Friday, April 11, 2014

Green light!

Saw the Chiropractor today and got the "all clear" on the running front! Totally psyched at this news and even more so that these visits have made a noticeable improvement in my level of discomfort. He wasn't stupid when he cleared me and included the lecture about not doing to much too soon. The goal is to strain the joint a bit and see how it holds up. Fine by me, any running is more than I had been doing. That and spring finally arrived in little Rhody so to be out in the fresh air is so nice after the never ending winter. In celebration I hit the Blvd with a friend and the babe's and we just ran. After comparing who got the most sleep the night before and whose husband is more annoying with not getting up at night we started to discuss real business. See, she's moving. Really moving, not like our false alarm last summer. I don't want to talk about it. Good running partners are hard to come by and good friends are even harder to find. So what do you do when your running partner is moving to the deep south? You find a marathon near her new house and plan a trip! Details are yet to be worked out, but we have the spring/summer to return to a respectable fitness base and fall will be the start of training. Now we've already established that I have the shit end of this stick as I'll be running solo in the nastiness that is winter in New England as she braves temps that likely won't go below 50. But that's ok, remotely we'll keep each other accountable and we'll both keep running and be forced to stay in touch! A win all around. Now I need to find a new partner. They need to be kid friendly as I often run with the beast, or bail at the last minute b/c someone (could be either of them) has been up all night. Ask her why she swam solo this morning. We have to match on pace both with the stroller and without. It helps that we are both finding our feet after having babies. Sarcasm is a must. She's nicer than me, as most of my friends are, so my new partner just has to be able to put up with me. Flexibility for timing of runs is required. Last minute flexibility is preferable, like can you run right now between dirty diapers, tantrums and feeding schedules?? If you know of anyone fitting this posting I'll be interviewing in June. Ran 3.2 miles today

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