Monday, November 10, 2008

Moving Indoors

Well I have successfully completed 3 indoor track sessions.  I hate track, I hate it alot.  The reason I ran the marathon this fall was to avoid the outdoor track, it worked.  I do recognize the importance, I need to beat Joe at the mile race in Bermuda!  It hurts and it's hot and there is a 60 year old man screaming at me to move faster, again I really hate it.  Recruiting has been successful, I now have 4 women who run at about my pace.  As much as it sucks it's unbearable doing it alone.  

Today was the first attempt at what the mile would feel like.  After a nice warm up we did a half mile a full mile and ended with a faster half mile.  The first half was at a 3:57 pace, I thought I was going to die, but survived it.  Then we started the mile (8 times around), Mo and I broke free of the other women in our group.  I just kept my eyes on her ass and thought "just stay with her".  After 4 laps I lost count.  At one point the coach shouted 2 more, all I could do was curse loudly (it's hard to whisper when you are going all out).  The nice thing about the indoor track is that it's smaller, mentally easier to convince one's self to go one more time.  The last lap was awful, I can't even explain it.  Finished in 7:58!!  I'll take it and worked hard to be able to say so.  The last half was terrible as well, but after swearing to myself I would only do 2 laps I finished the 4th with a 3:56 pace.  Nice work!!  I would like to be able to get a 7:45 pace for the mile, Joe is bigger and faster...but he's not training on the track.  

Let's see how things progress, I'm pretty confident that if things continue I will be wiping the asphalt with him in Bermuda!!

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Wiping the asphalt!