Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Knees, stupid knees

So my knee hurts. Not sure why, haven't changed much or amped anything up. Lets compare today's reaction to maybe 5 years ago with no kids. 5 years ago: I would have likely already taken a week or so off of running. Likely would be hitting the spin bike hard. Would have already arranged for PT eval and would have signed up for every other day sessions for the next 6 weeks. My entire list of running friends would have been consulted for their diagnosis. Coaches would have been emailed, maybe even a podiatry appt scheduled to have my inserts tweaked. Today: I've ignored it for the last week. Keep toying with taking time off but since running is not only by stress reliever but also my main form of socialization I keep going out. Today I actually thought about taking a spin class and realized that I can't do that with my crew of little one's so packed up and headed out for a run with the beast. No time for PT, nor am I interested in the co-pays that would accompany those sessions. Haven't texted about it, my phone is full of babysitting related messages. As I type I have a frozen cookie monster boo-boo buddy on it and this would be the first time I've iced it. What's my plan you ask? I'll probably keep running til it gets worse or goes away. Oddly enough it doesn't hurt during or immediately after, so who knows. I thought about blaming aging but then I remembered that I'm only 29 as my son insisted that I was really in my 50's. Ran 3 miles today

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