Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, new goals

Happy New Year! It's time for some goal setting, a bit funny seeing as how I type this from a chair with my laptop pushed so far out to make room for the baby gut that it's almost hard to type. We were out and about today and talking about fitness goals and I have plenty I want to accomplish in 015, but to get there I have to get through 2014. I'm going into this year with some low expectations for running. If you know me personally you know that my motto is that going in with low expectations almost always ends with being pleasantly surprised. First and foremost I need to get this kid out of my belly. We have anywhere from 4-7 weeks to go, of course I'm banking on 4 or less and I don't want to hear crap about how 40 weeks means fully cooked. I'm done, get it out. New babies mean no sleep and an infant and a toddler mean total insanity but I miss big glasses of wine, pants with buttons and being able to tie my shoes without huffing and puffing. Lets get this done. After surviving labor and delivery there will be a period of recovery. After the kid I ran about 3 weeks out, who knows when my first run/workout will be after deuce but it'll happen and will likely hurt but also be totally energizing. Getting back on the running train will require that I master the beast AKA: the double jogger. It's huge and intimidating and heavy and no joke and I will make it my bitch. When people ask what are the baby accessories I couldn't live without my BOB is at the top of the list so the double BOB will be right there. Thankfully I have a great support system of friends who will run right along side us and I'm ready. 2014 will include some races. Not sure what will be first but I'm guessing a spring 5k. The kid was born in June and my first "race" was in August, so if we follow that same time frame I'm looking for an April/May debut. I'd like to also return to the tri world. No 70.3's in my plan book for this year but maybe cranberry tri fest, that's always been a fav of mine. And we'll wrap it up with a fall half marathon, currently thinking one on the Cape but we'll figure out that detail as it approaches. And yes, I want that half to be a sub 2 hour. I know, I said low expectations but this 2 hour road block has been a thorn in my side for years. Even with a swollen pregnant gut I know I should be able to grind this out in the fall. My fitness base remains at an all time high so no excuses. I've also been missing yoga and hope to complete a 200 hour teacher training program. I teach at a shelter currently with kids but am ready to expand and do some work with adults. I love love love the idea of making yoga accessible to populations who aren't going to go to the typical studio class. This may or may not interfere with the above half marathon goal but I'll figure out those details. This will take priority over the half for a number of reasons but I am hoping to be able to tackle both. Lastly I've become a pool rat lately and really enjoy it. I've mentioned before not wanting to abandon this post baby. Currently I'm in the pool 3-5 times a week. That will surely scale back some but keeping at least 1 morning a week would be nice. Too lofty? Maybe but if you don't have goals that are hard to reach, what's the point? Fitness was part of our lives before parenting, stayed front and center when we grew to a party of 3 and with one more addition I'm going to fight to keep it there. Swam 45 mins today.

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Allison said...

Congratulations on the second one coming! So much fun and chaos about to arrive. And good for you on the yoga thing and all the running you do. I'm really impressed!