Saturday, July 11, 2009


This was going to be tough. Joe is running a race today, so that leaves me to run alone today. We have plenty going on this afternoon so it was going to happen this morning or never. It came close to not happening, I was stalling. It wasn't until Mia pulled me out the door. She wouldn't calm down this morning, it was like she knew it was going to me be and her. Enough already! We got going, 30 mins late, but we were running. Some would complain about the weather this morning, it was in the 50s, in my opinion perfect running weather. We had the roads to ourselves. The nice thing about running with Mia is I don't have to worry about going out too hard, she has one speed and won't allow me to push past it. We took one of our old winter running routes and recycled it. This route is nice for early mornings. We run along roads that are typically filled with traffic and people, but early in the morning we owned the roads. Heading down Mineral Spring, we were alone, passed one woman on her way to the bus stop. There was some light traffic at Lonsdale, but it quickly thinned. I wondered where everyone was, from my perspective it was a nice day out. Running down North Main only some buses passed us, to Mia's dismay. She hates kids, bikes, and trucks and busses, we survived it. I almost couldn't believe it when we hit Charles St for the last 2 miles. For a run that almost didn't happen we were having a blast. We made it home and don't have long to relax before moving on to the next item on our to do list today, but the run was out of the way!

Days till NYC: 112
Miles trained today: 7

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