Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've lost it, completely lost it!

Today was a demonstration in my lack of sanity. I got to the track a half hour early, in the rain and wind. For no reason other than I am obsessed with my mileage. Ran alone for a while, then joined the group for a warm up. Yeah, I know that I had already warmed up, but it’s all about the mileage. The wind would gust so hard I would come to a complete stop before being able to gather my footing and move again. An announcement was made, the workout was going to be changed, we could get out of here early. Did I listen? Nope! I dragged my poor husband out on a road run, determined to get my mileage to 8 for the day. At one point we were moving along, I had found my quiet place and wasn’t really aware of the fact we were running. Joe says, “You have the sniffles bad, huh”. I then notice that I’m sucking my nose about every other step, super attractive I know. Oh well, we are out here now, no one is going to come and pick us up. We finished and I got the miles in. I’m chilled but snuggled under the covers hoping to warm up before tomorrow’s 6 miles.

Miles trained today: 8
Days till the Cox Half: 4
Harvard Pilgrim 10k: 67
Beach 2 Beacon: 101
Chicago: 165

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