Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First run after the crash

10 year old boys fall of their bikes, so I didn’t fall. I crashed my bike on Sunday. If you see me riding by in the future and I don’t wave, it’s because of this fall. I will never wave at someone I pass again, ever. Yes, that includes my crowds of adoring fans at races, I’m not going to make eye contact with any of you and no I’m not going to fist pump for a photo op. As dramatic as I’m being about all of this, I survived with no injuries beyond some amazingly large and colorful bumps and bruises. It’s a good thing that it’s not summer because I’m not sure I could bear it all at the beach appearing so multi colored. And even more importantly the bike survived with only a few scratches. So now the decision before me this morning was if I should run or wait another day. Pro and con arguments could be made for both taking more time to recover as well as skipping, but in the end I decided to feel it out; mainly because I’m fully expecting to feel terrible at the end of the run during the 70.3. I don’t need to get used to ignoring injury but I do need to prepare for running through a certain level of discomfort. As I got ready to run and winced as I pulled my shorts up over a still swollen bruise I thought about skipping it for a hot shower but forced myself down onto the treadmill. The first few steps were awful and things didn’t really get better until the end of the 2nd mile. But after that, things were cake; everything felt good. So here’s to surviving both my first crash and that first run after the crash!
Miles trained today: 3

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cancel that breakup, please.

Before today’s run I was thinking about breaking up with my treadmill. Miles and I were going back to running outdoors; Tuesday was great so today should have been as well. After his nap we headed out to Lincoln Woods. Now before the judging starts, it was 40 degrees which is our cut off for running with the stroller. He was beyond bundled up and there was no wind. I did have a new weather shield for the stroller I was going to try out but got a bit overwhelmed with all the instructions that fell out of the packing with me. I fiddled with it for a few mins before tossing it in the undercarriage; I’ll need a bit of practice before using it for real. We got through the first loop no problem so I doubled back for a second loop, a mistake I’ll live to regret. For those who aren’t familiar with Lincoln Woods, it’s a closed 2.5 mile loop with a pond in the middle, there are no short cuts. Sure enough once I hit the 3 mile mark he started to make some noise. I checked on him and there was nothing going on that I could fix. Unfortunately for me he didn’t stop there. Every step I took the volume got louder. I stopped a few times to see if I could help but he wanted out of the stroller. Having no alternatives I continued to run with my child screaming bloody murder in the stroller. I tried to sing to him but Lincoln Woods is hilly and with trying to get to my car quickly and lugging both of us up and down the hills I was barely able to get through the ABC’s. Then the looks started, I can’t blame the others, I’d probably stare as well. I tried to ignore them and focused on getting to the car. Finally I snapped. Some old guy was sucking his teeth and shaking his head, I finally turned around and asked him if he felt he could get to my car faster than I and if he wanted the baby and my keys. I turned around and picked up the pace as much as I could without waiting for a response. He’s probably the same kind of person who parks in the parking for those with babies at Stop and Shop when he doesn’t have a baby. Just when I thought maybe I wasn’t going to make it, the kid had finally won, he got quiet. I didn’t dare stop as we had a mile left to go and didn’t want to risk a repeat of his lung performance. Of course when we reached the car and I peaked over at him he was happily playing with Doug (the drama lamb) like nothing had happened. I don’t think myself or that stupid old guy will forget this run for a while. I’m also not sure I’ll break up with my treadmill either.

Miles run today: 5

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No, you can't pass us.

We hit the Blvd today and exceeded all expectations. Miles slept, I ran and we were both moving at a quick pace. Towards the end I felt like I had slowed down but didn't want to feel badly about my pace so didn't dare look at my wrist. We kept going, the car was just around the corner. Then I heard her. Huffing behind me, too close. Initially I thought she was going to pass so I moved to the side but she didn't go anywhere. I looked back and you could tell she wanted to pass but the poor thing could not pass the lady pushing the baby carriage! Sucker! That was all I needed to keep my pace up for the last half mile. Her huffing got quieter as she fell back, I was loosing her! My stride lengthened, my posture was perfect...channeling my inner antelope or what an antelope would look like pushing a stroller. Finally I reached my car, hit my garmin and walked into my cool down. She finally approached and passed as she was going on with her run. I'm sure she wasn't racing me like I was her, but regardless she LOST and I WON! It took too much self control than I'm willing to admit too when I allowed her to pass without verbally gloating. I think I need to get out more.

Miles run today: 4

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Early decison

The decision to register for a race is not always easy. When I started to run, I registered for every event early. No questions asked, I was going to be there. Most of that was newbie excitement to running and racing. The first time we ran the CVS 5k we weren't quite sure if the bib went on the front or the back, that's how far we've come. I've registered for large races, paid big money (Chicago Marathon) and not run. I've also trained for big races (Cox Marathon) and got hurt and not run. (2 reasons why the marathon has been crossed off my bucket list) Things come up and there is nothing that can be done. Injuries, illness, poor training, a hangover, a baby...there are always last minute reasons why a race might not happen. Now I typically register on race day or just before. Here's the problem with that, races fill up and race management starts to jack prices up. If I register for the 70.3 today, I'll save $50 off the latest registration fee, that's enough for my wet suit rental. I'm not ready to register. I have my toes tipped on the line, training has gone better than expected but it's barely begun. All I've proven is that I can manage to exercise during naps, maybe I'm better off with an Olympic distance and look at the 70.3 next year. But I don't know what next year will bring and if I'll have the time to train that I've come to enjoy lately. Maybe I'm just procrastinating and should just do it, give them my money, commit and call it at day. Ah, the decisions and what if's are endless. Why can't they give me a few more weeks?

Miles trained today: 5

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Too cold out...

There once was a time I would peserverate over running in temps like today, 10 degrees at 10am, but not any more, one of the few joys of my weekday treadmill sentence. The problem becomes more about what the excuse will be to skip if I'm not going to use the weather. Yesterday a SEVERE lack of sleep won out and there was no training to be had. And as discussed previously I could use that excuse from now on and never train again. The other problem is I continue to pal around people who keep running and if I give into my gluttonous desires of days filled with naps and hot chocolate topped with fluff, I'll quickly find myself in the market for a new set of slower friends. So down I went and squeezed in 7x800m just in time for my pint sized boss to awake with a never ending list of demands.

Miles trained today: 21.9 (That's right, after lunch I found myself passing afternoon nap time on the indoor trainer)