Saturday, April 19, 2014

breaking up with my scale

Warning, this post is likely to read as very shallow and self absorbed. Just move on if you want, I won't be offended. As most new Mom's I hit the sweet spot where life is moving along, I'm preparing to my return to work and even though we are all sleeping, I still have a problem. My clothes don't fit. I'm a good 17lbs away from pre-baby weight and starting to get cranky about it. My wardrobe consists of leggings, sweat pants, 1 pair of jeans with a button and a pair of maternity jeans. My boobs are too big for most of my shirts and my hips are very wide. Nothing fits. All of that bitching aside, I'm working out as hard as can be tolerated. My diet is rich with real whole foods and is primarily based in grains, veggies, and beans. We are only 10 weeks out so there is plenty of time, but I'm sick and tired reading about these Mom's who loose the weight in 6 weeks or less. Cheers to you, I'm jealous. It's not going to happen over here, so I need to stop reading about your successes. It's not you, it's me. With my son at the same spot I had 35+lbs to loose so I'm ahead of the game. Getting on the scale daily or even weekly is not helping my cause. Because of breastfeeding the weight is coming off slowly. Nothing defeats me more than a week filled with strong workouts and good meals and then I step on the scale to see that nothing has changed or even worse I'm up a half lb from last week. And yes, I checked and my giant rack accounts for 6lbs of the additional weight and that was after a nursing session. Don't ask, it was a moment of desperation. Why do I let it get to me so much? So I'm taking a month off. No more weigh in's. I have enough to stress about like pooping on the potty, nap training, mastering the logistics of getting the double jogger in and out of my trunk with smashing my shin every.god.damned.time. I'm also becoming curious about heart rate training....more on that later. So goodbye old friend, I'll see you in a few weeks and here's hoping that you get on board and can be more supportive with your electronic feedback. Ran 5.3 miles today.

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