Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rejuvenated legs

I've been on a kick, since hearing Jason Fowler speak, to not miss a workout. So that means I'm going 6 days a week with my rest day being Monday and it also means that there are times I've felt a bit stale. The nice thing is I'm varying a lot between running, cycling and swimming so there different muscle groups are being taxed but there is an undeniable cumulative effect. That combined with 6 hours of sleep a night (I don't want to hear it from those friends who get less, I'm used to a solid 10-12) and I'm pooped. Yesterday I said fuck it and skipped my bike ride. I did feel guilty about it all day and contemplated riding after work, only contemplated did not act on it. I had forgotten what fresh legs feel like and it's almost as nice as fresh sheets on the bed. Man it was great, I didn't care about being on the treadmill or the fact that the Internet was messed up so no movies. I stopped at 5 miles so I would have time to shower before my pint sized companion woke up but felt like I could have gone further. Played with pace a little, not enough for it to count as a speed workout but enough that I might do a speed workout next week. The problem is I can't take 2 rest days every week so days like to day will remain few and far between.

Miles run today: 5

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