Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Too cold out...

There once was a time I would peserverate over running in temps like today, 10 degrees at 10am, but not any more, one of the few joys of my weekday treadmill sentence. The problem becomes more about what the excuse will be to skip if I'm not going to use the weather. Yesterday a SEVERE lack of sleep won out and there was no training to be had. And as discussed previously I could use that excuse from now on and never train again. The other problem is I continue to pal around people who keep running and if I give into my gluttonous desires of days filled with naps and hot chocolate topped with fluff, I'll quickly find myself in the market for a new set of slower friends. So down I went and squeezed in 7x800m just in time for my pint sized boss to awake with a never ending list of demands.

Miles trained today: 21.9 (That's right, after lunch I found myself passing afternoon nap time on the indoor trainer)

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Bill Fine said...

Being a fan of warm weather, I have a hard time pushing out the door when the mercury starts to drop....but I also like the feeling of coming home to a cozy house when my run is over.

Embrace the cold....LOL