Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First is the worst, second is the best....

As I sit here not going for my morning run because everything was covered in ice when I went outside this morning, I started to check out info on the Cox Providence Marathon in May.  Below is the course.  I can't believe we are going to do this again, I haven't forgotten how terrible the Breakers was.  Not only am I training differently this time around I will do some other things differently.  List is below:
1.  Take the Monday after off
2.  All laundry will be done, folded and put away
3.  New sheets on the bed the morning of the race
4.  Food shopping done before the marathon and prepared meals in the fridge
5.  Massage scheduled Tuesday after race
6.  Beer waiting for me at end
7.  Movies in DVD player upstairs
8.  Benadryl dogs so they will sleep during recovery (alright this is too much but I'll have to do something so they will sleep the whole time, maybe potty train them so they don't have to go outside)

So below is the link, note that most of the race is NOT in Providence.  I'm not real happy about how much of it is on the bike path, but it should be flatter than the Breakers was.  It is exciting that we'll be running over the "new" 195, although that's later in the race so I'm guessing I won't care at all where we are running.  Here's to training!!

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Joe said...

I think the ASPCA just tagged you for drugging the dogs!