do this.  My plan is a 6am wake up call, roll out of bed into running clothes and head out the front door.  I might even encourage my lazy dog to join me, since Joe is going to be, keeping the bed warm , manning the kid's wake up and breakfast.  So what about this past week? 25 miles with a long run this am of 9.  6 mile tempo run at 8:45 pace on Sat followed by a 9 mile long run at a 9:30 pace.  The best part of my long run today, is that my last 2 miles were my fastest 2!  Already feeling better about my return to the pavement.  What am I doing next week?  More of the same, will add in those 4 miles I missed this week to get the miles back to just under 30.  Long run will stay at 9 and will continue with cross training.

Ran 9 miles today.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

4 and 5 of 17

Pardon my missed week.  It ended up being a recovery week, the snow foiled my long run plans and I decided not to get caught up in the game of catch up.  A 20 mile week all the same, and feeling good about it.

This week I hit 26 miles with a long run of 8 and 2 cross-training workouts.  Nothing overtly exciting to report, I have to admit I'm not loving this training.  Having a hard time finding a groove and some motivation.  Sometimes I wonder if my expectations are too high.  I was thinking back to when I first started to run, and I was so blissfullly ignorant as to what I should have been doing.  I just did what felt ok and what I had fun with.  Now it's all about what I know I need to be doing and avoiding what I really don't want to do.  My other issue, which isn't new, is like always I have too much going on.  The new job stuff is still working itself out as well as the daycare transition.  When does the game of don't leave me but then when I pick him up and he tells me to "go away" end?  Then there is the whole I-got-bored-and-ripped-apart-my-bathroom issue.  Oh and I already had a building project going in the basement.  And just for the record I have officially claimed the Handy Spouse title from Joe who just keeps sighing at the mess I have created in the bathroom and patiently asks when he'll have a mirror again.

Anyways, what does week 6 hold?  I have a relay race with my oh-so-fast-SIL on Sunday 3/3, where I'm responsible for 9 miles.  Although that doesn't fall within my week 6 plan, it impacts things.  Ran 8 this sat, won't run 8 next Sat and then 9 on Sun.  So I'm thinking the goal will be 28/29ish miles for the week with a mid week run of 7ish that will include some type of speed.  Yes, I'm being vague...deal with it.  As always some yoga and spinning in there for good measure.

Ran 8 miles today

Monday, February 11, 2013

3 of 17

All I have to say is blizzard...that and sinus infection.  Week 3 is in the books and I hit my goal of 22 miles with a long run of 7.  The speed work didn't happen due to illness but I'm ok with it.  Cross training got all screwed up by the blizzard.  There was some article posted on NPR, I believe, about how after weather disasters healthy habits all but disappear.  I can confirm this was true for us.  30 hours, no power, we ate whatever we could find warm including boxed mac and cheese and plenty of beer.  Workouts included shoveling, shivering and complaining.  When heat was finally restored all I wanted was a hot shower, clean sweats and my slippers.  Call that not committed, I'm calling it survival.  

So moving on lets discuss week 4.  I'd be happy with 25/26ish miles.  Long run 8 and bumping up a mid week run to 6.  I need to get some speed work in either with the group or on my own, neither are exciting me so we'll see how that plays out.  I have to say I'm happy just going out and hitting my miles solo not too worried about pace.  If I didn't care about a finish time this wouldn't matter.  It also hit me today at the gym that this avoiding the pool act I have going is not helping my desire to finish some short tri's.  Maybe a pool day on Wed or Fri, maybe I am having a commitment problem. I'm also struggling with the fact that my Longday Sunday routine was fouled up by the snow, thought about going long today and scratched that plan...maybe Wed or Thurs.

The injury report remains clear at this time, goal is to keep it this way.

Ran 6 miles today.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

2 of 17

Week didn't go exactly as planned but nothing in my life has gone as planned for the last 19 months.  Got in a total of 20 miles, 2 short of my goal of 22.  Got out there for 4 runs this week, missed my 3 miler but a 4 miler turned to 5. Biggest challenges include the following:

1.  Weight, not my weight but the weight of the stroller.  The kid is getting heavier and running behind 50+ lbs makes it harder to hit some of my goal paces.  The problem is that it's the stroller or dreadmill most of these days, rock and a hardplace.  I'm sick and tired of the suggestion to go for a run without the stroller.  Don't you think if that was a realistic option I would?  So since that isn't going to change I'm going to focus more on the 2 runs a week without the kid and the runs with him or on the dreadmill will only be mileage.  My 2 kidless runs will include a long run and a speedish run.  Hoping this week to catch up with the Rhode Runner group on Wednesday and will continue with my Sunday Longday routine from the Y.

2.  Sleep, it sucks to sleep less hours than miles run.  Example, 3 hours of sleep and 4 miles of running and 4 hours of sleep and 5 miles of running.  I need to sleep, not sure there is anymore that needs to be said about this other than it's making me fairly cross.

