Friday, April 30, 2010

Did she like it or not?

I wish I knew what she was thinking. Mia came out of semi-retirement and joined me on a 3 mile run. I was dumped by 2 other running partners and needed someone who wouldn’t say no. Off we went! She’s a funny dog for anyone who hasn’t met her. Full of anxiety and would likely benefit from medications. When we run, she’s always at my left side, so close we touch if I fall out of stride. Her leash in my right hand, crossing across my back, it’s almost like she is herding me along. The first few steps out of the house, she is leaping through the air, by the time we hit Charles St, she settles in. Never a peep out of he, we never stop for sniff breaks or bathroom breaks at that. She lets me know if the pace is too hard by coming to a complete stop, so we keep it nice and even. I don’t want to kill the old lady. I noticed coming back up Mineral Spring during the last mile, her poor tail had come undone. Normally it curls right up over her and points at her spine. Today, flat down, almost dragging on the ground. Way to make me feel like a terrible dog owner. Was it exhaustion? Was it a running trance? We soon came to s stop and her tail perked back up as we walked towards the house. She seemed happy so I don’t know what the tail droop was about.

Miles trained today: 3

Days till the Cox Half: 2

Harvard Pilgrim 10k: 65

Beach 2 Beacon: 99

Chicago: 163

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