Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bad dreams = family fun run

I was up ready for track, almost out the door when I heard it.  The kid started to cry, I was lacing up my sneaks almost grinning about how this wasn't going to be my problem.  Then he started to wail and Joe went in.  He was sobbing, calling for me.  I couldn't resist.  We think it was a bad dream, not sure when I asked he remembered told me it was about poop so you decide.  Regardless he was too sad and snuggly for me to abandon and get to track on time.  Fast forward to 6am and he's not going back to bed and I'm still in my running stuff so a family fun run it became.  I'm happy to report that my almost 2 year old can still tolerate the jogger, takes lots of snacks and a fair amount of bribery but we made it.  I won't discuss pace b/c it was a fun run after all and the slow husband likes when we all run together in a group.  Tomorrow I hit the Blvd with Jeff, going to add some extra miles at the end b/c I'm not working.  This weekend holds a half marathon that I'm terribly unprepared for but registered just for the sake of getting the miles in.  Fingers crossed for no rain so we can see if the kid likes family fun bike rides as much as runs.

PS - Brag moment, the kid won the relay races at school today and beat an older girl in a race across the playground!  Now if he'd just sleep and use the toilet I'd really be happy

Ran 3 miles today.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Workouts for my heart

For the first time since the 70.3 last year I got in 2 workouts today.  And neither were anything to brag about in terms of distance or pace, but it was totally what I needed.  A swim this morning with Kali in what might be the most beautiful pool I will ever swim in ever joke.  I now need to convince my husband that I need an individual gym membership that will cost as much as our family membership at the Y just so I can swim here all the time and use the automatic water bubbler.  Or workout was lazy, just swimming back and forth.  I didn't even keep count or pretend to push hard.  But we talked about nonsense, weddings and showers and plastic dinosaurs in my girl shit.  Then this afternoon I met up with Jen for a kidless run on the Blvd. This week Jeff had back up with the 3 kids when Joe arrived on his bike.  Jen and I took our cues and bolted quick while they were all shoving their faces with pizza.  Then settled into an easy, more than conversational pace, and more girl talk ensued.  Life has become so busy that these quiet moments with friends are harder and harder to come by so to have it twice in 1 day was just what I needed.

Swam for a half hour and ran 3.5 miles today

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Meh, lets call it a recovery week and move on

Last week was not my greatest in terms of running.  Only made it out for about 3 runs and today's long run ended up being just short of 5.  My head wasn't into it, we almost cancelled b/c of the rain and I never fully accepted that we were really out there running.  As long as this continues to be the exception and not the rule I'm good with it.  It's been a good month since I've really committed to this so a week off is ok.

That said lets discuss this week.  Tues/Fri in am with Jeff - 4 miles.  Track on Thurs, maybe a family fun run on Wed.  Long on Sun - 12-14ish.  I'm also going to aim to get in the pool on Wed am.  I'd rather a yoga class but can't find something that fits with my schedule and feel like I need to add something to this running.  We were out at the PVD marathon this am, cheering on the SIL and made it to the finish right around the finish time that I'm hoping for in Newport.  Those runners didn't look anything different than me so gives me hope that a major PR is in my reach.

I've also noted that I'm feeling sluggish and exhausted, hoping that a B12 shot will help but also thinking that I need to look at my daily nutrition.  Since I don't eat meat and eat very little dairy, I need to be eating a wide variety of fruits/veggies/grains at most meals and feel like with the nicer weather I've fallen into just going for quick/easy/thoughtless.  Not that I'm eating junk but how many nights in a row can I survive on roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower with quinoa and a sesame sauce?

Ran just shy of 5 miles today.

