Tuesday, July 21, 2009

yet another run

That's what today felt like, nothing special. It served no purpose other than to get the miles in. What's funny though it how quickly running comes and goes. Before I got injured we were running 50+ miles a week, long runs were 16-20 miles, daily runs were 7-10 miles. I remember being so proud of us and then the injury struck. It knocked me out for 3 months and I gave up the marathon. Nothing serious to anyone but me (any maybe Joe who got sick of paying for my runs on the g-trainer). I remember whining about the fact that I would never regain this level of fitness. If you had asked me then I was certain that running would never be the same. Come on now, me running 7-10 miles a day before work, it was unreal and in a heartbeat gone. Well today I recalled that irrational thinking, here we were a few months later and getting back to that point. Most of my runs are now 7+ and in a few weeks will be even more. So today's run was nothing but a reminder that I've done this before and will continue to do so. I'm not sure why running this much matters to me, but it does. Today it mattered enough to get us out of bed and on the roads in the rain!

Days till NYC: 102
Miles trained today: 7

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