Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Mom Squad

In the past I tried to update this blog on the days I got a workout in, that format is no longer sustainable. With 2 kids my free time is close to non-exsistant so blogging isn't as easy to get too. This post for instance, I've tried get done 3 different times this week with no success. Most interruptions involve poop, not mine, and laundry. At this point everything is touch and go in my life. Sleep remains elusive at best and as a result days are all over the place. Workouts are happening but not like before. Granted it's only been 7 weeks but I can't plan on getting a workout done. If we get a good nights sleep I'm able to get up and get something done. No sleep = no workout, it's just that simple, we are still in survival mode over here. I'm thankful for workout friends who understand and don't care. When I show up they cheer and when I miss they remind me that it's ok to sleep when we can and to hang in there. In my head I refer to them as my Mom Squad, last Monday most of us were at the pool at 5:30am, I counted 7 of us all with small kids back at home. It was hysterical, I can only imagine what the other swimmer's thought. Even more twisted is that we all found time to escape our families and we end up at the pool at an ungodly hour waiting for the gym to open. What can I say? They are a great group of ladies and are a phenomenal support system during these blurry days. For me it has always been about finding a group to get me thought these times. I still see and love the ladies from pre-natal yoga 3 years ago. I'm rambling now, lets get back to business. Here's what I accomplished, along with changing about 500 diapers: Monday - 2000 yard swim with the Mom Squad Wed - Fitness in the Park Friday - Fitness in the Park Sat - 2200 yard swim I hate to even say that I have goals for this week because it doesn't really matter what I want to do, clearly I have little say in what gets done. But that said in an ideal world I'd like to get in 3 swims and 3 Fitness in the Park classes. The weather looks nice enough to break in our monster of a double jogger, but who knows.

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