Saturday, June 15, 2013


Has it really been 3 weeks from my last post?  Yikes, my apologies.  Not sure what I've been doing that has prevented me from blogging but lets see if I can catch you up.  I ran in the Johnny Kelley Half Marathon and came in with a PR of 2:02.  More importantly than the PR is how the race felt, I was running easy.  Tucked my garmin in my shirt so I couldn't obess over pace and just ran.  It was a nice race, no crowd support but tons of energetic runners.  There were quite a few first timers, so thier energy was fun to be around.  I'm slightly anoyed that I didn't push harder and hit the 2 hour mark, but there is always the next race.  Since then things have been somewhat downhill and I don't know why.  My energy is all off and my speed has disappeared.  The heat and humidity set in quick after that race, so maybe I'm having a hard time adjusting.  Maybe it's stress, I don't know and suggestions are welcome.  For now I'm trying to just flow with it and not care.  I have officially nixed the fall marathon plan, I need to time to just run and hang out.  Hoping that elimaniting pressure will also help.  This morning I did head out to Georgiaville Pond for my first open water swim since sometime last summer and I think as a result I'm planning on breaking up with the friend who dragged me there.  The water was barely 60 and although it seemed like a nice day before getting wet, I've never been so cold in my life.  Hours later and my toes are still numb.  All that complaining aside, it was a nice swim and considering I've been in the pool about 5 times in the last year I'll take this as a win. 

Swam 1 mile today.