Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year and still running

It amazes me how committed to running Joe and I have become. To think that prior to joining the running club I had never gone more than 3 miles and even then needed to stop and walk. Here we are a year and a half later, completed one marathon and training for the next. I don't know why we have caught the running bug, I don't even really like running that much. It's painful and time consuming but the rush is addicting. Last Wednesday we ran 4 miles on the road and then hit the track for a tough indoor workout. After I felt like a million bucks, there was nothing that was going to bother me for the rest of the day. It's funny because growing up I was never a sports fanatic, but I am hard core about the running, reading the sports pages to catch the times at the latest race or meet, following the running blogs and websites.

Back to what this site was meant for and that's to talk about actual running not my new found habit. We got the training log from Bob on Wed for the Providence Marathon and I'm more than a little intimidating. We will peak our mileage at 55 miles per week and keep it there for a few months. This week I'm trying to get in 41 miles and that's proving difficult, I can't imagine 55 miles. On top of that we have long runs weekly with 6 runs being 18+. It's time to run all over the state again!! Then there are the training runs, ranging from tempo runs of 9+ miles to repeat miles and halves as well as indoor work. I knew it would be tough training with him, but am I ready for this? I have no choice!

Today we were scheduled to run 10 with 5 being at the Hangover Classic. Lucky for me there were wind chills of -10, which cancelled all outdoor activities from my perspective (that and I was nursing a hangover that had us both out of commission for most of the day). That means the great debate is I run 10 before work then 13 on Sat and take Sun off or run 7 tomorrow and 7 on Sunday...I'll let you know how it plays out!

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