Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting out of my own way

Track again, in the heat. Ugh! Repeat 800’s, double ugh! Today was a matter of showing myself that this winter counted. I have been doing the speed work on my own, but a treadmill is so different than the track on some level I figured it didn’t really count. Over the winter I had been able to do the 800’s at a 8:34 pace with a 3 min rest. Today started with the same goal, shorter rest, 2.5 mins. I’ve been running a lot lately so the legs weren’t fresh. I had my doubts. The first one felt to fast and was finishing at 4 minutes. The second I held back and stayed with 4:15 but that didn’t feel right. I was getting frustrated, it was hot, the track was busy. I remembered how nice last week felt, effortless, and tried to recreate it. I stopped thinking and just ran and it worked. I was around 4:05/4:07 for the rest. If I had planned to run at this pace I would have talked myself out of it. It just goes to show I laid a foundation over the winter, I have to put down another layer this spring and come summer it will be all about Chicago. The goal for all of this is to stop with the self doubts, that and avoid injury and neither one of those I am too good at.

Miles trained today: 5.5

Days till Chicago: 185

Days till Beach 2 Beacon: 121

Days till Cox Half: 24

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