Monday, October 13, 2014

YTT weekend 4 - Half way there!

Yoga is about more than your mat. Even if you think you are just there to sweat, you haven't realized it but there is more there. There is always more. I was triggered this weekend. I got pissed. Felt the urge to do what I'm good at. Shutting down an argument. Getting the last word. Proving my point. Holding that grudge. But wait, why am I there? To change. To realize this and let it go. We covered assisting this past weekend and it instantly clicked. First time in this entire expirience it felt right. So why? Why do I love this work that I will never get paid for in a studio? What is the draw. Look off my mat. Look at my life. My life is built on assisting others. It's what I do at home. It's my job. It's how I show my friends love. It's what makes me happy and feel useful. Don't ask for a hug, I'm still not a hugger. Assisting is not doing for. It's not fixing. It's providing support. Providing education. Providing encouragement. Providing love. It's support and then watching people fly.

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