Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Am I missing out?

It occurred to me today, during my late morning run, that it might be time for long sleeves and/or long pants for running. I wouldn't know because by the time I get out there the sun has warmed everything up. Miles has been going out in more layers, but I've been able to rock the capri's and t-shirts without being cold. It was the breeze that made me think about it today, I wished for a minute that I had a jacket with me but then warmed up fairly quickly. So I'm thinking I've finally found the benefit to this mid-day running schedule. Funny side note though, I'm never quite sure when it's too cold for Miles to go for a run and unfortunately for him unless it's pouring we go. Last week we were out there and it was chilly but not really cold, so he was wearing sweats and I had him under a few blankets. My measure of his discomfort is his screaming, he didn't yell at me so off we went. Things were fine till I ran by another parent who was quickly running from their car to the house with their baby and the kid was wrapped head to to in a snow suit like outfit, you could barely see the kid under all the layers; either their kid was very over dressed or mine was terrible under-dressed!

Miles run today: 3

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Running as a last resort

I was not going to run today, I talked to Joe about it before he left. Early this morning I had been in the pool for a work out and yesterday I took off on the bike for a while. There was no need to run today, the last thing I need is to over do it. Plans took a sudden change when all hell broke loose around 9:30 this am. The kid needed to sleep, should have slept and refused to cooperate. After 45 minutes of trying everything I could to get him to stop crying and settle down I was close to loosing it. When I found myself sitting at the bottom of the basement stairs listening to him I realized this was not going to end well. Before taking the ultimate step of calling in relief I changed in to my running clothes and hauled the kid out of the house and into the jogger. Yes, I did this while he was screaming at the top of his lungs, I told you it had gotten very ugly. Surprisingly enough, he shut up before we even got out of sight of our house. We got through the whole run in silence, I don't know if he slept or not and it this point don't care. At least all tempers have been calmed, no one is crying and we are both a bit more level headed. That said I type this from my backyard as I'm too fearful to take him out of the stroller and have it start all over again.

Miles run today: 3
Swam 1700 yards

Sunday, October 2, 2011

1 baby and 2 races = insanity

I don't know why we do this to ourselves but like always we complicated life by deciding to both run races this morning. Yes, 2 different races. I think Joe has had enough of life as a new Dad on the side lines and was itching to get back out there. Before he could blaze by us in a show of glory, I ran the Women's Classic. I was surprisingly un-nerved by the thought of running without the jogger. It acts as a nice distraction, no worries I had Jenn who stepped right in and chatted with me for 29 minutes straight. After an olympic finish we quickly regrouped and hit the road for Joe's race. There was a moment of lunacy where I thought about running both but at this time an injury would push me right over the edge. We had enough time for a diaper change and quick meal (for Miles) before hitting the sidelines to cheer on the New Dad! In true Joe fashion he made his momentous return to racing with a quick time (requiring no training) in basketball shorts that he was hiking up the whole race. Reward for the new parents after competing in 2 races on the same day, Miles choose to nap during a celebratory lunch with friends!

Miles raced today: 3.2 Miles