Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yeah, that's right, bring it!!

So I did it tonight. I ran to track! Seems like not a big deal, but who else has done it? That's right, I dare you to try it. I've been planning it for a few weeks, and always found a reason not to run. There is something about running to an event that seems overwhelming to me. I've thought about running to work and never done it. It's not like a routine run where all you have to do is run. Tonight I had to get somewhere and be there at a certain time. Things could go wrong, what if my timing was off!? What if I got lost? What if I had an injury and had to walk? Who knows what could go wrong!!?? It was only 3 miles, but a very specific 3 miles. Too bad for me that between my house and the Brown track and 2 rather large hills. To go around the hills means an added 2 miles and today I didn't have it in me. My plan was to be direct and quick, meaning I had to go over the hills. I actually didn't simmer down until almost 2 miles into the run. I kept talking myself into turning around. Luckily I didn't and kept on running. Coming down Rochambeau I had a smile like hitting a finish line!! I survived the hills!! I survived the highway over pass!! I survived the daylight!! I survived the heat!! I just RAN to track!! What the hell is wrong with me??

Now I had to survive the track workout, and too bad for me it was a quick workout so I had another 2 miles on the road before packing it up and heading home. I have to say though I have been grinning ever since, maybe I'm delirious from dehydration or maybe it from conquering my anxiety about running to a place, but I'll take it regardless! Bring on NYC, I'm ready (well not yet but working on it)!

Days till NYC: 101
Miles trained today: 7

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