Friday, July 17, 2009

Am I being punished?

We run in the morning to avoid bad weather, especially in the summer. What went wrong today? Was it because I cut in line at the DMV? I don't know why it happened, but we got up at quarter of 5 and expected to beat the heat. Instead we got out there and it felt like high noon. Instantly I was sweating. To make it worse we decided on running a new route. Ordinarily this can be exciting, something different. Too bad that today the new route involved way more hills than required on an easy Friday morning run. Once we hit Mineral Spring Ave the fog rolled in, we couldn't see beyond the next block, this was going to be interesting. The highlight of this route was going to be running along the water on Rte. 7. Rather than water all we saw was more fog! At this point we couldn't see more than a few feet in front of us. So what do we have, heat, humidity, hills, and fog....a great run. I'm glad I got up for this one! The new route was basically a rectangle, so we had very few turns and some very long straight aways. On Twin River Road, I thought I was going to die out there. It just seemed to go on for hours, I wondered how long we would be out there before someone came searching. Finally 246, Charles St. We live off of this road and it should be downhill, here comes the easy stretch! Too bad we were close to 3 miles from home, but we had made it this far. 7.5 miles before work in terrible conditions. When we made it home we were soaked and it wasn't all sweat. I wrung my shirt out in the bathroom and it was similar to if I had come in from a rainstorm. It felt like a punishment and all I did to deserve it was enter a stupid lottery not fully thinking of the consequences if our numbers got picked!

Days till NYC:106
Miles trained today: 7.5

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