Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Early decison

The decision to register for a race is not always easy. When I started to run, I registered for every event early. No questions asked, I was going to be there. Most of that was newbie excitement to running and racing. The first time we ran the CVS 5k we weren't quite sure if the bib went on the front or the back, that's how far we've come. I've registered for large races, paid big money (Chicago Marathon) and not run. I've also trained for big races (Cox Marathon) and got hurt and not run. (2 reasons why the marathon has been crossed off my bucket list) Things come up and there is nothing that can be done. Injuries, illness, poor training, a hangover, a baby...there are always last minute reasons why a race might not happen. Now I typically register on race day or just before. Here's the problem with that, races fill up and race management starts to jack prices up. If I register for the 70.3 today, I'll save $50 off the latest registration fee, that's enough for my wet suit rental. I'm not ready to register. I have my toes tipped on the line, training has gone better than expected but it's barely begun. All I've proven is that I can manage to exercise during naps, maybe I'm better off with an Olympic distance and look at the 70.3 next year. But I don't know what next year will bring and if I'll have the time to train that I've come to enjoy lately. Maybe I'm just procrastinating and should just do it, give them my money, commit and call it at day. Ah, the decisions and what if's are endless. Why can't they give me a few more weeks?

Miles trained today: 5

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Bill Fine said...

Oh man, do I know about the dilemna! I always used to lay out my yearly schedule as far in advance as possible...nowadays I put it off as long as I can.

Maybe because I'm running Boston this year, I'm being even more "procrasinaty" than usual....just signed up for a 1/2 marathon in March, but that's part of my training. Beyond that, I have no idea what races I might or might not run, so we'll just have to see.....just want to make it through Boston in one piece!

Look forward to reading what you decide...