Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Ran my first 10k today, 56:41!!  Not too shabby.  We got sucked out with the crowd and had an 8:23 first mile, after that we settled in and did well from there.  Our 5k time was 26:40 and I would take that as well, almost makes me mad that we haven't done 5k in so long!!  The next step in our running tour was a meeting with the coach.  What did we discuss you ask..marathon training!!  I know, it hasn't been even 2 months since the Breakers but I'm ready to run another.  I don't know why, because I haven't forgotten how terrible the first marathon felt.  Here we sit 22 weeks until the Cox Marathon in Providence.  It's funny because after reviewing our training for the Breakers and talking to Bob I realize that we had NO right to be out on that course.  We did 5 runs over 10 miles and only 3 over 15 miles.  It surprising that we survived it.  This time around I would like to be able to complete the course without limping though the last 10k.  We are starting the training tomorrow, starting with 35 miles per week topping out at 50-60 miles per week.  If we are successful I will have run 2 marathons before finishing grad school!!  I'll keep you posted and if anyone wants to join with us, the more the merrier!!

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