Friday, May 10, 2013

8:36 you feel so good and so bad at the same time

Running this week has been difficult due to the kid not sleeping.  Any advice?  Anyone want him?  I kid, I kid...but really he's kicking my ass.  I met Jeff for our usually Tuesday run and although we were watchless we totally smoked 2-75 year old men.  Wed and Thurs were totally screwed by the above mentioned sleep issue so I headed out to meet Jeff today.  Now after our run Sun we had talked about making one of our weekly runs for speed.  What does that mean?  I was thinking 8:40's, Jeff said 8:30's and part of my died on the inside.  Tuesday we both agreed to forget that conversation ever happened, that was before he decided to take on the geriatric runners.  Today there was no plan and off we went.  Mile 1 was 8:41, mile 2 was 8:25...something is happening here.  The way back is slightly uphill and I started to fade.  Jeff went head, never more than a half block but far enough that I could curse him.  I stopped looking at my watch and just hoped that I'd fall so there would be an excuse to stop.  Finally we finish, 8:36 pace.  Not on a track, not in a race, not in a box and not from a fox.  Just a Friday run with no expectations!  I'm telling you, good things are happening this season...

Ran 4 miles today.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting excited!

I need to reel myself in.  It's too early to get as cocky as I'm getting but I can't help it.  I think that if things continue I have a real shot at a 4:10ish marathon...hell I'd even take a 4:20 but really think I can push harder than that.  Doesn't sound like much to those that can BQ without a thought, but considering that my PR for a marathon is's a BIG deal for me.  My track is going well staying well within with 7:00-7:20 pace window.  Normal runs are wavering  btw 8:40-8:50s.  Long runs are right at 9.  Yes I know there are months ahead of me and 10 miles is nothing compared to 26.2 but I've never gone into marathon training with this kind of base.  Even today, I struggled with the hills during mile 9...totally sick of running at that point and my pace slowed to a 9:41.  Irritated with myself and sick of running I was able to get my speed back for the last mile with an 8:54.  Again, for me this is BIG.  I remember after NY a friend told us we needed to back away from the marathon and build more speed and I was irritated with the comment.  Who the hell was he to tell me to get faster?  Screw off buddy I'll run what I want how I want.  Well, I think he was right.  Again it's too early for me to get this excited but I think I have a good thing going here.

Ran 10 miles today.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


I will fully admit to being mathmatecially challenged, often joking that it's a reason I went into Social Work, that said I'm not sure I can describe this mornings workout.  4x1000 meters.  I think we did this:
1000fast (400r) 800fast (200r) 200faster (400r) 600fast (200r) 400faster (400r) 400fast (200r) 400fast (200r) 200faster.  I think that was it, but again it was a bit over my head.  I ran hard when they told me too.  My times were surprisingly steady.  All fast laps were at a 7:20 pace and faster laps at 7min pace...not too shabby considering I was solo today.  And all laps were right on, so I didn't burn up in the beginning and limp through the last set.  And finally being May, I enjoyed my first outdoor morning workout in a tank top!  Bring on the nice weather!!  My week has been messed up by the.kid.who.won' so I'm planning on running straight through til Sun.  4 tomorrow, maybe 4/5 on Sat and hopefully 10 on Sun.  Discussing planning, I've fallen totally off the wagon with any cross training.  I know what I need and should be doing but I also know what my scheduling limitations are and it is what it is. 

Ran 4 miles today.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

!!Go Jeff Go!!

We (the kid and I) had plans to run with Jen and her gang after work.  I started to loose confidence on the ride over when this is how the conversation went:
Me: Lets go see Parker and Sienna and run fast.
The kid: No!
Me: Yes!  Lets go run fast in the stroller.
The kid: No run fast, go throw rocks.
Repeat over and over for the 15 minute ride, each time with a more forceful NO!
As I pulled up ready to Jen that our run was going to be a stationary playdate, she came out of the house to announce that her hubby was going to watch all 3 kids.  Yes I typed that right, he watched 3 kids so that Jen and I could run solo.  I owe the man some brownies.  So instead of pushing the stroller, I was able to enjoy a run filled with girl talk.  The best part was walking back into the house with Jeff dealing with 2 crying toddlers and a hungry 3 year old...GO JEFF!!

Ran 3.5ish