Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ah, the routine

It's been a while but I'm a regular runner again. I'm consistently getting in 3 runs a week and don't have the need yet to add in another although that's coming eventually. The kid has whipped me into shape, I used to be known for skipping workouts and trying to make them up later in the week. That's a no go now, if I squander my chance it's gone for good until the same time next week. I also never really cared about pace but as he's become more predicatable so have the times I have to run. The slower I go the less miles I accumulate, the baby monitor is an unforgiving reminder of my time constraints. Once the red lights start to flicker, it's only a short matter of minutes before he hits full pitch so I got to get it in before they start. I used to hope for false alarms, he's not really awake or maybe it's picking up the dogs but that's never the case; it's the kid signaling the end of another workout. So all in all he's helping my workouts. He's forcing me not to skip and to run faster...who needs a coach when you have a kid snoozing upstairs.

Miles run today: 4

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