Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A mature runner?

Mature runner? Not really, well yeah I guess. I’ve learned from many mistakes and months lost due to injury. Patience is not strength of mine and to train well, I have had to train with patience. I know my body; my shins don’t like to increase mileage quickly. So I’m going slowly, very slowly. Stretching the 12-week marathon training into 11 months. I know that I suck at runs over 16 miles, haven’t learned from this and continue to register for marathons, call me stupid! But I’m building more of these longer runs in, more often. Before I don’t think I valued patience, I wanted to run faster and further immediately and would sacrifice anything to get there. Hold back a little on the track and I’m able to not only complete the workout without puking but able to get in all the rest of my miles for the week. So yes I have matured in my running, but lets not call it that (sounds too old). Let’s call it more focused and patient running.

Miles trained today: 7
Days till Chicago: 179
Days till Beach 2 Beacon: 115
Days till Cox Half: 18
Harvard Pilgrim 10K: 81

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