Saturday, December 3, 2011

Adding back in the distance

So I came close to not running, procrastination is a bitch, what can I say. My running club was off in Warwick, which the Rhode Island in me had determined was too far of a drive and it was too cold for a family fun run. I briefly thought about hitting the treadmill but I feel like too much of my recent weeks have been spent with that piece of machinery. So after nap time I headed off solo, planning for 7 miles but to be honest would have been happy with 3. Things felt great til about mile 3.7 where at the corner of Branch and Charles I checked the distance. I was less than a mile from home and was hoping I had run further and could have taken a left towards home. Nope, not far enough and I was forced to go straight. Once I get beyond running 5 miles there is a point during a run where I always get a bit stressed about how far from home I am. It's not always rational but it's been a while since I've had this feeling, I start to worry about how I could get home other than walking or running. I'm not sure how much the bus costs but I start to worry about having enough for bus fare or how I could call for a ride. Right about the intersection of North Main and Rochambeau I started to groan about where I was. It wasn't long though before I hit Smithfield and each step brought me closer to home. For the longest run in over a year it felt good. The long runs aren't feeling too arduous and I still have confidence about the Hyannis Half. Tomorrow's workout is the only thing between me and a rest day on Monday and I'm so ready, who knows maybe I can convince the kid that we should sleep til 10am on Mon morning.

Miles run today: 7

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