Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Those are my new numbers, the number of pounds I run behind with the double jogger. 85lbs of baby, toddler, stroller and car seat. This thing is a beast, barely fits in the back of my SUV and a bit like pushing a micro loft on wheels. Roomy and spacious for both kids, enough for each to sit without touching each other and yet the toddler was on his knees poking the baby in the face for most of the ride. "I don't want her to miss seeing the squirrels" was the excuse when I asked him to back away. Clearly allowing a baby to sleep is a foreign concept to an almost 3 year old, but we were running so almost anything was going to be allowed if it meant the run could continue. It's been just shy of a month since my last run so today was needed. (Don't ask, I haven't been cleared to return to running, this was a non-sanctioned event.) Life with 2 has been a challenge and not much of my life today looks or feels like my life with even just 1 kid never mind no kids. I'm at the point where I'm striving for normalcy, a routine, something to feel familiar. With all the miles the kid and I logged with our single jogger I could close my eyes for a moment and find a bit of that familiar feeling. Yes, I had to open goldfish, stop and pick up a train that went overboard and sing ABC's at the top of my lungs but we were out there. Before starting I had some apprehension, driving to the Blvd I started to talk myself out of it. Lets be honest, is anyone jazzed about pushing 85lbs on a run 8 weeks post partum? It was one of those things that I knew needed to get done. Check it off, first run with the beast complete. Move on. Next time it'll be easier, well not likely but you know we'll be out there over and over again. Won't be long til we find some speed and begin to pick of other runner's and mess with their self esteem. I can speak from experience, a little part of you wants to die when you are passed by a jogging stroller. It's time to re-establish a running base so I can move into training again. Training will give me something other than sleep schedules to obsess over. Ran 3 miles today.

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runwithjenn said...

You rock girl! Congrats on getting out there :)