Things that are working include a new pair of shoes.  I'm slightly irritated that they are black, blue and purple with not a smidge of white, but will make due.  A letter to Mizuno might be added to my to do list with a request that they drop the flashy colors.  The legs feel good and the schedule isn't totally overwhelming.  7 today went quick, I briefly thought of going longer but didn't.  Was able to go out slower and add speed during the last few miles.  

This week I'm going to continue to aim for 22ish miles.  Long run moved up to 7, leaving me with 15 miles to get in this week.  My schedule is a bit all over the place so I'm going to take each day as it comes and see what fits.  Wednesday I'll hit up the group run and see how it goes.  Spinning and yoga continue to be used as cross training with a goal of 2 classes of each this week.  I ended up with 1 yoga class and no spinning this week, see beginning statement regarding that things did not go as planned.  

Ran 7 miles today

Sunday, January 27, 2013

1 of 17

Johnny Kelley Half - 5/26/13 - goal sub 2 hour finish

17 weeks of building to a max of 30 miles a week, long runs up to 14/15 at 9:20 pace, tempo runs up to 9 miles at 8:45 pace, track work (mainly 800's and mile repeats), and hills.  In addition to 5 runs a week, I'll cross train with spin and yoga.  What's that?  The pool?  I have to get back in the pool but it's too damn cold to think about anything more than a hot tub.  I'll get there, give me some time.  I know, I know; I said Hyannis and then couldn't hang.  I'm in, cottage is booked, ready to run.

Below is my week 1 plan:
Long run of 6
Tempo run of 4
Pace run of 5
easy runs of 3 and 4
Spinning planned for Friday
Yoga planned for Wed, Fri and Sat.
Total mileage will be 22

Ran 6 miles today

Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter running wardrobe x2

Running with friends in 30 degree weather requires the following (at least for me):
long tights
knee socks
tank top
long sleeved shirt x2
half zip fleece type shirt
tight hat to keep everything tucked in
winter hat to keep everything that is tucked in warm
gloves (forgotten at home)
garmin (forgotten at home)
reflective vest (forgotten at home)

Running in 30 degree temps with the kid requires all of the above plus:
knee socks - like mother like son
t shirt
long sleeved shirt
snow pants
snow jacket
mittens - remember before I mentioned that he believes he's allergic to mittens
jogging stroller
weather shield for above mentioned stroller
strength to shrug off odd looks from strangers who you run past with a screaming kid in 30 degree temps

Running outside with friends in 30 degree temps who don't mind that your kid is screaming beats the dreadmill any day!

1 hour of spinning
Ran 4.2 miles

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time to get out there

I was surveying my FB page last night and a year ago I was boasting "10 miles, 28 degrees, 7 months post baby".  Hmmm....fast forward to today and I haven't pulled out my running tights once this season and am hard pressed to run more than 5 miles.  26.2, 13.1, oly or sprint, I know I'll do something this spring which means it's time to get off my ass and stop complaining about how cold it is.  Or else spring is going to come and I'm going to bitch and complain about how slow I've gotten.  The funniest part about this is that I headed out in thick tights, long sleeves, a jacket, gloves and a winter hat only to figure out that it was pushing 50 and I over dressed.  Irritating but that's what I get.  So today I can brag: 48 degrees, 6 miles, 19 months post baby...not as impressive as a year ago.

Ran 6 miles today.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I don't care, I will wear my running stuff all day long.

I'm clearly spending too much time at home, basically alone, watching too much TV.  What can I say, my kid is a good napper.  But it left me watching What Not to Wear today, and what should have been a relaxing afternoon turned into a horror show.  They were picking on a mom of a 14 month old, who among other fashion no-no's, spends the majority of days in her workout gear.  Hello...so do I!?!?!?  As I type I've been in my running stuff for 14 hours.  Yep, 14 hours, it's so gross but it's reality.  In fact other than a 4 hour stretch on Tuesday I've been in running stuff since returning from vaca.  I was going to blame this on my temporary status as stay-at-home-mom, but if I'm going to be honest it's been a reality for the better part of the kid's life.  I lack motivation to get dressed in anything but my workout stuff.  It motivates me to get a workout in; if I'm dressed I might as well go for a run/ride/yoga class.  And I don't have to waste time changing, sometimes we run on a tight schedule around here.  I don't care if my black capris get snot, ketchup, milk, poop, or finger paint on them.  I can chase the kid when he takes off down the street after I've asked him to wait a moment while I get the groceries out of the trunk.  I'm also incredibly comfortable.  I can wrestle during a game of pretend you are asleep, go for a run, rearrange the basement, watch TV on the couch and read Corduroy countless times in the rocking chair.  Stacy and Clinton have unrealistic expectations.  Yes, I could change when arriving at the gym or when I'm done with a workout but I don't want to.  Yes, I go to breakfast, the playground, the market, even lunch with my gym clothes on.  If you don't like it, don't make plans with me before 6pm, on days like this even later.

