Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Always ready for a good time

So it's a recovery week and we are a little loopy. I mean, come on now, only 25 miles max this week?!?! It's been great!! Today was the first run since Sunday.

Even during more serious weeks Joe and I aren't the super stars of the track on Wednesday nights. I at least try to pretend I know what I'm doing, Joe doesn't even put in that much effort. He's very open about the fact that he believes track is a terrible form of torture and he would be happier sitting on the sidelines chatting with anyone and everyone who walks by. He's kind of the kid in your 5th grade class that everyone just laughs at and is not sure why. (I love him and can say these things.)

So tonight was like most track nights and we did our thing. Who knew that the best show was yet to come? After the run we headed out for what was meant to be a cool down. The problem being Damian decided to tag along or Joe invited him, I'm not sure how it happened. Now I am no longer the slowest woman on the track, but pretty close and Joe is not that much faster than me, Damian on the other hand, can shut down anyone on the track and not even break a sweat. Why Joe insisted on cooling down with us was beyond me. He can walk faster than we can run! I kept my mouth shut and went along beside them. At one point I look at my watch and we were hitting a 9:30 pace, now this is my long run pace NOT for a cool down! Damn them! I tired to hang back but they didn't get the hint so I decided to ruin their fun.

With a quarter mile to go we sent Joe out with a 30 second head start with Damian following behind. It was painful to watch, but well worth the laughs. Poor Joe, even from a distance you could tell he was pushing it and what was even funnier is that you could also tell that Damian was gaining and he wasn't pushing it! It was like watching a show on animal planet where the beast is chasing the prey! Before long they were both gone and I settled down into my much slower and more comfortable cool down pace. By the time I reached the track they were both doubled over, breathing like they had just finished a track workout and not a cool down. Joe lost, although he tried, maybe next time we'll give him 30 seconds plus Damian can only run backwards!

Days till NYC: 94 (95 days til the heels come back out)
Miles trained today: 5

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