Wednesday, May 28, 2014

workout, parent, repeat

Alarm goes off at 5am, I jump from bed and settle in for an early morning pumping session. Manage to make it to the pool for a 5:30 start time. Half of my swimming crew is faster than me so when we circle swim it means that I basically swim continuously until it's time to end it. I'd complain, but we have less than 2 months before I'm to swim across the friggin bay so this was needed so I don't die during that event. Out of pool at 6:30 and home by 6:45. Chaos begins. Day includes building enormous train set, laundry, meals for both kids throughout the day, managing naps, trip to swimming lessons, laundry, play date with friend, picking up trains, realizing I forgot a meeting, managing tantrums from both children. Needless to say 5pm rolled around and I really considered not going to track. It's cold and windy and my people weren't going. Cue 3 year old tantrum...not first of the day either...I very quickly find my running stuff and load us into the car. Husband meets us at track, we do the social thing for a bit, he leaves with both kids (I silently cheer as they drive away) and workout begins. Wait. Another workout? Damn it. 3x1 mile with 4 minutes in between. Ready set go. 8:20, good but too fast considering the last one should be my fastest. 8:19 good but I'm really doubting that I can go faster. 8:10 total score and big props to Michelle who ran along side and pushed the pace with me for all 3 miles. No time to waste, husband has a board meeting at 7:30. Leave track at 6:30 arrive home 6:45 to baby screaming. Nurse baby and put baby to bed while husband argues with 3 year old about turning on his "poop machine". I can't make this stuff up folks. Kiss husband good bye and shove dinner down throat while kid finishes Thomas movie. Don't judge until you have multiple children. Brush teeth, change into PJ's, commence never ending bedtime saga. 8:11 all in bed and lets breath. House is a mess, lesson planning for tomorrow needs to happen, but here I sit blogging instead. And tomorrow it starts all over again. Swam 2000 yards Ran 4 miles Changed 37 diapers...not really but felt like it.

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