Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So tempting

Man, there are times I really wished I didn't train, there are days I day dream of a life filled with cinnamon rolls, sausage links, naps and day time TV. Last week ended up being a recovery week, it was a crazy weekend and long workouts just weren't going to fit and I kept yesterday as a planned day off. Today was back at it and the desire wasn't there after 3 days off. I took my sweet time getting the kid down for a nap and then took about 20 minutes before I made it down to the treadmill. Thought HARD about getting off after a mile. Then the excuses started coming fast and furious: This is all just basework, I don't need to take it too seriously...I'll run this afternoon...I'll bike and run tomorrow...and so on like that for the entire 4 miles. I know why I keep going, I like to eat and hate to diet. That and I really love the feel at the finish line.

Miles run today: 4

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