Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1 step forward 2 back

In many ways I feel like we are finding our way with this whole 2 kid thing. Everyone is sleeping, we are all still breathing and laughing most of the time. I feel physically like my body has recovered. Strength is returning and workouts are enjoyable. I'm almost ready to set some definitive distance goals for the fall and next spring. Feeling fairly confident that I won't drown in July going across the bay. Life is almost good. But then in other areas I feel like I'm barely treading water. After my son I felt like too much changed too quickly, I thought this time around I did things right to avoid that feeling. Wrong. Here I sit suddenly (at least for right now) a full time stay at home Mom. I'm not going to get into which role is harder, for me I'm best out of the house at least some of the time. I love what I do for work and and happy when at work part time. It'll get there, patience is the key and things are moving and shaking so I need to just hold tight for the time being. But that said being at home full time is hard. Very hard. I'm not great at it. Joe is traveling more and that sucks for all of us. People keep saying to us that we are in the thick of it. They are right. Life with a 3 month old and 3 year old is no joke. It will get easier, maybe not easier but more balanced. Maybe. In the meantime we are hanging in. It feels a lot like stumbling in a dark cave, I'm not quite sure what we are doing or if we are in the right direction. But I felt this way about my fitness and my body a month ago and am now feeling strong and back in control, so here's hoping the rest of life falls in line with the same ease. Swam 2000 yards Ran 5 mile track workout

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