Thursday, October 16, 2014

24 hours

I can't remember the last time I was alone. Really alone. No husband. No kids. Maybe never, at least not in the last 3+ years. And it happened. They all left town, leaving me with 24 hours to fill. It was during this time that I recognized that I have a real problem. And no, it's not my addiction to olive bread. All I did was workout. After getting rid of my small companions I went off for a run. I'll admit to a few moments of hesitation but figured I had nothing to loose. Hell a run without them is 92lbs lighter, it's bound to feel good! Living large in the child-free lane I ran down busy urban streets, jumping on and off the sidewalk never slowing to cross the road. I may have even run on the wrong side of the road! And I never once had to stop to help open a snack bag. Once that was said and done I went home and enjoyed a shower with the door shut and allowed steam to fill the bathroom in a way it never does when the door is being constantly opened while my friend checks to make sure I know he's giving me privacy. Then it was off to the yoga studio. I told you, this is about my problem. I could have gone for drinks. To get my nails done. Shopping. For coffee. To the movies. The possibilities are endless and yet I went for double sessions. It gets worse. I went home and made plans for a 5:30am run. I know, I know. It's bad. But do you know what a pain in the ass a morning run is lately? Is the husband going to be home? Is he going to want to run, b/c only one of us can go early? Get out the door fast before someone wakes up, b/c once a kid is up you aren't getting out the door. After that I did go to work for a bit...mind you that was the only reason I was foot loose and fancy free. But it gets dark again. I had a break. A long break. Where did I spend it? At the coffee shop? Did I call and check on my pint-sized friends? No, I went straight to yoga. Yes, doubles again. By 3:30pm I was back at home in the chaos, explaining why dinner cannot just be olive bread and that skunks will not spray through his second story window into his train bed while he is sleeping. So 24 hours off and I can say that I used it wisely Made up for some lost workouts and remembered how nice it can be to be completely alone. Remind me of this in 2017 when it happens again.

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Pam said...

Am I justified in being annoyed that you haven't blogged in a year when I haven't read in about that long? Probably not. I hope you haven't totally given up on the blog and hope you are well. If I had 24 hours to myself I would do the same thing... A friend and I have been switching watching each other's kids for an entire 4 hours, and when it's your turn to watch everyone, you hardly notice another kid or two, and when it's your turn to be alone, it's 100% heavenly! I can't wait to go STRAIGHT to the gym locker room tomorrow without holding a hand, carrying a diaper bag and a baby, AND my gym bag.