Ran 4 miles and rode 45 mins all in the same outfit I've had on since 6am.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Just going to enjoy it

As I was out for a run this morning in shorts and a t-shirt again, I had all these thoughts about how this weather is simply not right.  I went on and on in my head about how it's strange and we should be concerned and not enjoying it.  Mad that new transplants to New England hadn't really experienced winter!  Partially worried that if we don't get a real winter soon my kid is going to grow up weak and unable to cope with the cold and gray snow that arrives in Jan and stays til April.  Those thoughts faded throughout the day as the kid and I enjoyed time at the park, followed by several trips around the block on his new bike.  Post nap we doodled with chalk in the driveway and I realized that I should shut up and just enjoy it.  I have a toddler who believes that he is not only deathly allergic to beach sand but to mittens as well...meaning that not only is the beach tough to deal with but traditional New England winter temps are equally as punishing.  In addition since I've sworn off winter running and these temps are the only reason I'm off the dreadmill so I'll stop questioning it or even thinking about complaining about the weather.

Ran 3.2 miles today

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vacation Recap

Back and tanned after a trip to the USVI.  Beautiful place, but a reminder that I should have done my homework prior to getting on the plane.  Our plans involved hitting the beach, getting a tan....repeat x7 days...oh yes, and getting enough runs to maintain sanity and waist size.  No issue as I don't sleep away from home so had planned to head out early from our villa early mornings and get in the miles.  Didn't happen as our villa happened to be a quarter mile up a mountain on an only semi-paved road that went straight up at times.  Tuesday I had it and planned a trail run, again paid for not doing my homework.  I didn't read the part of the guide that stated that my 1.5 mile trail included 1000 feet of climbing that at times required me to climb up rocks with both my hands and feet and pray that I didn't fall as no one in my party knew quite what trail I had gone up.  Miles hiked count the same as miles run, right?  And for the record I didn't have my heart rate monitor but felt like I worked harder that I would have on just a run - maybe it was just the fear of falling that kept the adrenaline going.  Wednesday I redeemed myself and found a flatter 3 miles of trail running at Waterlemon Cay that was unreal in it's beauty.  It's here where I realized that I need more trail running in my life and less Blackstone Blvd.  If it wasn't for the heat and humidity I could have run back and forth all day.   That was it for running, but I did find the most amazing yoga studio at Concordia.  Oh My God is all I have to say.  Open air pavilion overlooking Great Salt Bay.  Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.  Oh, and the teacher was as good as the view.  The yoga alone is reason enough to consider relocating.  I really don't know how I'll go back to yoga as I know it, for that matter running either...it's time to find a prettier place to workout in.

Ran 3 boring flat gray New England miles today.

Friday, January 4, 2013

No dairy?

Pardon me while I go on a nutritional rant.  So I gave up mean last March-ish, Forks over Knives was my motivating factor and it's not been a big deal.  I worried about the impact it might have on training and realized quickly that the whole protein question is really a non-issue.  Things were going swimmingly until my acupuncturist suggested eliminating dairy as a means to treat a variety of symptoms I've been seeing him for.  Really?  Dairy?  You can't be serious?  Including brie?  I can do without milk, even eggs for the most part but cheese?  So I've been experimenting with his suggestion and hate to admit that he's correct.  Skipping out on dairy has made a difference in my life.  It's not a resolution but with the holidays past us and fondu already consumed it's time to give this a bit more thought and maybe put a little energy into practicing it on a routine basis.  Eating at home isn't tough, since I do most of the cooking I can control what goes into our meals.  Eating out is a pain, it's almost not worth it, unless I'm picky about where we go.  And forget about eating at someone else's home!  Part of me feels like life is complicated enough with the kid, family, work, life, running, etcetera that I don't need to add this layer.  But if it means skipping out on a prescription it might be worth the effort.  So why whine about this on my running blog?  Because it's what I thought about during my 6 mile long run today.

Ran 6 miles today

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First run of 2013

Nothing fancy, just a nap time run...story of my life.  In the basement with Criminal Minds in the background.  But a run is a run and this is how I kicked off 2013.  Been reading a lot about everyone resolutions and although I told Joe that I'm perfect enough to not need any resolutions I might have room for at least one.  When I'm actively training I'm pretty good about documenting my workouts.  Time of day, distance, where it was, how it felt, heartrate, speed, temp outside...blah, blah, blah.  Times like this when I'm just running to run I barely write down anything, I have a hard time keeping track of what I've done b/c I keep such inconsistent records.  This blog might be my most accurate log which is pretty poor.  I do think it would be helpful if I were more consistent in keeping a running log.  I'm always a bit jealous of those who can post what they have put up for yearly mileage or better yet compare years against each other.  So where?  Garmin connect is the best b/c I can link my running, swimming, and biking all up effortlessly, but that requires consistent use of my garmin which also falls by the wayside during times like these. I LOVE LOVE LOVE an old school hand written pencil log but can't keep track of anything like that for longer than 16-20 weeks.  By then my papers are all dogeared and I've lost all writing utensils and am keeping track of workouts in blue crayon b/c that's all I can find in the playroom.  So I'll make more of an effort to log onto garmin and keep better track.  Ask me in March if I'm keeping up with this.

45 mins of running
90 mins of yoga