Friday, March 21, 2014

No running, no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no sleep, no fun

Hi, it's me. They haven't done me in yet; I assure you, they are trying. Throwing every curveball in their books at us, last night it was a tag team attempt and they took turns screaming at us from 1am-4am. The logical part of me knows that this will pass and we will sleep again. The delusional sleep deprived part of me wants to curl into a ball, waive the white flag and call it all as a bad idea. So here's the update, you were right. Too much too soon. I'm not superwoman and although felt great immediately post delivery I need to dial it back. The biggest concern in my pubic bone pain has returned and if this gets worse it leads down an ugly road I have no interest in. So no running, other activities as tolerated but listen to my body needs to be the motto. Also I need to make some dietary changes. Acupuncturist has recommended no dairy, no sugar, no gluten. As much as I hated to hear this and debated a bit with him this evening, he's yet to steer me wrong and we've been together several years now. I've cleaned up my eating in the past and even today do fairly well. My biggest crutch? Dairy free chocolate chips and goldfish. The hardest part in regards to eating with a toddler and infant is I don't have time to plan and execute. Shopping is a last.minute.oh.shit.the.cupboards.are.bare afterthought. Meals have been built around pasta. Why? It's quick and we will all eat it with the least amount of bickering. I also don't have time to eat during the day and then eat more than I should at dinner. Today my lunch taunted me across the room for a good 45 minutes while I dealt with the needs of an infant. Time to be more mindful, plan things out and prepare foods that I can grab and eat quickly. Good wake up calls all around. Once I figure out how to make this work on 5 hours of sleep and 2 kids to wrangle I'll share what has worked as well as what hasn't. Sean did reassure me that any improvements in diet are good and again perfection is not an obtainable goal. Also, the baby has started to smile which just makes it all a bit more tolerable. No workout today due to the 1-4am revolt that I lost. Plans for a swim tomorrow...fingers crossed.

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