Friday, April 16, 2010

Seriously? I'm still out here?

Today was one of those days I thought the run would never end. It was the first Friday morning run in a while and the 5th day in a row of running. Things started out ok, kind of fun to be downtown at 5:30am, although there was NOTHING happening. I started to get grumpy when we hit the Point St. Bridge. I knew we were no where near done and the hills were just beginning. It was a new route and I was overtired so we did get a little turned around, but I was determined to finish. It must have taken an hour to get from Wickenden St to Rochambeau, running up Hope St. I tried all my tricks, focused on running from point to point, looked down at my feet, counted my steps. Nothing worked. At one point the light started to change and I panicked, “I'm going to have to go right to work in my running gear”. My quads were burning, I thought about just curling up in a ball on the bench by the library. FINALLY we turned onto Rochambeau, the only problem we are still over a mile, maybe closer to two miles from the friggin car. Now it starts to rain. Great! Why am I out here again? I really like this? North Main St to Randall Square. Almost done, and yet again it takes an hour to get to the car. I’m confused; we choose the flattest route to the car…why does this still suck?? I’m telling you, this was the longest run of my life and yet it was only 6 miles and took just over an hour. I thought I was going to die out there, by the time some one found me I would be a little shriveled up old lady confused about where I left the car!

Miles trained today: 6

Days till Chicago: 177

Days till Beach 2 Beacon: 113

Days till Cox Half: 16

Days till Harvard Pilgrim 10k: 79

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